Marcia Cross With Eden & Savannah


Marcia Cross, 46, was snapped with her 20-months-old twin daughters Eden and Savannah out grocery shopping. Marcia’s husband Tom was also with them.

Wow! Eden and Savannah look so much older!

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  1. ali says

    theres nothing wrong with being fair skinned.
    without trying to be mean, one of the girls is alot cuter than the other…i dont know which twin is which though so cant say names.

  2. says

    Marcia is NOT too old to still be producing her OWN eggs…….I did it at age 46, with the help of Clomid !!!! Not saying it’s any easy thing to do….but it IS definitely do-able, as long as your OB-GYN says you have NOT yet reached menopause !!!

  3. Zbella says

    They are so sweet. She is obviously not too old to have children – there they are! What do you care if they developed from her eggs or not – sheesh, get a life.

  4. Justine says

    To #16 Kayleigh….you don’t have to say that they’re beautiful, but you also don’t have to say that they’re “U.G.L.Y BEASTS”. Haven’t you ever heard the saying “If you can’t think of anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all?”

  5. Dnice says

    I don’t bash kids but I do pride myself on being very honest and I have to say before I even read any of the comments I had said what some of you had. I don’t think the girls are that cute. I thought they were cuter when they were smaller. They have inherited Marcia’s pasty white complexion and they looked a little washed out.

  6. Kayleigh says

    They are u g l y everyone has an opinion, I ain’t gonna sit here and say their beautiful if there not!

  7. ana says

    egg donor egoo donor those kids look nothing like her at alllllllllllllll shes way to old to have her own kids

  8. Midge says

    I have to agree with a couple of you on here – these are not the cutest little girls. Hopefully that will change as they get older. I am sure their parents finds them beautiful, which is what is really important. At least these girls get to spend time with their parents unlike so many babies (not just celebs).

    I love Marcia Cross, but her forehead scares the beejeezus out of me – it never moves. Ever. Scary.

  9. accalia says

    I think they are adorable. I love this family. Eden looks a bit like her mom and Savvy looks exactly like her dad to me!

  10. 2teens says

    They have changed so much, wow. Personally I don’t think these girls are too cute, well, one is much cuter than the other. Just my opinion. Hopefully they will develop bubbling personalities as they grow.

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