Angelina Jolie On Her Exhausting Lifestyle


Angelina’s stamina while traversing the globe with Brad and six children is impressive but she admits that it can take its toll.

After her recent humanitarian trip to Afghanistan followed, just days later, by a high-profile awards show appearance – she was worn out.

“I woke up at 3 in the morning with four kids with jet lag and two babies,” a weary Angelina, 33, told the Los Angeles Times recently, hours before she presented an award to Clint Eastwood. “I put myself together for a few hours and go out. And then I go home. This is my job.”

Still, she shows no signs of settling down in Hollywood. “I don’t dislike it here,” Angelina shared. “I just really do love to travel. I love other cultures. And I love raising my kids in the world. I’m so fortunate that I get to do that.”

Angelina also opened up about her emotional performance as a mother in The Changeling. She thinks that the role helped her get pregnant with twins Knox and Vivienne.

“I got pregnant right in the middle of [filming] and I think partially because of it,” she explained. “I was so emotional about children that I think something in me kicked into gear.”

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  1. susan says

    get a grip people let angie and brad get on with their lives and worry about your own lives im sure there are plenty of skeletons in your closet that you keep hush about and you want to give your opinion and judgement on them get real…

  2. emmauk says

    tomkat exploit their poor oftenvery cold child, way more than angelina. Travelling is the best form of learning. If i had the money my kids would be in a school in a different country every year.
    Some of you are so sad slagging them off. You cant wreck a marriage if that marriage is solid, it obviously wasnt

  3. Zoe says

    I think she meant that she was a child exploiter for constantly having them in paparazzi and such…(not that its easy for her to avoid…but i think thats what she meant, not htat she is a child exploiter for adopting)…not sure could be wrong…was just my interpretation of the comment

  4. says

    Agreed. You cannot “steal” a spouse. They leave of their own volition. And if JA didnt’ accuse her of this, then how can we who weren’t there and really in the know, do so.

    And my daughter adopted a baby recently. I hardly think that she is a child exploiter. And if it takes multiple adoptions to be an exploiter, then my daughter is only saved by the lack of funds.

    Let’s not be silly.

  5. laila says

    Lilly Agelina is not the first to do this work with children Read here>>>>>

    Los Angeles, California

    In 1994, the Audrey Hepburn Children’s Fund, a non-profit organization, was created in New York to continue Audrey’s international appeals on behalf of ill-treated and suffering children around the world.

    Audrey Hepburn Memorial Fund at the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, dedicated to educating children in Somalia, Sudan, Eritrea, Ethiopia and Rwanda.
    The first Audrey Hepburn Children’s House, located at Hackensack University Medical Center, offering comprehensive treatment for physically and emotionally abused children in a “child friendly” environment.
    The Audrey Hepburn CARES Team at Childrens Hospital Los Angeles, providing the very best medical and mental health services to suspected victims of child abuse.
    The Audrey Hepburn CARE Center at Childrens Hospital New Orleans, a comprehensive forensic medicine center aiding in the treatment, prevention and care of maltreated children.
    “All Children In School” Program, the recently established ten-year joint-venture with the U.S. Fund for UNICEF, aimed at bringing 120,000,000 children worldwide back to school.

    The Fund supports its many diverse programs through corporate business partnerships, licensing, events, co-ventures with other foundations or institutions and public support.

    What I feel she would have wanted, had she been given more time, would have been to continue her efforts on behalf of children – because she knew it is a never-ending task with much still to be accomplished. If there is anything she would have wished for it is that her work be continued.

    Audrey’s innate sense of modesty kept her from ever becoming fully aware of the impact she had – through her work with UNICEF – in raising awareness of the plight of children.

    Robert Wolders

  6. lola says

    #29 I hope she comes after yr husband someday!!!!!
    Hi Niloo:)
    Taze che khabar.?rasty sarah shahi ra search kon,jalebeh:)

  7. Niloofar says


  8. Lizzie says

    What comes around goes around… AJ has admitted she “falls” for the leading men (or possibly women) she is filming with. Com’on folks…A leopard doesn’t change its spots…Brad will not be the last leading man in her life…She will soon move on to more interesting men…Just a matter of time…And poor Brad will be running back to JA in hopes she will forgive him and take his worn out arse back…Jen will eventually have the last laugh….

  9. laila says

    #23 wrong! There are at least 50-70% of actors making very generous donations in Hollywood and do it annonymously.Jennifer for instance, works for many good causes and donates lots of money herself. She’s a spokesperson for St Judes. as are ,many actors and actresses. Watch for the TV commercials during Thanksgiving Michael Jackson was also a very generous donator(always annymously too) and Oprah built a a school in Africa and Bono has been doing work with children all around the world for many years now. Even Elizabeth taylor was a great supporter of Aids awareness in the 80’s. so come out from under the rock and read a newspaper before you make such ridiculous statements. Brad and AJ are the only ones who actually publicize their 2 day jaunts here and there for their cause. Did it never occur to you AJ brings the cameramen along on her trips on prupose to advertise herself as a do gooder? Please wake up…

  10. ann says

    Angelina and Brad’s family are generous in helping needy and poor people their generosity in, This respect serve good example for Hollywood stars, who care other things?We love this family, love to see any movies they acts in.

  11. lily says

    #11 Angelina she is only one person in Hollywood gives 1/3 of all her movies proceeds, if you don’t agreed can you name other actress?or actor?

