Salma Hayek's Addiction To Breastfeeding


(In the above pic Salma was snapped at the ‘Hollywood Domino Tournament and Gala’ benefiting The Art of Elysium children’s charity on November 9th in New York)

Salma Hayek has opened up about her addiction to breastfeeding.

Salma, 42, who gave birth to daughter Valentina in September 2007, has revealed that she can’t bring herself to stop breastfeeding.

“I’m like an alcoholic. It is like, I don’t care if I cry, I don’t care if I am fat, I am just going to do it for one more week, one more month, and then when I see how much good it is doing her and I can’t stop,” she said.

“It is a very powerful thing, you know.”

Salma also confessed that breastfeeding is very painful and dismissed those darned claims that it helps mothers shed their post-pregnancy weight!

“Let me tell you it is tough. You don’t know what pain I am in after two hours, how difficult it was at first,” Salma added to Britain’s Style magazine.

“And by the way, the myth that says you lose all this weight when you breastfeed? That is so not true! It’s like, please, will everyone stop telling me I look really well.”

Her honesty is refreshing! And it is inspiring to hear a mother reaveal that she continues to breastfeed even though it is challenging for her!

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  1. alex says

    awwh that is just so sweet its gross how mothers push disgusting smelling powder into there baby’s mouth its unnatural baby’s smell so bad when bottle feeding moms who breastfeed are 3 times better to there baby

  2. mill says

    Hi all! for me salma hayek never looks better.. 🙂
    never forget her appearance in ‘ugly betty’
    btw, jackie..don’t feel bad.. i breastfeed my baby..and occasionally formula fed her due to production problem.. and it goes just fine.. plz everyone.. both option is the best as long as you don’t let your baby go hungry..

  3. Jackie says

    No hard feelings Kx5. I’m just tired of being crucified for bottle feeding my “healthy” little boy. I give women props who breastfeed but I also give women props who bottle feed-either way it is a challenge raising a baby but well worth it as you know. 🙂

  4. Jackie says

    #38- Wow! Can I shake your hand? With four kids you have never fed them McDonald’s? Seriously, I have to applaud you. Oh….and I’m flattered that you singled me out of everyone on here and directed your comment at me. Have a great night!

  5. says

    Actually, Jackie, I’m glad you’ve responded. You’re primarily who my comment was directed to in the first place! Where have I been? Well…not on this forum arguing and b*it*ching while my children are goodness knows where!! I “apologize” for not being “in the know” with regards to your petty whining and insult slinging.

    YOU people?? PROBABLY feed them McDonalds?? Nice assumption…..but not only are your judgments hysterical, they’re also false. 😉

  6. Jackie says

    #35- hello!!! Where have you been? If anyone is making other mothers feel not worthy to even have a child it’s mother’s who breastfeed. You people act like it’s the biggest crime on the face of the earth yet you’re the same mothers who probably give your child McDonald’s…that’s why dear. You all talk about bonding…as if the child needs to be sucking on my nipple to do that. When I bottle feed, I can look my son right in the eyes, stroke his hair and talk sweet to him. I don’t need my tit out to do that. It would be different if EVERY child that was breastfed never had any health problems-but they don’t so all your arguments are BS.

  7. says

    Kx5 Probably we get a little defensive because bottle mothers get remarks as how our bonding is different as if it isn’t as good, or we disservice our infants, yada yada yada. I think bottle mothers generally feel that it is a choice where as so many breast mothers feel that it is a shortcoming in our parenting skills.

  8. says

    If formula is just as good an option for babies as breastfeeding, then why do all of the bottle moms get immediately anal and defensive when there is merely a mention of breastfeeding, even before there has been any debate whatsoever? Why feel the need to start hurling insults and get defensive if you TRULY believe that your choice has just as many benefits?

  9. says

    I breastfed one child (felt obligated) and bottlefed another (didn’t enjoy breastfeeding with the first). Both children did equally well in growth, health, and bonding. I make no apologies for the decision in either case. Both calls were right for me at the time I made them.

  10. Analise says

    I couldn’t care less if she breastfeeds, I find her attitude towards her weight and body much more interesting. Some women breastfeed, some don’t. As long as you have a healthy baby it doesn’t matter.

    I’m not even going to bother reading all of the trash Sass is typing.

