Jon Voigt Hoping To See His Grandchildren Around The Holidays

Morton's Restaurant

(In the above pic Angelina and Jon were snapped during happier times)


Angelina Jolie’s father Jon Voight thinks it’s “wonderful” the mom of six wants more kids.

“I think that comes from my dad. My dad was a great storyteller and just had this way with kids,” Jon told Us magazine at Wednesday’s 24: Redemption premiere in NYC.

Angelina is “part of a legacy of my dad … [they both have] this idea about family,” Jon shared. “She always had this very unusual idea — and her brother’s like that, too. Her brother has this great love for protecting children.”

Now that she has the twins, Angelina “is very happy,” said Jon, with whom Angelina has said she is slowly reconciling after years of estrangement. “I saw her before the twins came, and I’ve never seen her that happy.”

Even though he has yet to see Knox and Viv, Jon said he’s already thinking of what to buy his grandchildren.

“Isn’t that a happy thing?” he said. “That’s the happiest thing to think about what kids would like, right?”

Jon said he’s “hoping” to see the kids around the holidays. “We’ll see.”


Jon also shared that he sympathizes with his daughter and Brad trying to protect their kids amid a daily barrage of paparazzi.

“They are handling it, but it’s a stress on them because they can’t do things, they can’t easily go out and do stuff. They always have to consider the barrage of some kind happening. It’s difficult. They’re just kids after all, they’re just young people.”

Awww…hopefully he’ll get to see his grandchildren for the holidays!



  1. Deeds says

    Nicki~lets agree to disagree. We’ll never see eye to eye on this subject and I don’t see it changing our lifestyles any.

  2. Nicki says

    Well Deeds I guess until your sis-in-law goes on television and tells the world she thinks you are crazy, you won’t know how Angie feels. A snarky sis-in-law is pretty tame compared to what JV did to his own daughter.

    Great point eLLEN. It is very interesting.

    Hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!

  3. Deeds says

    #63, Thank you for pointing that out. I’ll try not to make that mistake again. Have a wonderful T-day all!

  4. says

    I find it interesting that some of the people who are advocating AJ forgive her dad for his past actions are often the one’s who dig up the controversial actions of AJ’s past with vehemenence. And they often continue to hold those things up a a still accurate thermometer of her today.

    If Voight was wrong before and has changed, then why don’t we accept that AJ is changed?

  5. N says

    Oh…I thought “Barbs” was her name……

    “Yes I do ignore my sis-in-law barbs.”

    it should have been …..

    Yes I do ignore my sis-in-laws’s barbs.

    Not trying to correct your grammar…but this way it is more evident. ; )

  6. N says

    #60…. IMO …..ignoring someone while they are in your presence is rude. If you feel like you are being the better person then you shouldnt ignore her at all. When a person grows up without someone in their life…..its not hard for them to go on without that them. Just because he feels he is ready to be back in her life doesn’t mean she has to welcome him. He has to wait until she is ready. Why is this so hard for some of you to understand? He is not a brother-in-law….or a cousin….he was her DAD. Totally different situation….does not even compare.

  7. Deeds says

    Yes I do ignore my sis-in-law barbs. However I never refuse to smile and say “hi” when she enters a room. I never refuse to attend a party if she is going to be there. If someone is going to drive a wedge between my hubby and his siblings it won’t be me.

  8. Nicki says

    Deeds~you choose to ignore your sis-in-law, why can’t Angie ignore her Dad?
    She knows her Dad better than any of us. She is doing what she feels is right for her kids. She isn’t larger than life and has to do what she feels is best for her children.

  9. Deeds says

    If AJ has sucked it up then why isn’t JV allowed to visit his grandkids? If she really cared about JV and his grandkids the only time she would interfer is if JV said something off the wall to them. I don’t think of her as larger than life but I always thought that if she really cared about something or someone she would take the high road to achieve it. Iwas fooled!

  10. Nicki says

    It seems to me that Angie has sucked it up. She does ignore him. He is the one running to every tabloid show and whinning on and on about Angie. Maybe Jon V. should suck it up and shut up for once.

    And #55, he said the hurtful comment once, once 7 years ago. He sounded like the crazy one, not Angie.

  11. suki says

    totally agree # 54, well said you took the words right out of my mouth-Because her father is a public figure he can voice his opinion about AJ publicly which hurts much more than if done privately,because its for all the world to hear.

