Debra Messing On The Demands Of Losing The Baby Weight


Debra Messing still recalls the hurtful stories about her as she tried to lose her baby weight. 

“It was written about in the tabloids a lot,” Debra, 40, says of her post-baby body in the January issue of Shape magazine. 

“On one page it showed all the actresses who got skinny in six weeks or less, and on the other page was me! I was so depressed and frustrated.” 

Debra, who welcomed son Roman in 2004, first tried a physical trainer but the demanding workouts were too much. 

“I was exhausted! I couldn’t work out three hours a day and do my job as a mother and an actress. So I took the pressure off: I cut back on seeing the trainer but started eating healthier.”

Three years and 42 pounds later, her pre-baby figure is back. 

“Ultimately I’m very proud of how I dropped the weight because I think it was the healthy approach,” Debra shared. “I’ve finally taken ownership of my body.” 

Now that she has regained her top form and confidence, she is looking forward to a date night with her husband! 

“I can’t tell you the last time I had a date with my husband,” she shared. “My ideal date with Daniel would be a spectacular meal, maybe Italian, followed by dancing. That’s a New Year’s resolution I’m looking forward to.”

She deserves it! And she is awesome on Starter Wife. If you haven’t seen it, check it out!



  1. oriana says

    I like her, I think she is beauitful and has a nice body. I am glad she has been successful since Will and Grace left, and I do miss that show. I love Jack!!!!!!!

  2. EMER says

    Ur skinny… we get it… some stars are so into themselves its sickening

    She is 40… wudnt want to put having another child off for two long…

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