Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares That Her Children Know Never To Cross Her


(In the above pic the luminous Catherine was snapped at ‘A Fine Romance’ to benefit the Motion Picture and Television Fund on November 8th)

Catherine, 39, has admitted that she gets angry if she misses a mealtime.

“I’m pretty easy-going, which comes from all those years of doing theatre. I’m not a grandiose movie star at all, but I do like to know when lunch is going to be,” she said.

“It’s really important because I get the shakes when my blood-sugar levels start to drop. If I don’t get food when I should, I get upset,” she stated.

And her anger is not limited to food, as Catherine also revealed that her children – Dylan, 8, and Carys, 5, – know never to cross her because she can be strict.

“I’ve realized that you can actually say what you need to say and people can tell a lot from my tone of voice. My kids know when I raise my finger or do ‘the eyes’ that I mean business. I don’t put up with much. I’m kind to everybody. But if you cross me, you know,” she added.

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  1. SMAN says

    A friend of mine does insurance for one of the big studios. When a movie is made she buys insurance on the actors and equipment and whatever. Obviously to do that she needs documentation on everyone. Real stuff, not the fakes they have made. Anyway, she said Jones is 12 years older than she claims. So, 51, and not 39 like her bio says.

  2. gggrrrrr says

    she’s younger than Cindy, Nicole, Salma, and Halle but when you look at her she looks older than these women!

  3. gggrrrrr says

    honestly she doesn’t look 39! she looks 45 … I think when you have an old partner even if your young, you too will look old …

  4. Anne says

    She’s married with two children and doesn’t know how to cook!!! I guess Douglas married her for her looks although she doesn’t have that great a figure anyways. Flat rear end and very little shape overall.

  5. sara says

    Amen! Finally a parent who “parents”…not a wishy-washy one that lets the child rule the roost! I am thankful to see some discipline in Hollywood (or are they even IN Hollywood??)

  6. Nicki says

    I think Catherine is a beautiful woman, but I am not liking her eyebrows and the spidery fake lashes here on her.
    Normally she is gorgeous.

    Here’s an idea, maybe she could fix her own lunch. That way she would know exactly when it would be done. Or even tell her staff exactly what time “I’m not a grandiose movie star at all” wants to be served lunch. No shakes, no getting angry.

  7. BLssd says

    She’s a strikingly pretty woman, but this picture sure hits home how much makeup these stars wear. Yuck.

  8. Josie says

    Actually, I like that she is stern with her kids. I find that parents allow their children to goof off way too much and show disrespect to their parents. A little bit of old-fashioned discipline wouldn’t hurt, in my opinion.

    I also need to eat at a specific type or I’m prone to headaches. Diets never work for me. I need to eat well. LOL But I also work out a lot, to make up for the caloric intake.

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