Pete Wentz On Welcoming His Son & The Inspiration For The Name He & Ashlee Chose


And below is a pic of Mowgli from The Jungle Book…the possible inspiration for their son’s middle name!



Being in the delivery room shortly before Ashlee gave birth on November 20th was “pretty surreal,” Pete Wentz said in his first interview since welcoming son Bronx.

“Obviously, some stuff my wife would freak if I said, but she’s pretty much a saint,” he said Tuesday on Ryan Seacrest’s KIIS-FM radio show. “Right before she went into labor, I was like, ‘Oh my God, I think I’m having a heart attack!’

“Natural things start going on in your body,” Pete continued. “My heart started beating really fast.”

He explained, “You see your wife in all this pain, and you really don’t know what’s happening.”

But Ashlee “took care of me and made sure I was OK and then we went into labor,” Pete told Ryan Seacrest. “That’s why she’s a saint.

“She’s a amazing girl. She was like, ‘I will make sure you’re OK,'” he added. “I didn’t even stop to think, ‘Well, you just had an epidural and you’re about to have a baby!'”

When she had the baby, Pete said that Ashlee remarked, “‘He’s beautiful. He’s perfect.’

“We were instantly in love,” he said of their baby son. “It’s impossible not to be!”

He said his wife is doing “really good” right now.

Pete said he’s changed “quite a few” diapers already – even some “exploding” ones.

As friends and family flock to meet Bronx, Pete said,

“Having a child is like opening a new spot in L.A. — everyone’s trying to get in every night!”

Eventually, Petet said Bronx “is definitely going to come out on tour. We need a whole team of stuff that is going to get him through that.”

Pete also offered some clues about the unique name, Bronx Mowgli.

He said he and Ashlee had been “throwing it back and forth a while ago. I feel weird because all these people have all these ideas on what it means … I don’t think anyone knows the real story of why or how.”

[Jungle Book] author Rudyard Kipling is “really cool and The Jungle Book is something that me and Ashlee bonded over,” Pete explained.

Of fatherhood, he also noted, “It’s different when it happens. Your life is 100 percent different now – you want it to be different.”



  1. oriana says

    As usual I agree with Carleigh. I have a Jeff and a Christian and Daniel in my family. I also love Luke and Jason for good solid names, what happened to David? I love that name too, but to me, the strongest name of them all is John. There was John the Baptist and of course, John Wayne! Ha!

  2. carleigh says

    I met my ex at a tiny now defunct restaruant/pub called the YELLOW DOG….look it up on google it was in Worden, Illinois….gee, thank goodness I’m done having kids or the next one would be pretty screwed.

    I can’t stand that icky name, I know it’s not my kids but DAYUM…..I sure feel sorry for these poor kids with the slew of craptastic names they are being saddled with. Zuma, Bronx MOWGLI, Pilot, Apple (I know most ppl are used to that by now but that still doesn’t make it a real name), and all the other zany tacky far-out jacked up names of the week…..I’m sorry but I’d like to know what happened to the traditional names and no not like John or James (nothing wrong with either name), I mean like Nicholas, Alexander, Brendan, Joshua, Daniel, or stronger masculine names like Wade, Pierce , Christian or even Matthew…something sensible and normal. Poor kids, they got all the money and looks but CRAP in the name dept. they got the BIG shaft. Just sad very sad.

  3. excuse me says

    My man and i forever bond on football, there is our baby name, we actually met on a football website, so that will be our baby boy’s name football website

  4. oriana says

    Nice couple, he has a huge head on him and seems like he is very much a family man in love! Good for him! I like her, can’t stand Jessica but do like Ashlee a lot. I think she is cute too.

  5. Kay says

    I hate to say this but Pete Wentz kinda looks like Mowgli.
    Sorry. By the way my hubby and I bonded at a pub called the “Blarney Stone”….

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