Katie & A Cupcake-Loving Suri



Katie and Suri Cruise were snapped out shopping in the West Village and Suri was treated to a yummy cupcake at Magnolia Bakery.

It seems that Britney is not a fan of Katie’s style.

“In her new fly-on-the-wall documentary for MTV, [Britney Spears] is caught during a candid moment shopping with her assistant. As she holds up a blouse, she says, ‘Look, this is very mommy.’ Her assistant replied, ‘It’s very ugly.’ Britney wrinkles her nose and laughs, ‘It is very Katie Holmes.'”

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  1. jar says

    well f u like ds family,4 me at the very 1st place is not bcoz they didn’t evn share their money to the needy,i idolized brangelina bcoz of what they do..tomkat olweiz think of themselves..they’re attention-seeker..at least shiloh has appeal than suri w8 until she grows..she looks beautiful with her greesy hair unlike suri olweiz get her hair bleached..poor child?weird parents

  2. Eli says

    Britney could use a style tip or two-zillion from Katie. Katie is the epitome of class while Britney is the epitome of trash!

  3. ajinomotto says

    There is nothing wrong with wearing dresses only.I have two girls,one doesn’t have pants at all,and if you give her one she cuts them into shorts,she doesn’t even wear closed toe shoes.The other half in other hand does not like to wear dresses,she prefers pants,hats,socks jackets,all shoes but open-toe,and they atre all color black/white.Dresses are ok but also if wearing it with nice stocking/tights for weather and season appropriate are more elegant.
    Eating sweets are ok as long as you brush your teeth properly.There is nothing wrong with junk foods also.At least she is not in pacifier or bottle.If my daugther likes sweets and other junk food,I’ll give it to her,a perfect substitute for milk bottle.Though,sweets have limits for my daughter’s teeth.As long as good hygine is well-practiced there is no problem,well, of course you also have to watch the weigths but other than that,it is not irresponsible to give a child a sweets/junk foods.
    People are just blowing everything out of proportion.Yes,commenting is good, but we are not doing it wisely,that is why some say it is being hateful and others say just logical remarks.But actually,they are in both categories.Some can’t take the heat,some want to critizise only.It is a pity really.

  4. Could it be says

    I’m sure Katie is a fine mother but she looks like she’s homeless in this photo. I think I liked her better when she was less “stylish.”

  5. anon says

    No,Niloofar,I am not a fan of these family.I am sticking with Will Smith.But the point is that,people like to attack on with such uncivilized remarks but don’t even look in the mirror first if they are perfect,have nothing on their faces but a streak of wrinkle and bunch of zits.And yes it is disgrace to the society,because hate will never go away.Apparently,to attack someone with such logical negative remarks is ok…you don’t even want others to give you the same treatment but yet it is your will to do so.Later on it will be the beliefs they have that is going to be mentioned.

  6. anon says

    No I’m not angry,and not defending her,I said this to all celebrities who are being attack by haters like you.And yes,I don’t know her,but do you? I thought so….You are making logical observation and I am making logical point which is not doing you any good because you are just plain logically hateful to those you don’t know either.Anyway,since you hate these family or rather say,does not like these family so much,you must be a Britney fan,who happens to remember everything but her underpants,sad.Just take the chill pill and move along with you observation,you are perfect.I got it….yeah…

  7. Niloofar says



  8. wowfactor says

    Suri is a little lady, i think maybe she won the forbes list due to style, the little lady doesn’t dress down. sure people’s tastes differ so that was uncalled for by Brit, i’m not a fan of this woman though

  9. catsue says

    Katie is crazy. First she dressed in jeans and thick sweaters in NYC in September when it was 90 degrees. Now it’s 40 and Suri ONCE AGAIN, is not dressed appropriately. Also- Katie used to dress so classy in Armani. Why is she wearing my Grandmother’s bathrobe in this photo? I hope Katie grows her hair long again and wears classier and weather-appropriate clothes!

  10. popp says

    #8 anon:

    A little angry, are we? Just chill and stop with your ranting. You sound ridiculous huffing and puffing, trying to defend Katie when you don’t even know her. At least we’re making logical observations.

  11. Emer says

    Britney Spears commenting on peoples fashion sense? The girl dosnt even wear knickers and is a disgrace to herself… Wudnt kill her to put on a blouse, lay off the coke and rase her kids…

  12. anon says

    To #4;enough with your critizism already,have you even seen the Jolie-Pitt eating all junks food everytime they are photographed?They are called potato chips,which are more junkier than anyother food.And what is wrong with the junk food anyway.I have chocolates,candies,chips,brownies at home all the time,is that make me irresponsible?I believe you just don’t like this family;
    And for the rest of you,if the child does not like sweater/coats you can’t force her,if you do or if Katie forces her,then you have to say she’s a bad mother and maybe Suri does not like to wear it because she is not called.Not all children get cold you know.Just let them be,if she bother you don’t look at them.People apparently hate these family so much,they don’t know what to do or say if even there is nothing to critisized about.
    Well,when it comes to her outfit,Britney does’nt have to like it.At least,Katie does’nt act like ambisol that landed in hospital looking like a crackhead like Britney.Besides,Katie has more class than Britney.Maybe she has nice style to herself but does not have brain enough to control herself,that she has to have her father supervising her every moves.
    Just let them be,she’s happy,not having plenty of rest, but she is a mother with a terrible two child around.

  13. Kay says

    it sounds like Suri is a spoiled kid. If Katie puts pants on her she takes them off. Probably does the same with jackets. Katie needs to put her foot down and be the mother, otherwise Suri is a monster in the making!

  14. uoykcillli says

    I’m sorry but this woman needs to take her head out of her a**. It was about 40 degrees in NY on Sunday and even colder on Saturday and this kid has no coat on??? You can tell that it’s very windy by the photos. What is wrong with her? The next headline you’re going to see is “Katie rushes Suri to hospital with Pneumonia”. I’m tried of looking at this kid with short sleeve dresses and no coat in November. Every picture is the same.

  15. Razzi says

    Suri is always eating some sort of junk food: brownies, cupcakes, cookies, ice cream. Tom said Katie always has sweets around the house and that her favorite food is cupcakes… Hmm. Sounds irresponsible to me to
    surround a young child like that with unhealthy food.

    Once in a while is different story but everytime she’s caught eating something out in public, it’s junk food.

    How about some cheese sticks, yogurt, or fruit?

  16. says

    i actually dont mind suri wearing dressses in the winter but i do agree that if she only wants to wear dresses she needs to wear dress with long sleeves and leggings/tights with a light sweater and a jacket to put over it im sure that katie is a good mother and on celebrity baby blog it said that tom said that suri loves to wear dresses and i havent seen her with a bottle recently so katie is doing good and you could see that katie is holding her jacket in her hand i think that suri and i have something in common we get to warm easily in our jackets so we take them off or maybe katie gets cold really easily i love suri and i dont think that she is not demanding anything and im sure that katie puts her in time out now and then all im saying is just leave the kid alone and let her live her life if she wants to wear dresses she can there is no law thart a 2year old could not wear dresses at least she looks neat and clean not like the jolie-pitt children i mean that shilohs hair looks greesy all the time

  17. colle says

    It sure is hot for that kid in late November. Katey, you are odd allowing your kid to run around always without a coat. YOU BE THE BOSS!

  18. J says

    Okay, when was it warm enough for this little girl to be walking around without a jacket, hat, scarf, something? I live here and it’s been cold.

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