Angelina Jolie Ready To "Fade Away And Get Ready To Be A Grandma"


Angelina Jolie says she plans to give up acting to be a full-time mother.

“I don’t plan to keep acting very long. I’m ready to do a few things now and fade away and get ready to be a grandma one day,” she told BBC News in a new interview. “I’m not so worried that I want to keep this pace up and try to be something and be a celebrity.”

She says she’s lucky to take on great roles but “everything comes in seasons.

“I hopefully won’t be needing to do that later in my life anyway,” she added.

Angelina, 33, – who says she won’t work for a year after she returns to work in February – stresses, “I don’t think I’ll ever say I’m never, ever gonna work because maybe there’s that interesting project where I feel creative.

“I like being home a lot,” the mother of six added. “First and foremost, I have a lot of children, and I need to make sure they’re growing right and they’ve got us there for them.”

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  1. Anne says

    Shiloh is never dressed like a little girl. Most likely she wears hand me downs from her brothers. Suri is definitely over-dressed but she looks like a little girl and not messy looking like Shiloh is most of the time and no doubt the new baby girl will follow suit.

  2. traveler says

    Please. Are we seriously going to slam on how the kids are dressed? My guess is that they were dressed for outside playing. I applaud AJ and BP for putting their kids in ratty clothes. The kids can feel free to mess them up just having fun and exploring. What a sad childhood Suri must have, always having to worry about messing up her outfits. Kids should spend most of their time dirty and messy and having a blast. It’s one of the joys of being a kid. There’ll be plenty of time to dress up as teenagers and adults. They shouldn’t have to worry about it now.

  3. Anne says

    I have never seen Shiloh dressed pretty for her age compared to Suri and other babies. Her hair is a mess and why not a pretty bow or hair clip? The boys are dressed better than the girls. As a grandmother, I would have a serious talk with Brad and tell him to start pulling his weight as a father and husband and start speaking up. He even dresses poorly. Guess we all know who really wears the pants in this family.

  4. lozzenator says

    From one working mother to another, I can totally respect what Angie is saying about raising her kids. We all try our best- for ourselves (career, etc. to reach our potential) and for our children.

  5. laila says

    First thing… Angelina did do things in her past that were quite unsavory ,yes she has changed…. but honestly not all that much .She still plays with knives and gets tatoos and she’s still gothic.
    Second this is not a fanclub … this is a blog. We have differences of opinions and we have discussions We can say good things or bad things. Controversy is what keeps things interesting . We are not all here to sing the praises of any celeb but to state our opinions. If you are looking to speak with only those who love Angelina go to her fan club website and blog there. Also really mean things don’t need to be said either.

  6. collette uk says

    for the people who keep bad mouthing her we get you dont like her as its the same people who do stop wasting your time leaving your pointless nasty and sometimes harsh comments and let us fans ill be devasted when she doea retire going watching the changling next wed 26 nov cant wait does anyone know how i can can get her agents add so i can get autograph to add to my collection got 35 of her films bags magnets pic wanted stand etc even having a tattoo of her features on my hip now thats fan dedication and i bet there will be someone who puts a nasty comment on about that

  7. suki says

    Love her movies, but l find her quite strange especially the knife thing, not quite normal, anyway not here in the uk.

  8. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Well let’s all yell hippy!! That finally we can get rid of the
    JENBRADANGIE storyline… When and if she decides to
    take time off..DOUBT IT ..Because that is what she said
    before she came out with the Panda movie…

  9. marylen says

    to #4 what did you accomplished in your life, u do not say bad things against angie,u dont even met her in person.

  10. Big Blomba says

    Ughhh … The Druggers?

    That’s all we need. Why doesn’t WM start a thread about her?

    Bring it.

  11. Big Blomba says

    Right on, Mira! Great posts. Well said, well written and I’d say probably very accurately stated.

    Too bad so many are so fooled.

    And for the one who says “if you hate AJ so much why come on here” ….

    Well, I will speak for myself — I come on here because 1. When I do, I am bored. 2. I am curious not about AJ, but about her offspring.


