Norwegian Royals Take Their Children Cross-Country Skiing


Princess Mette-Marit and her husband Haakon were snapped giving their younger children, Ingrid, 4, and Sverre, 2, some starter ski lessons in Norway’s Udval ski resort. 



  1. Helene says

    Hey H.S you are ra cist. You know what they say in my country about Norwegian??? You are all drunks and smell likes fish. And you are a stu pid peoples because of too much in breeding. Do you know who say that? Ra cist people like you!!!! Do you like it???
    I love America!!!!!

  2. H.S says

    haha,ohkeeei… most Americans don’t even know what norway is… just keep believing you are smart : ) it’s good for your self esteem

  3. 2teens says

    H.S. Ignorant in what way? Explain yourself. Your little disclaimer (not everyone) does not make up for the fact that you are stereotyping.
    We have skiing here in America too you know? There are plenty of toddlers learning to ski whenever I go to Tahoe.

  4. H.S says

    Too much to ask?! eh,everyone I know knew how to ski when they were 4. We Norwegians know how to ski,we grow up with it from birth..

    And it’s the CROWNprince and CROWNprincess.. I must say A LOT ( not everyone ) of you Americans are just so ignorant! What about start looking at the world,and not just within your own country?! There is a world out there,not just America the world police.. Oh my

  5. Norwhat says

    The Norwegian prince and princess… You know, Catsue, from a country in the North of Europe. Many Europeans use Internet and read this blog; I don’t know why this post shouldn’t be on the site.

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