  12. Deeds says

    The reason why AJs relationship with her father is blown out of perportion more than Meg Ryan, Demi Moore, And Jenn Aniston is because the parent they choose to cut out of thier lives aren’t a celebrity. Or they aren’t as famous as AJ & JV are. One rule of thumb I live by is no matter how downright mean my sister-in-law is to me, I ignore her. I refuse to be the reason my husband and only brother don’t get along. I’ve heard it’s not good to hold your feelings in. When other people are involved, no matter how you can’t stand the person. sometimes it’s better to suck it up for the benefit of others. Unless AJ isn’t mentally stong enough to suck it up then that’s what she should do.

  13. alvie says

    Mina you seem to have serious issuses, mslewis made a good point in comparing Angelina’s situation to those similar. Maybe you should step away from the computer and get some help!!! You take someone elses life and actions way too personally!!!

  14. Mina says

    for mslewis, Angelina is not intelligent she has people feeding her information. You can tell by the interviews that she is merely reciting lines for the camera. It’s all an act. Too bad she’s not that good in her movies.

  15. Mina says

    It actually works both ways, you people love the whore and anything she does is twisted and skewed to make her look like she is a saint. Actually, I don’t hate her, I hate the way she is constantly being forced down people’s throat as if she is the best mother, the best companion, the most loving person in the world. She isn’t. She’s human just like the rest of us and she has more than proven what her true nature and character is.

    The NYT article proves what a manipulative whore she is. Her image of motherly goodness was invented to deflect from the fact that she is a wretched human being. She didn’t just evolve into this good person. She created a persona using motherhood and refugees with no shame, and now she is living it. Most people knew that, this article just validates what a fake disingenuous person she is.

    Colette my postings on Angelina are done just to annoy you. Because you are a prime example of what is wrong with most of the people in this world.

  16. mslewis says

    It’s not so strange, Nicki. Really. These people hate Angelina and anything she does is twisted to suit what they think of her. Meg Ryan’s mother has not even seen her grandchldren and the boy is 16 now. I’ve not heard Meg being criticized. And Demi Moore’s mother was dying before Demi made amends with her and allowed the woman to see her granddaughters. No problem there.

    BUT, Angelina Jolie has no relationship with her absent father because the fool goes on national television and slams her and Angie is the one who get criticized for not having a relationship. Go figure!!

    And people think Angie has no girlfriends because they don’t see pics of her having lunch in a coffeshop with women!!! HA!! Ridiculous!!

    All I can say is, thank God Angelina Jolie is intelligent enough to not read these idiot blogs and she is focused on her family and career and not on what is being said about her.

  17. Nicki says

    Angie never said she hated her father. She chooses not to have him in her life.
    Unlike many stars who have said they hate a parent, Meg Ryan, Demi Moore etc. Jen Anniston has said it in the past, but now is working on a relationship with her Mom.
    Noone knows the true reasons only the people involved, but noone gets as much grief as Angie. Strange.

  18. her shied is broken! says

    hhhhmmmm …. can’t really say she has a big heart! yeah she help a lot of people but on the other hand she can’t fully forgive her father, why is that so hard to do? and hey it’s been a long time already! Jon is getting older and older and who knows he will never have the chance to enjoy his grandchildren, life is too short for hatred! that’s why sometimes I think she’s just doing this stuff for publicity …

  19. Nicki says

    She cut him off after he tried to stop her first trip for the UNHCR in 2001. In her book she wrote this….
    “My dad attempted to cancel my trip. He called USA for UNHCR, but since I am an adult, he couldn’t stop me. I was angry with him, but I told him that I know he loves me and that as my father he was trying to protect me from harm. We embraced and smiled at one another.”
    What she said later and is not in the book was he gave her a letter to read. She read it on her flight over to Africa. She never did say what was in his letter but did say it hurt her very much and couldn’t believe he could say those things to her.
    After she left on her first trip he we on tabloid shows and said she was crazy. (this while she was about to adopt Maddox) Great guy. I totally understand why she thinks he is toxic.
    They did make up-she wanted him to play her Dad in Tomb Raider, he did. A short time after that he proved himself again and blabbed on and on to whoever would listen to him. He is the one who is crazy and won’t shut up.

