Britney On Her Special Sons Using Special Words!



A gorgeous Britney Spears appears on the cover of the new Rolling Stone magazine.

In the magazine Britney admits she was horrified to discover Sean Preston, 3, has been using the F-word, while Jayden James, 2, likes calling people ‘stupid’.

She told Rolling Stone: “Every time they come to visit me, I think about how much they’re such special people. (But they) are starting to learn words like ‘stupid’, and Preston says the F-word now sometimes. He must get it from his daddy (Kevin Federline). I say it, but not around my kids.”

Uh oh!



  1. Jackie says

    Eli- I’m not talking about her talent, the adorable reference was solely about her looks. She has one of the cutest smiles I’ve ever seen.

  2. oriana says

    Well Carleigh, a big applause and a HUG to you! No one could have said it better! I agree 200% with everything you said my Dear!

  3. carleigh says

    I feel like Britney needs to just keep her mouth closed stand there and lip synce because everytime she is left to her own devices she always says or does something bug nutty. I am glad she is back on her meds again and her father having control has been a godsend, she is bathing, away from that Sam and that icky photo guy Adnan and getting her S-word together.

    Kids do blurt out inappropriate things and they can hear it anywhere. Your kid can hear it in the store, on TV, from another adult and OH (cue suspensful gasping sound) yes, we parents sometimes fly off at the mouth w/o intending to, it like the S-word happens.

    She just can’t put a foot right and anything she says or does (besides singing and even that is not real, chk youtube for “real britney spears”) seems to reflect badly on her. She didn’t need to say anything about the boys dropping the F-bomb, she did that to get a dig at Kevin, who cares, she ended up making herself look bad yet again.

    She definitely needs to stay OUT of the public eye and stay home and mind her business. Her dad has done a great job of getting her back on track and lets just hope the permanent conservatorship sticks.
    I hope that her kids do not suffer because of her crazy antics and bad press…they deserve as normal a life as possible.

  4. excuse me says

    why is she blaming it on K-Fed i like him after all she is the one who propose marriage to him, take ownership girl please

  5. Jillian says

    Britney has been heard (by me) in videos telling the Paps to F**k off with her kids in the back seat back when she use to drive around aimlessly with them for show and tell.
    I suppose her letting Preston play with cigarettes and lighters is Kevin’s fault as well ???
    Britney is a known air head poor excuse for a mother with a filthy mouth.

  6. oriana says

    I have to say I go along with Eli, she is trashy, just pretty trash. I would never consider her a role model for any young girl that is for sure.

  7. EMER says

    The fact her kids are only allowed to ‘visit’ says it all…. they dont get to live with Mommy in her post drug days…

  8. Eli says

    #10…….Sandra…An emphatic “NO” to your accusation that I am jealous of Britney. What is there to be jealous of?

    Britney’s possessions hold no charm for me.

    Britney’s so called “talent” is contrived.

    Britney’s celebrity has come at a huge cost to herself, her family and her children.

    Sandra…I’ve never lived in a trailer. I was raised in and continue to live an upper middle class life style.

  9. accalia says

    If these were Brangelina’s kids you would not have heard the end of what horrible parents they must be. You guys are too funny.

    But before anyone jumps down my throat, I know that kids curse all the time. I’m not bashing her for that at all. Every parent will experience that with their kids.It’s their job to correct it and make sure the child knows that it is wrong so that they would not do it again. I do not like this woman at all and I don’t think she is a very good mother and its not just because of the things she did in her past when she had her emotional break down. Very recently I saw a picture of her smoking with the kids around her.

  10. Aliciasweets85 says

    LOL@ Tam. When my son says ‘bad words’ I have to struggle not to laugh. I make sure my face is really stern when I scold him about it, but it just shocks you to hear those words coming from that little perfect mouth of theirs! I giggle as soon as he is out of earshot!! **lol**
    Her kids learned the words, big deal. Just correct it, that’s all. Who cares who he heard it from?
    P.S. She looks FANTASTIC after two kids. I only have one, and my tummy will NEVER be the same.

  11. Lauren says

    Britney looks soo amazing. I’m so happy that she pulled it together. She looks gorgeous. Love her!

  12. Dnice says

    You people are crazy….Kids cuss it’s a fact…At that age they are sponges and whether they heard it from Britney or not they are going to repeat the things they hear. Cindy Crawford’s son use to shoot the papparrazi the bird….The posters on this site get so holier than thou at times and it’s so annoying. Kids will be kids…Britney is trying to change and from what I see doing a damn good job.

  13. suki says

    agree Eli, l cringed when she married him, she could have had any man in the world-but at least she has two lovely boys from it. love Britney and wish her well for the future.

  14. Sandra says

    Wow Eli you sound so envious, she must come from a better park then yourself!

    I too when I read the article thought yup they learned it from their father since he has primary custody of them.

    Who cares if she told that her kids are saying those words. I bet she isn’t proud of it and she corrects it when it happens. My son has said words too. Not the F word but the S word and some others too. My goodness I corrected it and he hasn’t said it since.

  15. Susie says

    Durrrr – would you ever actually tell anyone that your kids said ‘stupid’ or most if all the F word?!!

  16. N says

    Since she only sees her kids 3 visits out of a week…I would assume that he probably did learn it from him. She sees the kids with a monitor, her dad, assistant, lawyer, manager, ….the list probably goes on. With all those people around and the limited time she already has with them I doubt she is using the “F” word around them.

  17. Veronica says

    I couldn’t have said it better myself, sharrie. Though, I was always a fan of her music. I echo everything else you said, though. I’m glad she’s getting her life back in order, and she looks amazing.

  18. DeAnn says

    Yes, she looks amazing, but everyone can look amazing with enough airbrushing. I also love that it’s K Fed’s fault that her child uses the F-word. She is, and always has been such a positive, upstanding role model.

  19. sharrie says

    Great picture of Britney, and I am glad she is getting her life back in order. While I was never a fan of her music, my heart went out to her when she was having her meltdown and the press and people in general were so cruel to her.
    Kudo’s to you Britney and Best Wishes and Good Luck on your comeback!! Against all the odds,you did it girl…. 🙂

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