Adam Sandler & Wife Welcome Their Second Daughter


Adam Sandler and his wife have welcomed their second child, Adam announced Tuesday.

“Jackie and Adam had a beautiful baby girl, Sunny Madeline on November 2,” Adam posted on his Web site. “Everyone is happy and healthy.”

Adam, 42, and Jackie, 34, have a daughter, Sadie, 2, who was born in May 2006. The couple have been married since 2003.

Adam made light of his wife’s second pregnancy during a May appearance on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, joking about how he explained it to his daughter.

Joked Adam: “My little daughter is always looking at her and is nervous to see her mom sick like that. So I had I try to relax my daughter, just saying, ‘Mommy’s not like bad sick. She just has something growing in her that’s eventually gonna shoot out her vagina and take half your toys.’ ”

Adam also shared during the interview that he found his wife’s pregnancy extremely attractive. “It’s fun to sexually fantasize you’re with somebody else,” he said, teasing. “Like when she’s on top of me, I say, ‘Please tell me your name’s Big Bill.’ You know, stuff like that. And she goes with it.”





  1. Daze says

    I love the names. They sound cute together. I hope Sunny takes after her mother, because Sadie is the spitting image of her Dad. She’ll grow up to look like Rhea Perlman, the barmaid from Cheers. Very Jewish looking.

  2. Ronnie says

    love the two names of their girls:
    sunny madeline sandler
    sadie madison sandler

    soo cute

    love love love adam sandler

  3. Zbella says

    He is a trip. I’m not crazy about the name Sunny, but how great that they have a healthy lil’ girl. Congrats!

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