Katie and Suri were snapped out and about in their New York neighborhood on a beautiful fall day. They visited a nearby park, and the Union Square farmers market. The adorable Suri was sporting some red nail polish!

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  1. Deeds says

    Suri is a doll. Her clothes are so cute, I’m sure she didn’t pick them out herself. As far as being in the limelight goes, I could be wrong, my grandson is visiting me from Alaska. He is 2, of course I think he is adorable. If, let’s say, we were at the zoo. Strangers came up and wanted to take pics of him because he is so cute. My maternal instinct would kick in and I would tell them to go for it. I would feel proud. If you disagee with me there is no need to agrue. I’m not going to change my mind. I’M READY FOR MY CLOSE UP MR. DEVILLE!

  2. ajinomotto says

    Suri is always a cute child,beautifully formed in every angle.People just have to say bad critics about her and her family no matter what.People were actually complaining when she had no long sleeves,leggings on or coat for that matter,but now that she is actually wearing one,people still criticized her.They just can’t win for any.People always said,social services need to be part of this situation,but yet if you see someone forcing a child to doing things he/she doesn’t want to do,is being abuse again.Yet if a mother does not put on jacket/sweater on a child is also abuse.What’s with this remarks?If you look at 17online,she did tried to put on sweater on this girl,Suri just insisted of not being cold,so what,children are sometimes get cold/hot.They just need someone like a child to mock or copy.I’m surprise if she even stay in her carseat.My children when they were her age,they don’t even want to seat in their carseat.Once,we were at the stoplight traffic,and the police officer was next to us,and all of a sudden,one child took off her car seatbelt.The police just shoke her head,pointed the back seat and said be careful.You can not control their mind,especially two/three years old.Might as well go along with them but always prepare the materials they need.Just because they don’t want a sweater,it’s abuse by a parents or a child is in control.What about some ather children who dress like hookers,and they are only 13,and waiting on stop bus for the school bus,why not address that society.They need more parenting that these celebrities do.People intentionally criticize this family because of their religion of choice,and the life they are in to.People are just born to hate,they see what is not necessary to comment on but yet forgot to look in the mirror,if they are perfect for the day.What a pity to all haters,why even bother to comment or give out remarks if you hate this family so bad that you criticize them in everyway possible.If you are tired seeing this child and her family,don’t look.They and or she has every rights to be in this world.She just happens to be rich and some of us not.In the future time,since haters like to say bad things about her and her family,part of her money is actually taken and be contributed to one of you/us because we say we are poor,or let’s say,we are on welfare.

  3. anon 2 says

    Look at Katie when on side view,is she pregnant?The way how she looks lately is like when she was pregnant with Suri.Pregnancy is goog for new life to come but it is not easy.It is always different,you may get morning sickness before and not this time or vise versa,and some otherthings that will make you different during your terms.Good luck

  4. 2teens says

    Suri has gotten much more animated in the past few weeks. She used to always have her ears covered and her head hanging… but now she seems to love the attention from the paps. Maybe she is less fearful as she gets older? I don’t know, but her velvet frock is so sweet and I’m glad to see the long sleeves and cozy leggings.

  5. Baroness says

    Suri is so homely. She is going to be in for a rude awakening when she realizes the world doesn’t revolve around her.

  6. ELIE TAYLOR says



  7. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Suri is always smiling away at the cameras..It is like she
    knows who the cameraman is…love the wave , and looking
    at all the pies..And now that she is into Winnie the Pooh!

    Can’t wait to see Sunday Rose photos.. from Monday’s
    show.. Oprah brings out Nicole’s wallet and takes a
    photo of Sunday Rose..Since Conner and Isebella now
    have 2 will be fun to see if the paps can
    get a picture of Sunday too since she looks like Keith..

  8. Ellen says

    Enough with this family already. She is not all of Hollywood [although I’m sure Tom & Katie would love that]. It is the same thing every day, same comments. I am surprised you haven’t changed this into a Suri obsession website.

    …Off to Celebrity Baby Blog where Suri is not treated as the goddess of all celebrity children…

  9. Niloofar says

    I love suri dresses…I’m crazyyy about NAIL POLISH….
    now suri becomes more adorable with red nail polish….
    I agree with #4,about katie’s hairstyle.

  10. pibi says

    Get a life haters ! The older she gets the more she does look like Tom ! Get it Suri is by far the cutest little girl we have ever seen in a long time!!!

  11. Star says

    I’m not crazy about the nail polish on young children. Sure, they say the polish is “non toxic” but that doesn’t mean it’s to be ingested. Suri puts her hands in mouth frequently and she’s bound to get some into her system.
    Sure, there are art supplies like crayons, paints, etc that are labeled ‘non toxic’ – but that’s because the level of toxicity does not pass a certain amount. Meaning, there are still toxic chemicals in them, but not over a certain amount.

  12. anonymous says

    help. it’s no longer babyrazzi it’s SURIRAZZI now. so tired of them now. every-single-day. there must be other babies in hollywood. i’m starting to think tom and katie calls photo agencies to let them know where they will be because i have never seen so many pictures of a celebrity child in my life.

  13. littlemisscaliope says

    I never get tired of pictures of Suri..but Katie looks horrible. She looks so old and worn out. She doesn’t have that same spark she did before she got married. Check out Nicole Kidman’s interview in Glamour…very interesting comments on what it’s like to be Mrs. Tom Cruise.

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