  11. Jackie says

    Sass- why do Pediatricians say that it’s perfectly fine then? Go tell a Dr that formula is the same as giving your baby a cigarette and they’ll laugh in your face. LOL

  12. Sass says

    Jackie – do the research, I am so not the one who needs to grow up lol, there is every comparison to the smoking argument, the corps tried to keep the risks about that under wraps as well, but hey for the sheeple of this world ‘ignorance must be bliss’, its certainly blissful for the corporate formula peddlars who gleefully cash in on the society wide ignorance that is the primary barrier to more mothers breastfeeding. Its no coincidence that Norway, a socially progressive country which educates its public well on human lactation and bans all formula advertising has a breastfeeding rate of 99% with 80% still nursing at six months compared to a paltry 20% in the UK and 32% in the USA where education on infant feeding is limited to say the least.

  13. Dnice says

    To #22 Sam’s mom I was talking about myself personally so shut the hell up. And I also said it was just my opinion…Read and comprehend an entire entry before you go running off at the mouth.

  14. Amy says

    I’m so impressed by Salma Hayek. I have been the same way with my daughter. Breastfeeding has made me keep 5 pounds on that I just can’t lose. But it is worth it.
    We lose weight with time. And she won’t nurse forever!

  15. Jackie says

    Sass – grow up. Millions of moms formula feed. Don’t compare it to smoking. There’s no comparison.

  16. Sass says

    Jackie – whilst human milk is not a panacea for all ills it does equip a childs immune system with the ability to better cope with and recover more quickly from illness.
    Approx 1.5 million children die per year due to improper formula feeding and yes some of these child deaths do occur in developed countries – info available from the WHO, Unicef, Baby Milk Action etc.

    Are you aware how the food industry has underestimated the scale of the problem with Enterobacter sakazakii contamination in powdered formula milk? This dangerous bacteria can cause meningitis, bloodstream infections or a deadly intestinal inflammation (Necrotizing Enterocolitis) in vulnerable newborns or those with weak immune systems and is just one example of harmful pathogens that can flourish in formula and then your child. It costs the UK Gov’t £35million per year just treating gastric infections in formula fed infants – that could pay for more desperately needed nursing and maternity staff.

    Based on some of the skewed logic exhibited by comments like yours should we only inform non smokers of the dangers of smoking in case we hit a raw nerve and upset the smokers whilst trying to help them protect their health, how selfish of us to attempt to inform and protect them – hardly an ethical rationale to dumb down the risks is it! So why the special treatment and exemption for formula?, when the only ones who benefit from the risks being dumbed down are the ones who profit from the sales at the expense of infant and mother health.

  17. Sass says

    The term Nazi by association implies suffering & death, an experience an infant is statistically more likely to encounter through illness and compromised immunity if raised on formula – the manufactured processed milk of another mammal that deviates from the biological norm required for optimum health and development of the human species. Only infants born with medical conditions eg Phenylketonuria, Galactosemia are the exceptions to the norm, for them and mothers who genuinely cannot breastfeed or express, medicinal formula is a blessing – better fed than dead.
    There are comments on here by naive people who have obviously been hoodwinked into believing the claims of the commercially interested formula peddlars.

    I would suggest to the UK Midwife that as part of your ongoing PREP (Post Registration Education & Practice) you complete the internationally recognised qualification to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant in order to improve your outdated knowledge on human lactation and its wide ranging benefits to health beyond the initial six months – your comment coupled with the current neglectful state of maternity care in the UK’s beleagured National Health Service is worrying to say the least.

    The issue of infant feeding is an educational one and not an indication of parenting skills. It is woefully apparent that the general public, mums to be and even midwives are being denied the correct facts that enable fully informed choice. Fear of causing ‘guilt’ should not block the way to educating the public on infant feeding and the risks of routine formula use but we do need to remember that naturally & artificially fed infants are generally equally loved.

  18. Jackie says

    24- Oh please! Get off of your righteous high horse! You mean to tell me that everyone who is breastfed NEVER gets the common cold, diarrhea, vomiting, strep throat, or even cancer? PLEASE! You obviously don’t have any children because if you were a mom, you’d know better that to make broad, mean generalizations like us bottle feeding moms are doing a disservice. Listen, a child is not going to die from being formula fed. I’m 32 and I was formula fed, my husband was formula fed and yes, our son is formula fed and he is doing just fine. You act like children who are breastfed have perfect immune systems-well they don’t. Like I said “nursing nazi.”

  19. what? says

    traveler…’s sooooo sad that so many women think like you. NOTHING is as good for a baby as HUMAN breastmilk. I realize some can’t breasfeed,which is rare, but for those who just choose not to are really doing their child a disservice. My othe comment with a link has great and FACTUAL information for those who want to know the truth.

  20. samsmom says

    “Anything over 6-7 months” of breasfeeding is pushing it? Funny that the American Academy of Pediatrics does not agree. The recommended time is 2 years. If you don’t want to go that long fine. But don’t try to make the rest of us feel like we are “pushing it”. Whatever that even means.

