Is Angelina Pregnant Again?


InTouch magazine is claiming that Angelina is 3-months-pregnant!

According to InTouch, Angelina told everyone the news when a waiter tried to pour her an alcoholic beverage at a restaurant in London. 

Brad and Angelina’s spokesperson told Us magazine that she is not pregnant. BUT, a spokesperson for couple also denied the claims when InTouch correctly broke the story of the twins’ pregnancy!

And the couple have made no secret of their hopes of expanding their family.

Just last week, Angelina told reporters at the launch for DVD Kung Fu Panda, that the couple were definitely planning on adding to their family.

She said: “Anything could happen. We’re open to anything, we love kids and we’re having a great time.

“It’s chaos in our house, but it’s so much fun. We’ll definitely have more.”

Wow, could she already be pregnant again!?



  1. Linda says

    You know what they call people who count on breastfeeding for birth control??? PARENTS. While it is true that it may suppress the ability to become pregnant in some cases, it is not only possible to get pregnant while nursing- it happens all the time. I am a neonatal ICU nurse and there are lot of babies born just 9 months after the last one popped out- so yes pregnancy CAN happen within the first cycle after having a baby– egg + sperm+fertilization+pregnancy……..All babies have a right to BE the baby for a time so don’t rush out and bump them from that special place in the family too soon……….they are only little once.

  2. ariel says

    on babies r us there is a angelina jolie-pitt registered with a due date of 10-10-2009 from brentwood california

  3. rb says

    I’m not sure if Angelina is pregnant or not…don’t really care but the facts of pregnancy and getting pregnant are that yes you can pregnant while breastfeeding full time…I know, I got pregnant with no.2 while nursing my son full time…and he was only 3 months old. Breast feeding is not a form of birth control! Any obstetrician or gynecologist will tell you that. A friend of mine got pregnant right after she had her first son…her boys are 11 months apart…so she got pregnant when her first was only 2 months old. Anything is possible.

  4. Echo says


    You are an idiot. Everyone *knows* women can and most certainly DO get pregnant while breastfeeding, whether the period comes back or not. Breast feeding a baby is NOT on the list of common contraception methods, at least not the ones the work.

    If there are any women out there for some reason did not know ….YOU CAN GET PREGNANT while still breastfeeding and you are sexually active. The only sure way is to have no sex at all and IF you are going to have sex and breast feed and don’t want to get pregnant again…the use contraception. The only person having “idiot” children are the idiots who thought they couldn’t get pregnant while breastfeeding.

  5. Echo says

    Because Angelina is a “mega star”, she can’t be even thought of to be the slightest bit like the average woman who has a baby, let a lone a set of twins. Her “bump” if she has one is certainly no doubt a “baby bump” but it’s the post birth bump a new mother of babies have. Dear Goddess, the woman has had 3 babies so it’s natural that she—- I know it’s so hard to believe—-is Angelina Jolie and she is still——brace yourselves—-a HUMAN woman.

    Poor Angie…She can’t even be given enough time to recover and let her body recover and because 4 months later she might still have a “baby belly” it can’t because she’s recovering, it’s GOT to be because she’s knocked up again.

    Even if she is who cares? Honestly. No one else has to live with the consequences of their choices so if they have a school of kids what’s it matter? ???

  6. says

    Kate what makes you think that she has brought dumb people into this world? Her children seem intelligent to me. I don’t care where she adopts. Adopting isn’t adding to the world’s overpopulation.

    If she’s an idiot she certainly has managed what I can only assume by her lifestyle as a fairly decent bankroll and style of living.

  7. kate says

    this broad needs to stop reproducing. She’s ignorant and if she HAS to bring another dumb person in the world, she at least needs to eat some food so it is born with the general makeup of a brain. Maybe she should think about adopting a kid from the US, help out your homeland instead of trying to get attention. Idiot.

  8. Dnice says

    I am so over the webmistress posting this garbage. You know damn well that she isn’t and that INTouch is one of the most if not the most unreliable sources for celebrity fact. Stop trying to incite drama and dumb ass posts.

  9. SunnyD says

    and Lilac- what you said is not exactly true….. Breastfeeding does not make you infertile, nor does it stop your monthly….. I breast fed both of my children. Got prenant with second one while on the mini pill and breast feeding……Never missed a period either..