  20. catsue says

    Jon and Marcheline (Angie’s Mom) separated when Angelina was 1 year old in 1976 (their divorce was final in 1978). Sounds like she didn’t have much of a relationship with Jon to begin with. It’s probably one of the reasons why she’s been married 3 times and stole Brad away from Jen and has had numerous other relationships with both men and women. Jon cheated on her mom and left the family and this probably did serious damage to Angelina. Even if she is mentally unbalanced, Jon said that to the press, paparazzi and TV shows about 5 to 6 years ago. He should have kept that private and now he’s paying the price. There are hundreds of photos of the kids in the tabloids and on the Internet every week so he can see them that way. Obviously they have NOT patched things up or there would have been photos of them together (and there haven’t been any photos of them together in about 7 years).

  21. UnheardOfComments says

    Just because he wants to be a grandfather now, doesn’t mean he gets to choose- that is up to AJ! I, too, have a father who was a father only when it suited him! I barely have a relationship with him-why would I want my children to have one with him-he is no role model! So I can at least see a possible reason why AJ is slow to warm up to the idea of him being in her kids’ lives. Beside being a grandparent is a priviledge not a right! JV should worry more about clearing up the problems he has with AJ before even trying to go near her children…

  22. alvie says

    As someone who grew up with an absenty father, not just someone that I have disagreement with, but a guy that would come and go at his leasure, and emotionaly abusive to my mother, i can tell you it’s not so easy to let bygones be bygones. However I’m making an effort, which it seems like Angie is trying to do. I think Voight would b more credable if he would keep his comments to a minimum with the media.

    #32 bambamswife that is one of the stupidest things I have ever heard. Having children is a privlage that Voight should have worked on sooner. Having parents should be a right, and no one should just be greatful because the person who put on this planets wants a rlationship. You don’t get to just give up on your kids because they made a mistake or made a choice (such as being with a women) that you don’t agree with, you stand by them through it all, and if he had a problem with the way she was being raised by her mother maybe he sould have been a more involved parent himself. When you say things like that you come off as very short sighted, and heaven help your children when they grow and do something you don’t aprove of.

  23. Lea says

    #28 Ada, could it be that your mom is a narcissist?That may be why she pisses you off! And it’s very unhealthy to have those kinds of people in the lives of your children and yourself.The damage they do is irreversable. I speak from experience.

  24. Deeds says

    What women can anyone mention that might have the possibility Of being or wanting to be AJs friend?

  25. BELLA says


  26. oriana says

    #29, No, I didn’t think she would have any more biolog kids after Shiloh and was surprised to hear it. I was also surprised to hear the effect the movie made on her also. I do think she has a heart, that is obvious over the love and grief she has for her mother, as for her having girlfriends, I doubt she has close ones. I don’t see her ever doing lunch, shopping, movies, restaurants, visiting like I have done with mine, and wish I could with new friends like Deeds, Granny and of course my Nicki. She strikes as the type, as she has said herself, to be more comfortable with male friends than female.

    The latest IN restaurants has nothing to do with it in my thinking, I don’t see her at any restaurant with a female friend, to me it doesn’t have to be a fancy place, even a Diner or Coffee Shop is fun but she is not one to chit chat, at least I don’t believe so. What do I know about her that I have formed my opinions, and some of them are good, have been from watching her actions and listening to what comes out of her own mouth.

    Yes, they have both said plenty about the paps and especially Brad, and rightly so, so don’t act like they are holier than thou because they are not, they are human just like the rest of us, only millionaires! I have always said the paps were despicable, like Brad has, calling them vultures and terrible, so don’t act like they have never said anything about them because they certainly have!

  27. Veronica says

    Whatever the reason Angelina chose to not have her father in her or her children’s life, let bygones be bygones. Life is too short to hold a grudge.

  28. bambamswife says

    I wouldn’t want to be in Jolie’s life period if I were Jon Voight. Maybe the reason he wasn’t involved in her life earlier because her mother let a boyfriend live with jolie when she was 14, and in love with a woman who she would have married if she could have. WOW! That is some kind of woman there. I think it is decent of Jon Voight that he wants to be involved with her at all.

