Suri & Her Doll Cuteness!


Well, there certainly is not a shortage of adorable Suri photos, but these pics of Suri with her doll in the West Village are particularly adorable!

Splash News Online


  1. Anne says

    They need all the publicity they can get because Tom’s recent movies are bombing and the money is running out. Next will be Nicole Kidman since her movies keep tanking.

  2. Jillian says

    Someone needs to tell Katie that it is Winter now. Suri looks rediculous in a satin dress in 38 degree weather. I know the parents are afraid to say “no” to her, since it is the Scientologists beliefs to let your child express themselves. I am looking forward to when it begins to snow and Suri skips along bare armed as cold snowflakes fall on her bare arms and she slips and slides on the ice and deep snow in her fancy Mary Janes ! This will be a riot to see !
    Anyone can have a child, but it takes someone who knows HOW to be a parent to be a good one.
    Katie and Tom are NOT good parents.

  3. Analise says

    One word: BORING.

    (okay, I just have to add a few more and say that the tablecloth skirt Suri’s grandma is wearing looks awful).

  4. Madeleine A. says

    I think Suri is soo damn cute. She’s always dressed so pretty and girlie-girl I just love it.
    The only minus is her name , SURI, I hate it. It doesn’t fit her at all.

  5. bambamswife says

    Don’t you think that all celebrities give to charities for irs reasons? Maybe Tom and Katie just don’t have to brag about it. Suri is so beautiful, no wonder why she was Forbes’ #1. I feel sorry for the brangelina children. They don’t evedn get a chance to adapt before another one comes along. Just like jolie to do things in an extreme manner.

  6. susie says

    hahahahaha LOVE your comment RachieUK!
    Think its got something to do with her scientology upbringing?!

  7. RachieUK says

    she is actually one of the most permanently stroppiest kids i have ever seen lol….it just proves that money doesn’t buy manners!

  8. annie says

    People are losing interest in Tom & Kate now that they uses them littler girl to show off and make people pay attention to they. That why see so much Suri picture any where it is too much.

  9. kelley says

    Ummm…. why is the bald doll so upsetting. All of my friends daughters were bald until they were over a year old, so a baby doll being bald is perfectly normal

  10. Clare says

    She is so cute and so sweet. I am enjoying all these pictures. I love her. Webmistress keep them coming.

  11. says

    the bald doll is one of the hottest celebutot dolls! We sell it over at our store, big sale coming up this Fri and Sat!

    Katie is looking like she’s been run ragged. Perhaps she needs more spa treatments. – for a celebrity, what is she thinking stepping out the door looking so damn tired!

  12. Rose mary goes says

    Who is the mystery celebrity who runs this site? Is she close friends with Katie? Why can we not know? Why the secrecy?

  13. Zoe says

    Suri is adorable, but honestly, i’m becoming quite bored with her. we don’t need to see a picture of her in a dress, walking or being held by mommy down the street without a jacket on EVERY…SINGLE…DAY. Seriously, enough is enough.

  14. jar says

    y didn’t tomkat follow the footsteps of brangelina?to share their money 2 the foundations?that’s y their family olweiz suri…..

  15. jar says

    Katie looks tired?y did tom controlled her?tom has eyes on suri?i think much of chris klein just sayinnn…am sick of this child..i think tomkat pay paparazzi to get pic of their suri to top the forbes how bad??..

  16. Razzi says

    We already saw a picture of Katie and Suri on this very day, in the same outfit, etc. Why the repeat of post? Just because she’s holding a doll this time and not a cupcake?

    If you look at other pictures in this group in other sites, Katie draws Suri’s attention to the doll in a weird way. It all seems so fake, like she knows the paparazzi are all taking pictures so she wants a ‘candid’ of herself “playing” with Suri.

  17. Susie says

    I actually feel sorry for this little girl.
    There are soooooooo many pictures of her.
    I would be scared to death if the paps were taking this many photos of my little one.
    Surely she must get scared?
    She always looks fat too over dressed and I agree with Iva- Katie should demand she wear a coat!

  18. Eli says

    Enough already! Yes, she is cute, but this is Suri overload! I challenge Babbyrazzi to not run a Suri/Katie/Tom picture or story for a month!

  19. says

    I think it’s enough with capturing every single move these kids make-yes Suri is very cute but it’s enough.
    She can’t do anything without being photographed.

  20. says

    My God…..ENOUGH SURI CRUISE OKAY!!!!!!! Gettin’ real sick of this kid….she’s not all THAT, y’know? And her parents need to put a COAT on that kid! What’s UP with those people???

  21. Iva says

    They need to get this kid a COAT…she is in New York…It’s very, very cold. I live in Pennsylvania and the past week it’s been below normal temps. and Suri never has coat on…sometimes, as a parent, you have to put your foot down and make her wear a coat!!!! JEEZ

  22. Aimee says

    Hey what is the big deal about Suri with a doll? Why don’t mommy and daddy give her a REAL playmate? Kids needs real interaction. Kids need other kids to socialize with….would be good for Suri!

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