Nicole Kidman: "I May Just Choose To Have Some More Children"


(In the above pic Nicole was snapped at the world premiere of “Australia”)


Nicole Kidman admitted she was “reeling” at Tuesday’s Sydney premiere of her new epic Australia from missing her baby daughter.

Nicole and Keith had to leave 4-month-old daughter Sunday Rose back home in Nashville.

“I had to leave her for 24 hours,” Nicole, 41, told reporters at the city’s Museum of Contemporary Art. “I haven’t done that yet, and so I’m still reeling.” 

Nicole said missing the premiere was simply not an option. 

“This is a once in a lifetime thing. I mean, rarely do you get to make a film that you’ve dreamt of making since you were little,” said the Australia native. “So when I was flying back with Keith we were so excited. … This is a celebration for me, and hopefully for this country.”

“In terms of my future as an actor and stuff, I don’t know,” she said. “I mean, I’m in a place in my life where I’ve had some great opportunities – but I may just choose to have some more children.” 

Besides, she said, “There’s many things I want to do besides act.” And whatever that may be, “I’m very at peace.” 

Nicole is obviously very beautiful, but she should seriously sue the doctor who botoxed her! It looks like she had a botox overdose. She would look so much MORE beautiful without it.

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  1. says

    That look around her mouth to me is associated with old lady face. It’s not a youthful look and the doctors that are giving the botox treatment is pulling the wool over these women’s eyes. It’s just not natural looking.

  2. Emer says

    wanna start forking out for some more fertility treatment so… will be twins next like all the other ivf celeb babies

  3. Anne says

    It is quite obvious she has botox injections and collagen. She colours her hair quite light, therefore, she should lighten her eyebrows also as they are too dark. I can’t say I envy the women because they have to compete with the younger girls in Hollywood land. Anyways, Nicole is still pretty.

  4. Ruby Jackson says

    I really don’t understand how someone can allow needles to be put in their face, but I’ve got to give her credit for never getting a boob job.

  5. Jordyn says

    This girl has been through so much. As natural as she is, I would be shocked if she had Botox or anyother face changing treatments. Bad pix, I agree. I really dont like how the webmistress disses people in the “article”. That should be done in comments! Not a fan of Babyrazzi right now, sorry.

  6. 2teens says

    With all the trouble she has had conceiving she must be thinking about adoption again if she’s thinking more children.

  7. says

    She most likely misses Connor and Isabella too, but she does have to share them with their father. Sunday she only has to share with her husband. Two are teenagers and one is still a helpless infant. That is just the difference and doesn’t mean that one is the favorite.

  8. Dakota says

    i love how nicole is said to have said that she cant stand being away from sunday for more than 24 hrs when she is away from her other children for probably months at a time. nice way to pick favorites!!!NOT!

  9. Dnice says

    I think Nicole is beautiful but I wish she would opt to go for a more natural look. I loved her with her natural curls and red hair, and minus the lip injections. I don’t like her as a blonde because she is so fair that she looks washed out. But I love her Chanel ads…you’ll never see a more stunning beauty.

  10. anonymous says

    I wish she’d choose to cut out the Botox and do something about her hair. Her sister is younger and has a much more natural face that Nicole. Compare the pictures and see.

  11. accalia says

    This woman is beautiful. Like I said in the post with Angelina Jolie, there are always a lot more attractive photos from the events, but WB always seems to choose the least attractive ones. Jeez. Her and Keith make a lovely couple. It would be great if they have more kids.

  12. Just me says

    Eli, this is how she looks … it was just taken last night!! She might not have been happy with Tom, but she looked better!! I can’t stand the bad collagen lip job.

  13. catsue says

    I hate that strange silverish-looking blonde hair with those weird colored eye-brows! I liked when her hair was red and curly and her face looked natural. She is a beautiful woman who is ruining her looks with way too much botox and ugly hair dye.

  14. lola says

    Why is she always trying to prove she is happy and much more in love with Keith than she was with Tom and blah blah blah.She should live her life but seems she is trying to prove sth that she herself is not so sure about , to the world.

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