  29. laila says

    ADA I agree with you.. and Brad has been working on her because he is very family minded and to be family minded you don’t begin the generation with yourself. Grandparents offer a dimension to a childs life which is over and beyond what a parent offers with unconditional love I am a grandmother and understand this very well. I don’t feel the same about my grandchildren as I did about my children believe it or not I love them even more if thats even possible. because I am not the disciplinarian only the lover and good guy what a great position to be in. Grandparenting is the reward for raising children .

  30. laila says

    AJ is a loaner who prefers men, tatoos motorcyles airplanes and traveling. She’s always been kind of a tomboy. I have never ever seen her pictured with a girlfriend. and she doesn’t strike me as a gal who likes to have lunches with her friends. She’s not that type and really has no time anyway. And thats her life and she’s happy with it so good for her. But I agree I would never have gotten through life without my girlfiends. Husbands can’t be women(they have a different perspective unless they are gay and then yes I’ll have a good friend like that anyday!) and you get soemthing very special from girlfirends and we all know that , don’t we?

  31. mslewis says

    Well, Oriana, Angelina doesn’t strike you as someone who would have girlfriends??? Amazing. As I recall, she didn’t strike you as someone who would get pregnant again after having Shiloh. Shows how much you know about this woman . . . NOTHING!!! Angelina is an intelligent woman so I seriously doubt she would bother making friends with shallow, vapid people, which would include most actresses!!! Perhaps you never see her with other women because she does not choose to spend time lunching and chatting in the latest “In” restaurants.

    And, neither Brad nor Angelina have ever said anything against the paparazzi. They know they are celebrities and they know that brings a lot of baggage with it. I’ve never heard them complain about it. They just mention how they have to explain it to the kids.

  32. says

    I hope and pray that Angelina can muster up some true Christmas spirit this year, and embrace her Dad into her family fold and let Jon spend some real QUALITY TIME getting to know ALL of his grandkids! He seems to REALLY want to be a part of his daughter and her kids’ lives! I, too, have “issues” with my mom, and she REALLY PISSES ME OFF at times( and she KNOWS she does, too!); but to completely cut her out of my son’s life and my life would be more than she could ever bear, and it would be downright cruel. I try to remember that old but TRUE cosmic adage: “What goes around, comes back around…). I would NEVER want my son to cut me out of his life…so however tempting it might be, I could never do that to my own mom. I hope one of Angelina’s friends (or Brad) brought this point home to Angie…..

  33. samsmom says

    So according to Mslewis, if you have opposing political views from the rest of your family, you should keep your kids away? So much for tolerance!

  34. what the ??????? says

    We don’t know the whole story and maybe Angelina is justified to keep him away. They should just carry on with their lives and this man Voight must stop sounding like he is caring. On the subjects of girlfriends i don’t think it’s necessary to have them, you need people who mean the most to you around you and girlfriends can be mean sometimes even whne you do have them they must not rule your life.

  35. Neil says

    People, get a clue. Angie hardly had any kind of father daughter relationship with Jon during her childhood. You don’t miss what you didn’t have and to hear people cursing her out on this thread you would think she has turned her back on a devoted father when the man has been little better than an estranged father from way Way WAY back. They know they are related to each other but they have little history together and any relationship they might form doesn’t have much of a past foundation to build from. Give Angie a break! She didn’t leave him. He left her when she was a child. Walk a mile in her shoes before you judge her.

  36. says

    When parents and children or any family members are estranged, the odds are it was over something serious. Outsiders rarely if ever know the truth behind it. Who knows what happened or was said behind closed doors to bring them to this. I certainly doubt it was a single remark made in an interview.

  37. Zbella says

    Well, let’s consider why she doesn’t have many girlfriends. Because women are b!tchy, and go around calling each other such, as we have seen here.

    I totally understand AJ keeping her father away from her children. If you found out he was abusive, would you still think she should have him around her kids?

    And webmistress, I disagree. The picture is not from happier times. The happy times are now.

  38. oriana says

    Maybe I misread it wrong, Angie and Brad are just kids? Don’t think so!!!!!! The paps are vultures and I am sick of them but they have the life they chose, they know that stars are in the limelight and it is part of the life they have. I too have wondered if she has any friends, she mostly has always just been pictured with her men and nannies. She doesn’t strike me as a woman that would have girlfriends.

  39. anonymous says

    I think Angelina is the kind of woman who believes she can do everything on her own. Does she have any girl friends? Girl friends can be helpful at times, especially when you have kids.

