1. 80 degrees??? says

    Then why is one of her children dressed in a sweater, another shirt, long pants, AND a scarf. And her other child is dressed in short sleeves and short pants????? Don’t give her any excuses with the weather. Get over defending someone you don’t even know – freak. Ohhh… miraclemilemom – wow! Whatever that means.

  2. MiracleMileMom says

    #6 – It’s LA – we have had 80 degree weather almost all month….. they are saying this weekend could even reach 90 degree in some places…. don’t be so judgemental until you know the facts!!

  3. Niloofar says

    #2-yeah.. ecxatly!!!
    everybody how is the weather in U.S????
    Is the weather warm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????
    if NOT…….why does she dress her children like that????
    I think because of this they went to a medical center!!!!

  4. Scarlett says

    That women should not have children. The way she dresses like a hooker. What a roll model. So sad.

  5. samsmom says

    She does look fake, but those girls are just gorgeous. They are natural beauties. I hope they never overdo themselves with too much makeup and plastic surgery.

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