  10. SunnyD says

    Why is that everytime some one refuses alcohol people think they are pregnant!!!!!! Give me a break! This woman just had twins, and is breastfeeding them! That’s hard enough on her body, and to be pregnant too! No way..
    Besides, alcohol does pass through to breast milk! Most woman that are breast feeding dont drink!!!!!! Stupid tabloids………

  11. Lilac says

    She is not pregnant if having breastfeed for 3 months.

    The first 6 months after having a baby are not “very fertile” as someone suggested. As a matter of fact, they are the “least fertile” if one is breastfeeding.

    Her period probably hasn’t even come back yet.

  12. traveler says


    What’s wrong with adopting internationally? Don’t those kids deserve a good life too? Why should she have to just adopt from the U.S.? And I certainly hope they don’t adopt a special needs child. There’s no way a special needs child would be able to cope with their lifestyle. And it’s not like they really have a choice about changing their lifestyle. Most of their travelling is done because of work and someone in that family has to work. Which means, they’ll always be moving around. A special needs child needs to be in one place so they can get therapy and medical treatment. I applaud them for not taking on something they know they can’t handle.

  13. catsue says

    The tabloids (STAR and INTOUCH are the worst offenders) have said that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant about 100 times in the past 7 years. Same thing with Angelina and other stars. They are RARELY right and it’s just to sell their trash.
    Jennifer Aniston is a very heavy smoker who has had a string of loser boyfriends since Brad. I hope she stops smoking and finds a normal, nice guy who will marry her first, and then get pregnant.

  14. oriana says

    #37, Yes, she did say she wanted a baby as soon as Friends was over, then she immediately signed up for Five films! I don’t believe for a minute she ever wanted a baby, it was all lip service to appease Brad. There was an interview they gave years ago, he said he wanted 7 kids, she looked at him and said, you will be lucky if you have two! Well, he had his two and four more, she has none, she will never have children I don’t believe unless she adopts. John Mayer made a Fool out of her and she took him back, I think she is very needy and clingy. Don’t care for Jolie either but that woman can stand on her own and up for herself, have to give her credit for that!

  15. bambamswife says

    I would pray that jolie is not pregnant again. As far as their charity work_ all celebs do, they just don’t brag about it so much. As far as Jen wanting to have children, she did say that she wanted to in an interview when friends was over. We never know what goes on in someone else’s bedroom in anybody’ s life. I don’t know why people pretend to know what is true in celebs lives so much. I only believe what I hear come out of people’s own mouths period. jolie has stated so much crap that I can’t even print it all. The day I will be impressed with her is when she adopts a special needs child from the United States. Until then jolie, is full of it. I don’t even think she deserves to have her name capitalized.

  16. oriana says

    Hi Granny, hope you had a nice Thanksgiving! Nicki darling, I am feeling better, just sleeping a lot. I have to say that I am not a big fan of Jennifer Anniston, it has NOTHING to do with Brad and Angie. Every time you saw her practically she had a cigarette dangling while she was talking about, Oh, this time next year I hope to have children, BULL, she clearly wanted to focus on her big time movie career, not having a child! And the movie career has flopped.

    I think she is clearly neurotic, I still think Angie has some emotional issues she needs to work on but all in all, she has PROVEN she is a good and loving mother, I admire her for that as well as her genorosity.

    If they have 10 kids, big deal, they can afford it, more power to them, more kids saved and will have good lives, I truely believe they will all have giving natures and may end up Ambassadors themselves, doing good deeds worldwide. Brad will follow her lead, he is the weak link but with her support and guidance, he will be productive in helping lots of people have a better quality of life. And isn’t that what it is supposed to be all about?

  17. Big Blomba says

    Angie is such a fantastic role model and mother. I hope this is true. May she keep dropping those offspring. I am very excited.

    A toast to Angie – what a mother, what a gal.


  18. AussieMum says

    This is my opinion:

    *1. It is nobody else’s business when, where and how Brad and Angelina have their children.
    * 2. I agree that if Brad was so happily married to Jen then he would not have left her. She clearly stated plenty of times when they were married that she wasn’t “ready” to have kids because “of her career”. He always said that he wanted to be a dad.
    * 3. AJ & BP do sooooo much fantastic charity work and are extremely generous to lots of foundations etc. They should be commended for their tireless humanitarian work – UN, New Orleans, Darfur, etc. etc.
    * 4. It doesn’t matter what people look like on the outside, it is what is inside their hearts that counts. Obviously this couple are not only loving partners, but also, best friends, respect each other, and have their children and family as their no.1 priority.
    * 5. It IS possible to fall pregnant 4 weeks after giving birth. I did after 3 weeks and my body was completely healed. I had a natural birth (not a caesar) and my body healed quickly. My two youngest kids are 10months apart.
    * 6. I have 8 kids, a wonderful supportive partner and all of my kids are loved, cherished and adored by all of our family.
    * 7. My house is totally hectic and chaotic as well, but we wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s wonderful to hear the sound of children laughing and playing all of the time.

