Nicole Kidman: "The Mother Is The Heartbeat Of The Family"


Nicole Kidman, who welcomed daughter Sunday Rose at age 41, wants more babies.

“I would love more children – but that’s up to God!” she told reporters Monday at Glamour’s Women of the Year awards in NYC. (She declined to say whether she would adopt again: “That’s too personal.”)

Her newborn daughter, whom she and husband Keith Urban welcomed in July, “is amazing. She’s an easy baby,” Nicole added.

“She’s giggling,” said Nicole, who showed off a photo of her daughter on Monday’s Oprah Winfrey Show.

Nicole, a UNIFEM Goodwill Ambassador, was among the honorees at Glamour’s Woman of the Year.

“My mother,” Nicole replied when asked what inspires her. “When you’re raised by a woman who has strong beliefs and is opinionated and compassionate – you’re lucky! I will always
give her credit!

“If you take care of the women in the family – the mother in the family – then the children will be taken care of,” she said. “We can all attest that the mother is the heartbeat of the family, and if you take care of her,
everybody does well.”



  1. Sheri says

    Sunday Rose is beautiful, just like her mom. I am so very happy for Nicole to be able to experience giving birth naturally. Nicole is a terrific mom to her adoptive children, Conner and Bella, and she will be to Sunday Rose. They are a beautiful family.

  2. sam says

    “The mother is the heartbeat of the family……” GAG! I really hate when women spout this annoying women garbage talk, and I really hate it because I am a woman! The father is this and the woman is this, and of course the woman is the hearbeat……it is like a walking, talking Hallmark card. It never means anything!

  3. pixiedust says

    Quote~Her newborn daughter, whom she and husband Keith Urban welcomed in July, “is amazing. She’s an easy baby,” Nicole added.

    Not really newborn is she at 4 months old!

    But anyway that is one cute pic of mum and baby

  4. arbi says

    she looks great for her age and looks really happy too..her baby is soo cute and i love her dress it looks like a wedding dress…i pity katie holmes coz shes soo much younger than nicole and looks even older than her after marrying tom cruise

  5. accalia says

    She looks absolutely gorgeous in that dress. Wow. She looks amazing for her age. The pic with her and Sunday is precious.

  6. nicole fan says

    Nicole is an amazing actress and this beautiful little girl is so lucky to have Nicole and Keith Urban as her parents. And I agree with her statement – although dads are very important too!!

  7. Niloofar says

    WOW…Nicole is really fit.good for her,actually I had’nt seen
    a picture of her after her pregnancy,before,whenever I saw
    she had a coat,I know lots of people that they had a
    good shape before their pregnancy,but after it they could’nt
    become fit again.

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