Nia Vardalos Adopts A Daughter


Nia Vardalos, 46, (of My Big Fat Greek Wedding fame) and her husband Ian Gomez have adopted a little girl, E! Online reported Friday.

The girl, whose name has not has not yet been released, is a toddler and under five years old.

“They are going public now to bring attention to National Adoption Month and the 500,000 children in foster care,” said a statement released by Nia’s rep to E!. “Of these children, 129,000 are ‘legally free’ for adoption and waiting for a family.”




  1. Samsmom says

    Vad, check with your state. Some states will pay for the adoption fees of children who are legal wards of the state. They do usually require you to attend some classes and the usual home studies, but the fees are wavied.
    Good luck to you.

  2. sassy says

    I plan to take that route myself one day. Adoption is a great thing. People adopt pets all the time, why not children? There seems to be a social stigma towards adopting children. Generally, I hear couples saying that they prefer to have their own biological kids rather than adopt. This mentality really saddens me. Adopting offers some great benefits for the adoptive mother. One, you don’t gain weight as a result of pregnancy. Two, you don’t have to go through labor and birthing pains. Three, you don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night to feed a hungry infant. Four, there is less pressure on you to breastfeed. Although many adoptive mothers still do. Adoption is the most amazing, generous and loving thing a woman, man or a couple can do to open their hearts and their homes to an orphan.
    Congrats to Nia and her husband!!

  3. Niloofar says

    (BABA)…….. ECXELLENT!!! 🙂

  4. says

    Joanne (4):

    Thank you for the “starter” advice! I REALLY appreciate it !
    Didn’t International adopting cost you an arm and a leg???
    I always assumed there was $$ involved in accomplishing that…

  5. Joanne says

    Vad (#3), try contacting your local department of family services and ask about becoming foster parents. This is a low-cost way to adopt and very rewarding. You can also adopt internationally through an adoption agency–there are lots of good ones.

    Our four kids are adopted (internationally) and it’s been awesome! I am so happy when celebs give back by adopting.

  6. says

    How magnificent ! Congrats to the happy couple…now a FAMILY !!!
    How does one find out about adoption in their local area? NOT the private kind thru lawyers, that cost thousands of $$$ — but the type of adoption that us “regular folk” (non-celebs) do?

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