An Expectant Jennifer Garner & Violet At LAX



An expectant Jennifer Garner, 36, was snapped leaving LAX with daughter Violet. Violet will celebrate her third birthday on December 1st!

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  1. theresa says

    i cannot imagine being stalked like that! she’s obviously a bit puffy from pregnancy – not botox!

  2. ELIE TAYLOR says

    If you saw the big body guard that follows her and the other
    one that pushes the paparazzi away than you would know
    that is why Violet gets carried.. there was one point when
    Jen was avoiding a crowd of people and the body guard
    took her by the arm and brought her to where she was
    suppose to go.. Violet would be lost in the crowd..wonder if the 2 child will be born around Violet’s birthday

  3. 2teens says

    #14 you may be right Collette. It was reported that they recently bought several blue baby items, one of which was monogrammed with the letter A.
    Of course, you can never totally trust these mysterious “sources”… still, food for thought.

  4. alvie says

    I agree Nikki I would be very uncomfortable letting my child, especially at such a young age wonder around while i was being swormed by photogs. And sad to hear about the stalker thats really scary.

  5. annon says

    Jen had braces when she was younger, so chances are Vi will need them too. Oh well doesn’t matter Vi is still so adorable and happy.

  6. oriana says

    I think Violet is too big to be carried as much as she is,especially with Jen being so far along. She is a sweet person and I am sick over what she is going thru with her nutcase stalker! It is pitiful she has to endure that nonsense! Good luck and best wishes to her!

  7. laila says

    actually the space is a good thing at this age when the permanent teeth come in ( and they are much larger) they will be spaced beautifuuly. The orth dontist comment was incorrect. She is getting so big and with Jennifer so pregnant I don’t know why she carries her so much Holding a hold is good enough Violet could very easily walk. But then Jennifer would be chasing her around.
    Jen is just swollen up from her pregnancy I don’t beieve she is getting injections either.

  8. Eli says

    I have no problem with cosmetic procedures that produce natural looking results…there are enough plastic freaks in Hollywood already.

    If Jen did have injections, who is her doctor? She has beautiful “bee stung” lips that I am envious of.

  9. Josie says

    Why would a pregnant mother be injecting her body with chemicals such as Restylane ? That stuff can cause serious developmental damage to an unborn fetus. Somehow I doubt that Jen would subject her future child to such abuse. Let’s face it, she just has a huge pucker.

  10. anonymous says

    I believe Jen does get her lips plumped every so often (though I’m sure she wants us to think they’re hers naturally). Violet has her mom’s beady eyes.

  11. Eli says

    #1…i don’t think she lost a tooth…Violet has a huge gap between her front teeth…I see a orthodontist in Vi’s future.

    Also…is it just me or do Jen’s lips appear fuller than normal?

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