Ben Stiller & Wife Say "Two Is Enough"


Ben Stiller’s fun kids flick, Madagascar 2, is #1 at the box-office but he’s still just dad to daughter Ella, 6, and son Quinlin 3, with wife Christine Taylor. 

“They’re incredible,” Ben, 42, said. “They’re ridiculously cute at six and three, and every moment is a joy and a wonderful challenge that people who have kids can only understand. It’s the best.”

Christine doesn’t let a simple time change get in the way of keeping up with her kids. While in New York, Christine, 37, shares, “I keep my watch set to L.A. time so I know where they’re at at every moment.”

Her mother-in-law, Anne Meara, says of Christine, “She’s the best mother in the world.”

Still, two kids are just right for the couple who wed in 2000. “I’m happy where we’re at right now,” Ben admitted. “Two is a handful. I feel very fortunate and blessed.” Christine seconded, “Two is enough for now. Three’s off.”

One of Ella and Quinlin’s favorite playmates is Suri Cruise!

“We don’t really set up those playdates,” Christine shared. “If it happens, it’s wonderful and nice, but they’re all kids and they have no idea. They’re all happy. They’re all just little. They just want to do their thing. Play dolls and have snacks and take a nap.”

For Christine, the best thing about motherhood is giving back.

“It’s the most selfless thing ever, and it takes me out of all the craziness in my own head,” she said. “I can put it on my children, and hopefully not put the crazy in them.”

And, the best thing about being married to Christine?

“Just being able to hang out with that person [points to Christine] all the time,” Ben said. “You should say as he motions to his beautiful wife.”

“It’s nice you asked the question,” Christine added. “He’s the best husband in the world.”



  1. Samsmom says

    Pixiedust, she played Marsha in the Brady Bunch Movie. She was also in the Wedding Singer, she was the best friend of Drew Barrymore’s character. She played in Dodge Ball too which starred Ben and also Zoolander (I think).

  2. Josie says

    Ben Stiller has a such an incredibly comical face. He is adorable and goofy all rolled into one. He seems like he is a doting husband and father. They make such a great couple. I don’t think I’ve ever seen their children before.

  3. bj's mom says

    I cant help it. Ever since the Brady Bunch bunch movie, I can only think “Marsha” when I look at her.

  4. Niloofar says

    I don’t know what should I say…….!!!!!!!!
    there is no interesting thing in the pic and article…!!!

  5. BLssd says

    I really like Ben Stiller. I hope he and his wife have one of those marriages that outlast the typical length of time.


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