  12. Cutie says

    Angeline is already washed up..why does she have to announce to the world that she’s going to fade away??
    I can’t stand her and her pertruding bones.

  13. says

    # 33. I agree with your feelings on someone’s past history. Isn’t it great that many people can put someones past behind them at look at the person for whom they are now. And those who constantly dig a person’s past up for reflection need to hope that their own past is sparkly white or else they may suffer the same treatment somedays. Or is it that they only feel that the famous should have to suffer that cruel scrutiny?

  14. Zbella says

    I love the idea of a large family, but in reality it must be very tough. I think AJ & BP can pull it off because of their wealth (and of course, love of children). I cannot at this point in my life because I have to cook, clean, drive, snuggle, watch, talk to, encourage, feed, bathe and do everything for my children, with help from my husband. I do not approve of the Duggar’s choice to have as many children as possible while putting s e x i s t and adult responsibilities on their children.

  15. Arianna's Mummy says

    Of course you have the right to come on here as say what you want. I am just curious as to why people bother to read articles and post opinions on people they dislike so intently? To me it seems a waste of time, but hey, it is your time. Also it is my right to comment on what I think of your opinion

    And I don’t see why you can’t compare AJ and BP to the Duggar’s? AJ and BP pay a staff to help them take care of their children, yes that is true, so what? the Duggars use their older children to take care of the younger ones? it is not like they are taking care of every aspect of their childs rearing themselves? Also as for seeking attention, I don’t know if the Duggar’s or some one else brought their family to the media attention, but they did make the choice to do the TV specials and continue putting their family in the spotlight. I would consider that just as attention seeking as any Holywood person.

    And what does it matter what AJ’s past was? We have all done things in our past that I am sure we are not proud of. But should we all be judged for the rest of our lives by that? What some one did before they had children has no bareing on their ability to raise a child.

  16. Mina says

    You can’t compare Mrs. Duggar to Angelina. Mrs. Duggar doesn’t have the disgusting past of Anglelina. Of course they can make it work they have a plethora of nannies and millions of dollars. You’re an idiot to even compare the Duggars to these Hollywood whores. This saintly mother image is to distract people from her whorish past. The skank Angelina is most likely suffering from various personality disorders. She has an addictive personality and she has probably replaced collecting children for the rush she got from cutting herself and the drug abuse.

    I reserve my right as an American to continue my dislike for this vapid uneducated ignorant freak.

    She must be a pretty good actress because she has fooled so many with her loving mother shtick.

  17. traveler says


    So, what about people like the Duggars? They have way more kids than AJ and BP. Is Mrs. Duggar an insecure woman looking for attention too? I hear a lot of smack being talked about regarding AJ’s choice to have a large family and then I hear those same people lavish praise on families like the Duggars. I think family size is a preference of the couple and shouldn’t be dictated by the rest of society. I’m sure AJ and BP handle it just fine. They have maids, cooks, drivers, etc. that do the work normal people would have to do that takes time away from their kids. Plus, unlike a normal couple that work 40+ hours a week, every week of the year, AJ and BP have lots of downtime between roles to spend with their kids and they have the luxury of being able to adjust their schedules so that only one parent is working at a time. If anyone were to have a big family, I think AJ and BP would be the most capable of making it work.

  18. Mina says

    For those of you who absolutely adore the ground Angelina walks on go to a fan site. This is a blog and people who don’t care for Angelina have the right to post their comments just like the ones who think she’s swell. I see her as an insecure woman going overboard to look holier than thou, aka uber motherhood.

    For the moron who thinks that dislike for Angie equals love for Jennifer you really need to grow up. Some of us had no use for this skank actress long before she hooked up with Pitt.

    The is no jealousy or intimidation when it comes to this woman. She was born wealth and privileged and every thing came easily to her.

  19. 2teens says

    #25 Where did she ever say she was still the same girl who was “cutting/slashing her girlfriend”? All she said was she’s “still that same punk kid with tattoos” so you are twisting the words a bit to suit your own purposes, don’t you think?
    Everyone is sha.p.ed by their past experiences… both good and bad. Those experiences are life lessons which help to form the adult we eventually become… which is what AJ was saying. You would know that if you had actually read the article.

