Will Ferrell & Son At Lakers Game


Will Ferrell, 41, and son Magnus, 4, were snapped enjoying some father-son time at the LA Lakers game. Will and wife Viveca also have a son Matthias who will celebrate his second birthday on December 30th.

If you haven’t seen Will’s holiday movie ‘Elf’ yet now is the perfect time to enjoy it! It is so cute and funny!

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  1. catsue says

    Yet another Hollywood kid with a yukcy haircut. He now joins the club of
    1: Presley (Cindy Crawford’s hippy son)
    2. Celine Dions beast
    3. Kate Hudsons’ thing Ryder

    These celebrities make MILLIONS and they can’t afford $10 to get their kids a haircut!

  2. jubaloo says

    my little boy is blonde so I have a soft spot for blondies but please CUT HIS HAIR it hides his lovely face !!!

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