Lionel Richie & His "Mouse"


Proud grandfather Lionel Richie calls his 10-month-old granddaughter Harlow Madden-Richie ’The Mouse’. Lionel says that ‘The Mouse’ has started walking: “…The Mouse holds on to the edge of a chair now and is gaining the confidence to think, ‘Maybe these legs belong to me.’ I keep telling Nicole that it’s a bad sign, because once those legs gain confidence, then they’re out of here!”

Lionel says that he is amazed at how his daughter Nicole Richie has transformed from a party girl to a doting mom:

“I’ll be visiting the house,” Lionel says with a laugh, “and Nicole will be like, ‘Dad, lower your voice! Harlow is sleeping!’

“We must be talking about someone other than my daughter! This is not the same Nicole that brings 15 friends over to my house while [Lionel’s daughters] Myles and Sofia are sleeping, and says, ‘Dad, what’s the problem?’ “

That is such an adorable pic of Lionel and Harlow!



  1. Sheri says

    Harlow is just precious. She looks a lot like her daddy. They are a cute family, and Nicole is such a wonderful mom, and that is something to be really proud about.

  2. Question says

    How Old is L Ritchie. Seems like his concert in our shores( South Africa) has been cancelled, would love to seem him sing hello!

  3. ice says

    I guess soon reality starlet will be on the cover of another tabloid with her daughter, pimping her out while gushing about how she is walking and talking

  4. MommaE says

    she is too cute-i think she is the one baby who looks like the perfect mix of her parents! It’s uncanny!!!!

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