    Good luck to Aj & BP, they have a beautiful family and do not conform to “normal” standards. Cheers to them.

  19. Niloofar says

    anything about artists should be SECRET…….

    all of them are crazy…. always they want to show themselves so happy……. but it’s impossible ,they can’t,
    when, a.j says” we want to have more kids”, it makes me
    mad, 1,2,3,4,5,6,……… how many????how many is enough
    in their idea????just they think to have more kids, but they
    don’t think how they should[………….]

  20. SbK says

    My mum had 7 children and we turned out ok. I wouldn’t class my mum as a freak because she chose to have more than 2 children. I love this family Brad and Ange look genuinely happy together

  21. carleigh95 says

    I think people need to stop linking the names of AJ and JA and BP together all the time. I am sure everyone finds it quite irritating (I mean those three of course). I do not think that AJ goes around and tries to show-up JA, and vice versa. I think it is AJ and BP’s choice a to how many kids they want vs. how many they know they can handle. Last time I checked they were all way over the age of conscent and since Roe v. Wade, reproductive rights lie in the womans hands, so basically its all irrelevant. Who cares if they have 6, 8, 10+ kids, its their life, their choice and they have the money and means to handle it if they choose. Who cares what these rags have to say, all they do is speculate and its like OK 50/50 odds she is or isn’t, not rocket science. They make beautiful kids, appear to love and respect one another, so its time the world lets them be and finds someone else to pick on….like oh say Tom Cruise!!!LOL When Jen A is ready and IF she is willing, she will have the family she has always wanted or said that she wanted, again none of our business, if it happens, we the public will eventually find out. Bottom line is its high time people quit judging and stop the venom and hate, leave people alone, the world is hard enough w/o having all the extra added tabloid press to boot. I’ll gladly stay in my small town, in my own little house, with my own boring little life and be happily able to walk down the street and be as normal as apple pie. None of them can ever experience that, and if they do its because they have to RENT or BUY their own town, hello Demi Moore and Kim Basinger, who wants to live that way? People are just people, this artlce was BS….and probably not true.

  22. says

    I don’t believe that a solid, secure marriage can be broken up by an outsider. He left because he wanted to.

    It seems that Brad has taken to parenting and his relationship with AJ. They’re not married so he is free to walk when he wants’. There is no hold on him, no chains on his feet. AJ has enough money to go it alone if she chooses. She certainly has been a single parent alone before and did fine.

    All that time with Jennifer and they never even hinted at when they would start a family. I wonder if that was a subconcious clue as to the outcome of their marriage.

  23. Nicki says

    Have to agree with mslewis. oriana I liked your comment also.
    This is just funny “Brad and Angelina’s spokesperson told Us magazine that she is not pregnant. BUT, a spokesperson for couple also denied the claims when InTouch correctly broke the story of the twins’ pregnancy!”

    Intouch, outoftouch, broke the news of twin GIRLS. So of course whatever spokesperson said they were wrong. OutofTouch forgot that part about reporting twin girls. That was wrong and they are always wrong.
    She isn’t pregnant but she will be in the next 2 years. JMO. Also I believe they will adopt a child in the next 9 months or so. Again JMO.
    Best wishes to them.

  24. Adele says

    Yes it is possible to get pregnant when breastfeeding, it is not a contraceptive so even if she is pregnant, it’s possible she got pregnant early on if she wasn’t using no other form of contraception because after having a baby or (babies in AJ’s case), that is a very fertile period for upto 6 months.

  25. mslewis says

    This magazine is trash!!! I can’t believe people even quote this trash. How in the world can she be THREE months pregnant when she had a c-section four months ago? Why would a waiter “pour her a drink” if she did not request it? Why would a major star like Angelina blurt out something so personal to a waiter, when she didn’t speak about her previous pregnancies until she was very far along?

