Angelina Says She Has Spent The Past Year "In My Pajamas Coloring"


(In the above pic, Angelina was snapped leaving their hotel and heading to the private screening for the film ‘Changeling’ at the Curzon cinema in Mayfair, London. Though Brad is not pictured, he was with Angelina.) 


At a Changeling press conference Monday in London, Angelina Jolie got teary eyed talking about her late mother Marcheline Bertrand, who died of cancer in 2007.

After being asked what it meant to film a movie about a strong mother so soon after Marcheline Bertrand’s death, Angelina cursed and her eyes filled with tears. 

“She was really sweet and was never angry – she couldn’t swear to save her life,” she said. “But when it came to her kids, she was really fierce and so this is very much her, her story.

“She was the woman I related to, who had that elegance and strength through just knowing what was right,” she continued.

Angelina –  who also confirmed Monday that she will replace Tom Cruise in Edwin A. Salt – also opened up her recent comments that she wants to “fade away” from acting.

“I’m not making some retirement announcement,” she said. “I have a big family and a lot of responsibility at home, and I have the good fortune to financially not have to work all the time.

“I just feel privileged that I get to be home a lot,” she said. “Maybe eventually I’ll stop [acting].”

After a reporter asked, “Can we expect more children soon?” Angelina replied, “Sure, you can!”

She added that she spent the past year “with the kids. Most of it has been spent in my pajamas coloring.”

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  1. oriana says

    the picture does look like a Wax Museum picture but she is a gorgeous woman, no doubt about it. I think she has many sides to her and Brad would be oblivious to any bad side, he is so obsessed with her. I don’t see anything wrong with staying in her gown and coloring with her kids, big deal. She is at home, she has the right to do as she pleases, we all do. I have no doubts she still has a wild side but I do think she has mellowed quite a bit and lives for her children. When she looks at Brad I see an adoring look on her face, I think they are truely in love.

  2. Nicki says

    Marjorie– You sound like a bit of a fool thinking you know all about Angie. Brad has actually lived with her, slept with her and even talked to her, and you think he doesn’t know her. I’m pretty sure he knows her much better than you ever will. Now who sounds foolish making this statement?? “Brad is a fool for not realising he is with a psycho and getting her the help she needs badly.”

    She hasn’t filmed a movie since November 2007, when she finished Changling. That is 1 full year, not 4 months.

  3. traveler says


    Last time I checked, a year was 12 months.

    Why do you think she’s collecting kids? Sounds to me like she enjoys being a mom and wants a big family. Nothing wrong with that. A lot of people in this world feel the same way. The children look happy and healthy, so apparently she’s doing a good job. And how exactly does she make money off the kids? AJ and BP are not compensated for the photos that appear in magazines. In fact, I think they’d be happy if people stopped taking them all together. They don’t like the intrusion which is why you really haven’t seen much of the kids lately.

  4. Marjorie says

    Too crazy, too much botox. Why is she allowed to collect children when t is clear she is mentally unstable? Spent a year with her family? How long is a year? 4 months? I hate her because she makes money off these poor kids she is collecting all the time. Brad is a fool for not realising he is with a psycho and getting her the help she needs badly.

  5. Mina says

    She will never fade away. So many really accomplished women in the world and this whore is put on a pedestal.

  6. mslewis says

    I saw “Changling” on my birthday last week and thought it was an amazing film. I was so enthralled I didn’t notice it lasted 2-1/2 hours!!!

    Anyway, the picture above is only one of dozens taken that day and Angelina looked amazing in all of them. She was sitting in the car probably in deep thought. I wonder why the webmistress chose to print this one rather than one of the better ones.

    I seriously doubt Angelina has had botox or lip augmentation but if you anti-Angelina people want to say she does, then that’s your problem. It must suck to hate a person you don’t even know.

  7. onatear says

    #18, “it takes one to know one”. But you are way off this time! She is very remarkable. Let’s hear about your accomplishments….

  8. Dnice says

    AJ is a lover, a mother, a daughter, an ambassador, a gemini, but most of all she’s human. She’s not perfect but I think she sets a great example of what striving to be a good person is. And I don’t think she has had lip injections…her lips have been like that since birth!

  9. Lauren says

    I’m not a huge fan but she really does seem like a loving mother. That’s really admirable in Hollywood.

  10. ann says

    Clint Eastwood said: Angelina has most gorgeous face on planet, she’s a great talent person, we love this family and love to see any movies they acts in.

  11. hmmm says

    I could definitely use this picture in class to demonstrate the effects of botulinum toxin (aka botox) — ha! Definitely a great ad for Botox and lip work.

  12. hmmm says

    Definitely a gigantic advertisement for botox and lip work. I’m a true believer now – you can fix your face permanently.

  13. samsmom says

    I am not a big fan, but I think it is great that she wants to work less and be with her family more. I think it is great she wants more kids. I am so sick of people who think that there is a “correct” number of children to have. That is for the parents to decide. Period.

  14. collette uk says

    why do people keep slagging her off yes she did some stuff in the past god havent we all she done alot of amazing things she is a amazing mother actress and goodwill ambassador takes a special person to do what she has done and i think she is amazing and yes im a huge fan xxx

  15. traveler says

    What’s wrong with her saying she wants more kids? She didn’t say she was going to add to the family tomorrow. A lot of people talk about having more kids long before they actually do. And don’t get me started on people who think they can dictate the size of someone else’s family. Leave this couple alone. They’ll have as many kids as they think they can handle.

    Remember, they have an advantage over regular families. They have cooks, drivers, maids, etc. to handle the day to day tasks that take up most people’s time. That leaves them with plenty of time to hang with the kids. I certainly wish I had that luxury.

  16. Shirley says

    Angelina certainly looks insane in this picture. Her fathers comments were so true. Those children will most probably grow to be hoods. Neglect is so obvious in that brood. Shirley

  17. accalia says

    I love this woman. There were a lot more pics from this same night and they looked so much better than this one. Webmistress always seems to choose the least attractive photos.

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