  12. accalia says

    Oh please you ignorant idiots. You can’t steal someone’s husband, in case you didn’t know that. Humans are not pieces of property. They have feelings and emotions and can make decisions on their own. Some of you who call AJ a home wrecker and all of that fail to realize that BP is as much to blame as she is. Didn’t he know he was married when he met her? But no its still AJ fault. If you don’t like her find proper reasons for you hatred and not appalling ones that just makes you sound foolish. On the whole topic of Brad and Angie getting together, if you’re going to bash AJ, the same should be done for BP because he was the one with the ring on his finger. Brad&Jen are over. No one cares about that anymore. Get over it like they did. Jeez…

    #14 you said everything else that I wanted to say. Well said!

    I love Brad and Angelina and the beautiful family 🙂

  13. mommy-of-two-girls says

    i don’t think she is doing the kids a favor by traveling so much. it’s manly because she loves it.
    the kids would benefit from living in one or mayb two places.
    other then that, i think the both of dem are doing a good job with the kids.
    i still do think that she started having a thing with brad while he was still married. but, unfornunately a lot of men and women do this. was what she did right? definitely not. but brad didn’t have to start things up with her either.
    right now all that matters is that they are in love with each other and their children.

  14. Tia :) says

    Then ignore her and skip the post #3 instead of complaining about it.

    Love Angie and the whole family!!

  15. traveler says


    I agree with everything you stated, except one. They are not living in France. They’re actually in Germany right now because Brad is filming. I don’t think they really “live” anywhere. The world is their home and they will go somewhere new every few months, either because of work or their humanitarian efforts. Although, they do seem to like New Orleans and Africa a lot. Perhaps someday, they might want to put down roots in one of those places. Either way, I envy their opportunities. I love to travel and would like nothing better than to travel the world with my children. Unfortunately, the life of an actor lends itself to that lifestyle better than that of an engineer. I guess I’ll just have to settle for my small 2 week vacations abroad.

  16. Ellen says

    “She did sleep with Brad when he was married.”

    Yes, she did sleep with, but HE was a part of it too. He made the choice to sleep with her. Brad and Jen were a wreck anyway. What matters is that the two of them are happy TODAY and raising six beautiful children. Too each his own. This happens to couples everyday around the world, why make such a big deal about to people who obviously care a great deal about each other.

    And yes, she does publicize her charity work, but you have to understand that publicity creates more money to give. She is not the only celebrity to publicize it. Either way, why does it matter that it is brought to the media, SHE is helping others in a huge way.

    “Child exploiter” ? Come on! It is called adoption. People do it every day. She is helping children that deserve a better life. They are alive and healthy because of the effort she has put into making their lives better. So she is not adopting domestically, so what? Although not under the best conditions, American foster children are give many more opportunities for a better life than orphans in third world countries. Most know that they will have food every day, clothes to wear, and a roof over their heads. It is not the ideal life, but they are living. Thousands of other Americans are adopting abroad as well. You are complaining about SIX children? Seriously? Fifty plus years ago many Americans were having ten, elven, twelve children, if not more. Are we complaining about that? No. Even today there are hundreds, thousands of families with many more children than Angelina Jolie. What about families with multiples? Sextuplets? Twins plus addition children? Why give her such a hard time? She is contributing to the world a lot more than the average American.

    Anyway, she is a beautiful woman. A great actress. She has made a good choice to live in France. I think it is great that she exposes her children to other cultures, especially at such a young age. Children these days are so naive about what is going on around them. Two thumbs up for the Jolie-Pitt family. I hope people can learn a thing or two from the work they have done.

  17. Muzlifah says

    To #12 it’s very rude to called Angelina a whore!!!!! Luckily she never sleep or steal your husband (that if you’re married)
    Please give Angelina / Brad & Jen a break and let them build a new life.
    It’s their lives, and who are we to passed harsh jugdement to them.

  18. Mina says

    She’s a disgusting fame whore who feels compelled to tell everything about her useless existence. Her charity work and giving always coincides with release of a movie. So very happy the changeling is a bomb. She did sleep with Brad when he was married. The nut job is getting closer and closer to revealing the truth. She can’t help herself. I still say once a whore always a whore just a new way of pimping yourself. Oh yeah child exploiter.

  19. annie says

    I can’t stand what people say about Angelina to say that she dated a married men is not true Brad’s and Jen’s marriage had trouble for a long time, People get over it.

  20. Blair says

    I don’t think she’s “complaining”, just being honest. Just because something is exhausted doesn’t mean you aren’t thankful for it and don’t love it with every peice of yourself. I work with preschoolers that have special needs for example…and i can honestly say that while it is the most exhausting part of my life, i wouldn’t trade it for the world…sure I am “exhausted” at the end of the day, but what i do still brings me a great deal of happiness.

    As for the Jen/Brad/Angelina thing….I don’t think any of us knows enough about the situation to accurately comment on it.

  21. Kay says

    Why complain that it’s so exhausting? It’s her choice to have so many children. I hope Brad doesn’t abandon her like he did Jennifer.

  22. Eli says

    All three (Angie, Brad and Jen) played a part in Brad & Jen’s divorce. In my opinion all three are guilty.

    Angie did not respect Brad & Jen’s marriage.

    Brad did not respect the marriage vows he took with Jen.

    Jen let Brad go to easily.

  23. Scarlett says

    I am sick of seeing this HOME-WRECKER..She makes me sick how she went after Brad when she new he was married to Jennifer. Shame on you…Carma will bite you on the arse…

  24. Lauren says

    It must be exhausting but rewarding. She has the chance to watch her kids grow and learn everday. Angelina seems to be doing an amazing job

  25. Niloofar says

    GOOD….It’s very good that A.J likes to travel an learn about
    other cultures .GOOD FOR HER KIDS.they will learn alot about other cultures and countries. why she does’nt come here in IRAN,from this website,

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