  20. 2teens says

    I think it will be good for her to take a year off to be maternal… and then pick & choose only the roles which she is interested in. That’s how I’m interpreting this article anyway. Good for her, Brad & all the kids.

  21. uk sue says

    AJ fantastic actress, love her , dont like Jen, dont ask me why just something about her seeks desperateness.

  22. anonymous says

    Thanks #24 and #25 for keeping it real and not letting this site be boring! Glad to know that there are people out there who still have their brains on and contribute constructively to this website. That’s why we all love coming here!

  23. Big Blomba says

    There is a darkness about AJ, which she claims herself. Personally I think she projects that onto her children.

    Buying a 6 yr old a set of knives when she was obsessed with kinives and cutting?

    I don’t think you have to be ‘middle america’ to be ‘healthy’, but I do think you need to be thoughtful in what you do, especially when you are in control of molding a child’s character.

    I think your princess is impulsive. She says she is still that same girl who used to cut, slash at her girlfriends (Jenny) legs with a knife cutting each other and wearing a vial of (her husbands)blood around her neck? Says she’s the same person?

    Keep having kids, AJ.

  24. Big Blomba says

    Oh brother, lighten up, peeps. I’m not talking smack about your family.

    And defend her all you want – but something or someone is going to suffer with all these kids, not to mention the delicate attention that needs to be given a newly adopted child.

    Yes, AJ is beautiful. Yes, she is a great actress. And yes, she came from a dysfunctional family and I personally don’t think she should be having such a large one herself. I think she looks for extremes as a way to not face the demons in her closet.

    And lastly, yessssssssss I will continue to come on here and read about AJ because I am curious. Especially to see her twins.

    Look, you gotta see – I could care less what happens to her or Brad – I am only speaking out of concern for children. Nail me to the wall for that?

    Go for it.

    Oh and btw – I a no new-comer here. I have been around for a long time – life has just taken a few paths that lead me away from sitting in front of my PC needing to look into Babyrazzi.

    Carry on.

  25. onatear says

    The negativity in here towards this woman, alone, is just not worth coming into the entire blog…because it spoils reading the comments. Yes, I AM looking for others who enjoy this family. Again, I ask…How do these people support the site? Are they huge customers of the sponsors? I bet.(Sarcasm, in case you can’t tell)

  26. Niloofar says


  27. Nicki says

    They didn’t sell the pics Brad took of them. They gave them to W, Brad was asked and he was happy to take them and GIVE them to W.

    And here is her response in a new interview about the baby pics.

    And as for the critics who lashed out at the couple for selling pictures of their children, Angelina says it was about taking back control.”We’re either going to have people breaking into our property, which we’ve had, or breaking into the hospital, which we’ve had…and getting in our children’s faces or drilling a hole through the ceiling of our hospital room–something ridiculous and horrible–either we’re going to have these type of people, make that kind of money off our children, or we’re going to say that there’s something really wrong with that and what can we do about it?” she explains.”We find something that we can make positive and do something where it in turn does some good and makes us feel good about it all. So really a response to this other thing that we have to counter.”

  28. bambamswife says

    I think jolie is an extremely good actress. I was really surprised to see negative blogs about her, cause we all know I can’t stomach the person she is. I think there are a lot of teenagers who like jolie.What a horrible role model. I know she gives to charities and what not (that is great). All celebrities do, they have to because of the IRS. They just don’t publicize what they do as much as this one. Selling posed baby pictures, posed breast feeding pictures_ yuck!

  29. Deeds says

    I am not a hater. there could be many reasons why she wants to fade away. 1. She could have PPD, which is comman. 2. She could be trying to get a pity Oscar. 3. She would be able to keep closer tabs on BP. 4. Maybe she really wants to spend time with her kids.

  30. londoner says

    AJ’s hair looks really scary all jet black, the highlights she had before were quite softening on her.
    I think she is a good woman, she has used her fame in a positive way to promote charities, raise money and work as a UN ambassador, And all that money from those magazine shots that y’all are talking about went to help people in more need then you!!!

