Katie Holds Suri Tight



Katie was snapped holding Suri tight as they headed home to their New York City apartment. Poor Suri looks very upset. 🙁

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  1. oriana says

    #17, Perhaps Suri refuses to stay at home. Remember, she is a Billion year old spirit in a child’s body, they have to cater to her and let her call the shots, that is their beliefs. As ignorant as it is, Katie will always give her to her and let her do as she pleases, puppet that she is!

  2. Emer says

    The pics of Naomi Watts in New York recently and my friend was just there and its all hats and scarves and big coats on so at least the child is better dressed but still why does Katie insist on parading her around every single day…. Give the kid a break, let her stay in and play with her toys or watch some tv… she dosnt need to be papped every day… its very excessive and must be very upsetting for the little girl.

  3. Deeds says

    Suri is so beautiful, even if she isn’t happy. Isn’t NYC very crowded? May be that’s why she is carried so much.

  4. ctillman0 says

    I would pic her up too. But i think it is because there are always media following them and it is not just 2 but it is always like 30 of them.

  5. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Hey Tommy what happened are these the jeans you are
    talking about tonight on E>T.. Saying how you put jeans
    on her and turn away and she is in a dress.. well these
    are pants and she seems happy in other Gap pants that
    she was wearing with her ladybug umbrella..

  6. Niloofar says

    I thought alot but i didn’t understand, why she was upset,
    maybe sth happend before , that we don’t know!!!

    anyway, I LOVE SURI , SHE IS SOOOO CUTE, !!!

  7. accalia says

    #5, oh please.

    She has been seen in a couple more photos with jackets and pants, this is not the first one.
    Suri is adorable.

  8. foxy says

    She looks like shes in pain, you know the face after they fall over hers looks like that.
    At last a coat and trousers!!

  9. mommy-of-two-girls says

    wow, suri wearing pants and a coat. bravo katie.
    i would probably hold my child too if i was surrounded by paps.

  10. jubaloo says

    can this child not use her legs?? Almost all photos you see her in Katies arms – I feel this is more of an insecurity on Katies side and not because little Suri doesnt want to walk – she seems to want to keep her as a baby !! And thankgod the girl does have pants and coats in her superb wardrobe !! about time

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