Angelina Jolie Says That Breastfeeding Twins Is Very Hard



Angelina has admitted that she struggled with breast feeding her twins at the same time! 

“It’s very hard,” Angelina confessed on Britain’s morning show GMTV. “I stopped at three months, [it was] about as much as I could do.” 

Angelina, 33, who was in London promoting her film The Changeling with Brad Pitt and their four-month-old twins, Knox Léon and Vivienne Marcheline, said she even resorted to manuals on the subject. 

“There’s this football hold – it’s a lot harder than it looks in the books,” she said in the prerecorded interview at her London hotel on Monday. “I did that a few times. I would take turns. It just takes a long time.” 

The mom of six also revealed that it was while filming The Changeling that she became pregnant with the twins: “We decided to start trying in the beginning, and by the end I was.”

On whether marriage is important, Angelina says emphatically “it’s not” – explaining, “we jumped into being a family first. And that just seems like the biggest commitment you can possibly make. It doesn’t feel like anything’s lacking.” 

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  1. Analise says

    I only have one and I stopped around 10 wks. I can’t imagine trying to breastfeed two. ( I wouldn’t have been able to anyways).

  2. oriana says

    If my sister had breast fed her child till over 4 years old I would be ashamed to tell it. That is ridiculous! I thought Angie would breast feed till about six months but I admire her for doing it for a little while at least. I don’t think she was complaining at all, just making a statement.

  3. Nicki says

    Janie–Angie isn’t complaining at all. She was asked a question and answered it. It would be nice if the whole interview was posted here and all could see. This is a tiny part of her interview. No complaints just facts.

    She does much to help people suffering all over the world. She is not a complainer.

  4. Niloofar says


  5. Lauren says

    It’s challenging to breastfeed one baby so breastfeeding twins who are on the same schedule?! I can’t imagine. 3 months is a long time!

  6. bj's mom says

    #9…I have friends who have lost their jobs as well, but lets remember something. Angelina has spent alot of time with people and children much worse off than even our friends are. She has seen the worst. I saw the interview. I dont think she was complaining. they asked her about it and she answered.

  7. Janie says

    Friends of mine have lost their jobs in this economy and this woman is complaining about breastfeeding!

    How selfish can you be!

  8. Janie says

    With all that is going on in the world today – isn’t Angelina lucky that all she has to worry about is struggling with breastfeeding!

    This family is really starting to annoy me!

  9. Big Blomba says

    Gotta give credit where credit is due – good for her for breast feeding twins for 3 months! It’s a lot of work but so worth it.


  10. mslewis says

    Why marry??? They have six beautiful babies that they both adore and they obviously love and adore each other. Why let some legal paper get in the way?

    My brother lived with a woman for 10 years and they were very happy together and fun to be around. On their 10th anniversary she insisted they get married. He bought a ring; she planned a beautiful wedding. Six months later they were filing for divorce. It was as if signing that legal paper took all the love and joy out of both of them. It was really sad. She said she wish she had never brought up marriage and he said he wish he had said no.

    People should do what’s right for THEM and ignore what others think. Personally, I hope Brad and Angelina never marry. They’ve both tried it before and it didn’t work!!

  11. bj's mom says

    #3…I think she is talking about herself. She said it dosent feel like anything is lacking. People feel differently about marriage. There are people ( I know a few) that have been together for years and do not want or need to get married to feel committed. Others do not feel committed until they are married, so they feel the lacking she is referring to. I personally would love to see them get married, but its obviously not on the top of their list.

  12. motherhood says

    AJ will probably get a lot of flack from breastfeeding purists for stopping at 3 months. She gave it a try, it just didn’t work out for her in the long term. She has a large family with a demanding lifestyle and schedule. I would do the same if I were her. Breastfeeding is not for everyone. Most mothers with infants that I know use formula. Some try a few weeks of breastfeeding before the switch and some don’t attempt breastfeeding at all. There is nothing wrong with either decision. Every woman has a right to choose what she wants to do with regard to her body.

  13. samsmom says

    I certainly hope that when AJ says that marriage is not important, she is speaking for herself and not in general.

  14. Dnice says

    I can only imagine how challenging that would be. Breastfeeding is no joke, let alone with twins who are on the same schedule. I don’t blame her for stopping at 3 months.

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