Ashlee Simpson's Dad Declares "I Am Too Young To Be A Grandpa"


Ashlee Simpson, 24, was transformed when she learned that she was expecting, according to her father.

“The day she found out she was pregnant, she became a woman,” Joe Simpson told People magazine.

“She’s concerned about what she eats and how she prepares for the child and [details like], is the baby’s room ‘green’ enough?” he explained. “It’s a transformation you never expect as a parent – you pray for it, but never expect it. She’s ready for this baby!”

Joe shared that his son-in-law Pete Wentz is equally prepared for welcoming their baby.

“Pete is the king of details, so he wants to make sure the baby’s room is just right – the right colors, the right sheets, the right look,” Joe said. “He’s a great parent.”

“Papa Joe” (as he hopes to be called) also shared that his eldest daughter Jessica is eager to be a doting auntie.

In fact, Joe – who manages Ashlee and Jessica’s careers – says he’s doing everything he can to keep Jessica from bailing on her ongoing tour.

“I’m trying to keep her out there until the baby’s born,” he added. “I have a couple of other dates I need her to play!”

In turns out that the only member of the Simpson clan who isn’t completely ready for the new arrival is Joe himself. “I am too young to be a grandpa!” Joe, 50, declared. “But I am excited.”

As for the name of his future grandchild, Joe is keeping quiet. “I’m not allowed to give any hints,” he insisted. “I can tell you it’s not Joe. I wished, I tried, but it didn’t work.”



  1. Zbella says

    In your 30’s, yes, even 40’s, OK, but 50’s too young? Nah. She’s 24, a full grown adult! And yeah, he seems like an @ss to me.

  2. Niloofar says

    HAHAAAAAAAAAA………if he is too young for being a grandpa
    how about his daughter, is’nt she too young for being a mother?????????
    he said that he, himself is too young for being a GRADPA!!!
    but he did’nt say anything about his daughter!!!!!????

  3. sharrie says

    and this from the ass that commented on his daughters doulbe “D’s”…he is the biggest jerk ever….and used to be a minister too! I guess those paydays don’t compare to these paydays…..

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