  40. laila says

    17 he won’t add anything? he’s Angies father !! what a dumb statement. Too late he’s already in her life so back off with your mean negative statements.
    I am delighted to hear they are mending their relationship. There is nothing like a family and with her mother gone it’s good that she connects with her father. he has always loved her and is so happy to be in her life again. People like you need to sort out their own problems obviously you have family issues of your own.

  41. mslewis says

    The Jolie-Pitt children already have a granny and a grandpa and uncles, aunts and cousins. Jon Voight won’t add anything new to their lives. If I was Angelina and Brad I wouldn’t want that right-wing zealot in my childrens’ live EVER!!! Good for Angelina for keeping him at arms length.

  42. tam says

    i think john voight seems like a good guy… she should be a little more open to letting him see his grandchildren

  43. Deeds says

    Geez you guys. When Us prints a story about AJ you say it’s not true. Don’t trust Us Mag. When a story is wote up about her dad, you behave like it’s written in gold. Which way is it?

  44. Eli says

    Angie and John need to determine what kind of relationship they want. Angie must decide how much she wants to include her father in the loves of her & Brad’s children. Once Angie & John define the scope of the relationship they want, find a counselor who can assist them in working through their issues.

  45. suki says

    Agree #7. also leave her alone, she has her reasons for not wanting him in her life-lf its still the same in ten years time the kids can choose to see him themselves.

  46. anonymous says

    I remember seeing the interview he gave to one of those entertainment shows, crying like an idiot. I don’t blame her one bit for having no contact with him. He’s a loon.

  47. accalia says

    You all do not know the reasons she cut him out of her life. Its her decision to make if she wants to let him see the kids. I agree with #5. We don’t know the true story so I would not say to forgive him before knowing the facts. She must have had reasons for cutting him out of her life in the first place. Angelina said before that her father put her mother through years of mental abuse and we know how close she was to her mother. I personally would not want him spending that much time with my children if I were her. In the end the two of them know what really happened and I’m sure she knows what’s best for her children so quit saying stupid stuff like she needs to grow up. She obviously wants to protect her children because she knows her father. Also, I remember JV did not even know Zahara’s name when he was wishing her happy birthday. This guy sounds a bit fishy to me. Every opportunity he gets he talks about their relationship and how much he wants to make peace. I don’t know it just seems a bit self pitying and attention seeking to me. At the end of the day, he is her father and if she chooses to forgive him for whatever he’s done and let him see the kids, then great. If not, then she’s doing what she thinks is best for her children and simply being a good mother. Brangelina’s kids seem happy and well cared for and that is all that matters.

  48. Collette uk says

    They never have father daughter relationship like used to at least he be in her+brads+kids lifes again he not going get any younger

  49. Janie says

    Angelina Jolie is a raging BIITCH!!!

    Life is too short. I think it is absolutely terrible that she is keeping her dad away from his grandchildren.

    She is very, very SELFISH!!

  50. Collette uk says

    That pics so nice of them both it must be hard 4 her though to do that hope they do get back meeting again

  51. selma says

    I agree, she must forgive, but it must be hard to have a relation with your dad when you cannot have confidence in he anymore!

  52. catsue says

    I thought Jon Voight hasn’t had contact with Angelina in MANY years. It happened right before she adopted her first kid- Maddox 7 years ago. Jon told the press that she was about to adopt and Angelina was pissed he told them. Then he said she was mentally unbalanced and needed help.
    We don’t know what really happened, but I also cut my dad out of my life for many reasons! Remember- you can pick your friends, you cannot pick your family. Other stars cut their parents out- like Meg Ryan, Jennifer Aniston, and Demi Moore.

  53. Lauren says

    Angelina needs to forgive her dad. Look at what’s happened since then! She’s the mother of 6 gorgeous kids and on a sadder note, her mom passed away. How’s she going to feel if something happened to her dad and she never reconciled with him?

  54. Jackie says

    Angelina’s a b!tch. Good god woman! Just because you have a scuffle with your Father doesn’t mean that the kids should suffer for it. They have every right to have a Grandpa who wants to spoil them. From past interviews, you don’t sound like a perfect angel yourself. You seem down right rebellious. Try growing up for a change.

  55. NYC/GIRL says


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