  21. stockkitty says

    Wow! I am appalled to hear some say that the health benefits are gone after six months. That is an uneducated statement. Also, I can’t believe that people still believe that in order to breastfeed you have to suffer in the beginning. It is a fact that if you have the proper latch that it is NOT painful. If it is painful you are doing something wrong. I have breastfed all 4 of my babies, am still nursing my 10 month old. It only hurt with my current baby in the beginning because she would not open her mouth wide enough in the first week. Once she would open up and latch on more of the areola all was well. I acknowledge that the only cause of pain was an improper latch. If more women would educate themselves on this they would have a much happier and less painful experience!!!

  22. lisa says

    No one can tell me that breastmilk is the same as cows milk… this is not true. While I totally respect women’s right to choose whether they breastfeed or bottle feed, it is a fact that breastfeeding is the healthier choice, and the longer the better. I am very happy Salma is talking about this, but I didn’t like that it was called an “addiction” as though there is something wrong with it.

  23. no name says

    lts just a habit for the baby after six months if the mother allows it to be. Such a tie as well. Two too four months recommended. uk Midwife.

  24. traveler says

    I’m not saying that breast milk isn’t healthy. The baby is just not getting antibodies anymore after 6 months. It’s still got nutritional value, just like cow’s milk.

  25. Nothe says

    ~ 7 – traveler You need to get educated in breastfeeding before you make such ignorant remarks! The health benefits for both baby and mother go on well after 6 months!

  26. Dnice says

    I agree with others that her honesty is refreshing. As far as the breastfeeding at 14 mos I always think that anything over 6-7 months is pushing it. Breastfeeding -it’s a stepping stone – once they start gettting those teeth and can walk and ask for things..breastfeeding is cut. Just my opinion…and to #1 bean burritos? Stereotype much? Jesus.

  27. ks says

    It’s nice to know that even busy celebs feel the importance of nursing. I loved every second of it, and if my son didn’t quit me, i’d still be nursing. It’s a bonding experience that you just don’t get if you don’t nurse. I am not saying bottlefed babies don’t bond, it’s just different. And who ever said there is no nutritional benefit after 6 months. It’s like having organic compared to not. It’s better for the baby.

  28. kbunkakers says

    I applaud her for continuing to breasfeed. What I don’t understand is that she says it’s painful. It really shouldn’t be. I think she needs a visit from a lactation consultant. Maybe her daughter isn’t latching on correctly and that’s why it’s taking 2 hours for her to get full.

  29. emmauk says

    OMG, this site brings out dinlows who will slag off anyone. Is no-one able to say anything nice about anyone.
    She is not pushing anything on anyone. Everyone know breastfeeding is best for baby. If you dont then you must be reptilians.
    Her honesty is refreshing, personally i think people who slag off being are just miserable and jealous

  30. emma says

    Breastfeeding is not for everyone. Some mothers enjoy it and others do not. I completely understand that it is something a mother will do for her baby’s health but the thought of sitting and feeding for an hour or two straight sounds grueling and exhausting. As a fidgety person, I have a hard enough time sitting through a whole movie. And then to have to repeat the task of feeding every few hours. Add to that the pain and discomfort. No way! Not for me. I’ll stick to formula. I know plenty of women that have raised their children on formula and there have been no serious issues with the child’s health.

  31. Dagmar says

    Great!! My girl has just turned 2 and we do no stop breastfeeding because she gets ill quite often because her older sister brings home many infections from school, and breastfeeding helps her in getting better again. I breastfed my first one one year, .Great, Salma!! Go on!!!!

  32. traveler says

    Actually, after 6 months, the health benefits of breast feeding are gone. The baby is no longer getting antibodies from the mother. After that time, it’s more for the bonding experience than anything else.

  33. MommaE says

    I don’t think that she is pushing anything on anyone she is simply discussing a topic that is very important to her! No where does it sound that she is pushing anything on anyone! A little harsh 1 and 2…….maybe you should get over it!

  34. eliana says

    i do not care how long she does it for as long as she doesn’t push that on me…. i can’t stand it when people push their breast feeding values on me. i chose to bottle feed and others choose to breast feed and that is fine.

  35. Lilac says

    Her baby is still just 14 months old. She SHOULD continue to breastfeed her. The World Health Organization recommends a minimum of 24 months of breastfeeding. It’s good for the health of the baby, it’s good for the health of the mother.

    But it is tough, especially at the beginning.

  36. shiva says

    Then hands off the bean burritos!!!!!

    What woman cares about what they look like after they’ve had a baby? Who has the time to?????

    Get over it!!

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