  31. lola says

    Again… publicity….
    She wants to be in the spotlight.ALWAYS.
    Remember when she said she is not going to have any biological child….I wont believe whatever she says anymore….

  32. lisa says

    First, it is their career to seek attention – it’s in their contracts to promote their movies, so I have no problem with that. Second, all of their Angelina’s kids seem to like having long hair, what’s wrong with that? More natural. I think the tshirt is probably a hand me down from her brothers… which is cool, I think they are trying their best to raise these kids like real kids in a big family which of course must be impossible given the crazy life they lead. I think Angelina and Brad are great parents, not perfect, just like the rest of us. They have the right to figure out how to raise their kids, whether it’s traveling the world or hiding out on an island.(like some other celebs)

  33. Arianna's Mummy says

    What is with all the people who suddenly show up on this site and are just negative ALL the time. I mean really, you don’t have to like Angelina or Brad, but 1. Why are you wasting your time posting on pictures of them, or reading articles about them if you don’t like them? And 2. What really gives you any right to judge them? First of all, let go of the whole husband stealer thing, man it was 4 years ago, and a man cannot be stolen, he leaves or he doesn’t, plain and simple. Also there are many other actresses in Holywood that have been involved with married men? but I never see the venom towords them as there is for Angelina? Why is that?

    And about the whole Fame Wh*re thing… really 99% of Hollywood would classify as that, I mean they all do interviews, promote movies, do what they can to keep their names out there and are not forgotten… At least they use their popularity and the fact that magizines pay big money for any picture of them for a good cause. I mean really, why is Jennifer Garner not a fame wh*re then? I see countless pictures of her and her daughter,, or Naiomi Watts? OR Gwen Stephani? Salma Hayek? or Marcia Cross? Just to name a few?

  34. Renee says

    #12 great post. I was actually thinking that same thing. Being the parent of older children now, I know that not my kids or anyone elses are perfect.

  35. Arianna's Mummy says

    I think it is a great t shirt! It says Distroy All! What toddler doesn’t! Oh wait your perfect children right? that always are out with perfectly combed hair?

  36. Big Blomba says

    Oh and cute Tshirt you have on your kid, AJ. Destroy? For a little toddler girl? Good job. Get that T when you picked up your sons knives you bought him??

    Well done.

  37. Big Blomba says

    OMG What happened to shiloh? She started to get cute and now she just looks like a neglected, straggly haired child.

    I can’t stand AJ. Something’s gotta suffer with 6 kids, I’m sure she’ll make sure it’s not herself.

    Looks like little shiloh is it.

  38. Lauren says

    Angelina won’t be a grandma for a long time! LOL! But, it’s nice that she wants to be there while her kids grow up and not have some stranger raising them.

  39. laila says

    Well it sounds good. Hope she will do as she says. Time will tell. But staying home for a while until the children get a bit older is a good idea.

  40. anonymous says

    #6 Who doesn’t feel inferior to someone whose got all those qualities you just listed?
    But regarding her comments about staying home with my kids, here’s mine — I’ll believe it when I see it.
    Just by looking at her pictures, her W magazine cover, she deeply relishes the public limelight — so I doubt she’ll “fade” away. Maybe she wants the public to say … “Oh no, please don’t fade away, we love you and all your private photos and your private parts”. lots of chuckles 🙂

  41. Kay says

    I sense alot of animosity towards Angelina from Poster # 4.
    What do you have against this woman? Her success, beauty, fame and wealth probably make you feel inferior, so you need to put her down. That’s very sad indeed!

  42. Mina says

    Promises, promises, this fame whore loves the spotlight to much to fade away. They will sell pictures of themselves having orgasms if it would get people into the theaters.

  43. Deeds says

    Finally, Oprah busted out the W issue Angelina recently graced the cover of with a photo that Brad took. Brad said that he loves working with Angelina and that he did the photos to promote his movie.

    I missed the interview. Did he really say that?

  44. Jenna says

    Shiloh sure looks like her daddy these days. :=)

    Usually I have trouble telling, but not with this one.

  45. Eli says

    “First and foremost, I have a lot of children, and I need to make sure they’re growing right and they’ve got us there for them.”

    Now that’s a statement worth publishing!

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