    The thing is . . . celebrity “news” is pretty sparse at the moment and the rag mags are suffering VERY LOW sales. Angelina/Brad/Jennifer are the only celebs who actually make people pick up these rags. And a pregnancy story, real or imagined is perfect for getting publcity for their current issue.

  26. Wow! says

    Everything can happen in this life… But I guess she didn’t want to have a drink because she is still breastfeeding, not fulltime but still breastfeeding. I also agree that she would go for adoption soon.

    The babies must have been one month old when she got pregnant if the news is true. I was not even having sex after three months! ha ha ha! Well the nanny helps her once in a while but I still wonder how people can have sex so soon when I was only wishing to crush in my bed to have a couple of hours sleep! LOL

  27. accalia says

    Mia Farrow had 14 kids!

    My grandmother had 9! And they all turned out pretty fine and are very close to their parents.

    This magazine is crap and nothing it says is ever true. Get a grip people.

  28. excuse me says

    what is this, i think this is crazy and start believing that guy who said Angelina has an addiction for children which is actually a diseases, when she started adopting all these children and getting preggers

  29. L.Lodhi says

    forgot to add that I thnk angelina might be having all these kids to revert attention away from the fact that she was a homewreker and wants to make out shes the new mother teresa.

  30. L.Lodhi says

    well who knows! celebs never disclose that their pregnant for months but at the same time there are always stories that arent true.
    I think though if she is she should slow down. I had my third son a day before she had her twins and couldnt imagine how hard it is for her. Yes she has nannies etc but their still her children and having 7 is a little too much. Why not enjoy the ones you have? Im sure you cant spread equal time between them all and I think its a little selfish.

  31. oriana says

    I don’t believe for a second she is pregnant again this soon. She just had twins and eventhough I think she looks healthy, it has to be a lot of work. The older kids all seem kind of like wild Indians to me and I have no doubts it is very hectic in that household. Brad will be with her as long as she wants him to be and I think they both adore one another. He feels like he won the Grand Prize and she clearly fell in love with him.

    It is time for Jennifer to get on with her life and her fans to get on with it too. I would like to see everyone have a happy ending. If Brad got trapped it is because he wanted to be. I have always thought he was the weaker of the two but I do think he is a good man.

  32. Joanne says

    Oh puh-leeze!! She is so NOT pregnant with 4-month-old twins that she breastfed until a month ago. Plus she would not tell a waiter that she was pregnant. And this is In Touch magazine–do they ever publish anything truthful?

  33. Cutie says

    AJ wants to trap Brad….her kids are leverage over him. I wish Brad would grow some nuts and leave the psycho.

  34. Collette uk says

    +just come back cinemas watching changeling omg amazing reduced to tears oscar for sure brilliant+she only stop breastfeeding twins at 3mth +that a contrecption divice too that what they say

  35. Collette uk says

    No way twin are 4mth they would been 4wk old +that imp after c sec i highly doubt it until it comes from her lips

  36. lola says

    As she wants to be on the cover of every magazine YES it could be true.She wants to draw attention,the best way is
    to become preggers,also the simplest way 😉

  37. violetsky says

    I would of thought she would of adopted from Africa next. But, she seems to like to equalise things so I wonder if she will have a baby and then if its a boy adopt a girl or vice versa

  38. Analise says

    This is too funny. They kept the twins’ pregnancy a secret for months, but now she’s going to blurt out she’s preggars again and she could only be a few weeks along. LOL

    On top of that, Angelina herself has responded saying she JUST HAD twins. Please.

    The funniest thing, however, is the WM asking “Wow, could she already be pregnant again!?” Well, yeah, she COULD. Biology FTW! My friend had a five month old and got pregnant. Didn’t even know until they did a test in the ER after she had a wreck. Still, come on. Even IF Angelina were pregnant again, there’s no way she’d be telling people already.

  39. Jem says

    So ridiculous, the twins are only 4 months old, is that even possible? i don’t know im not a mother, what a load of rubbish.

  40. traveler says

    Why would anyone believe a trashy tabloid? I think it’s highly doubtful that she’s pregnant again. Especially considering she is scheduled to work on a movie in February. My guess is that they’ll adopt next. Perhaps another child from Africa for Zahara. She’s the only one who doesn’t have another child of her race in the family to identify with. And since AJ and BP have said they’d like at least 2 kids of each race so that no one would feel left out, then I suspect an adoption will be next.


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