Brad Pitt Shares Hilarious Details Of His Family Life With Oprah


In an upcoming interview on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Oprah acknowledges to Brad Pitt that Angelina Jolie is the love of his life.

Then, she asks him if he’s the happiest he’s even been.

“Dare I say,” Brad replies in the interview, set to air on November 18th.

“Dare I see,” says Oprah.

The interview is Brad’s first sit-down with Oprah since his 2005 split with Jennifer Aniston (a friend of Oprah’s).

Oprah asks Brad, who is raising six children with Angelina, if he wants more children.

“Probably. It’s the greatest endeavor I’ve ever taken on,” he says. “Why stop now?”

He calls his kids the “funniest people,” but admits he can only handle being alone with four of them at a time.

He tells Oprah that 2-year-old Shiloh, who is a Peter Pan fanatic, will only respond to the names John and Peter. Four-year-old Pax, he says, rebelled against a timeout session by peeing on the timeout chair.

Oprah later whips out the November issue of W magazine, which featured photos that Brad took of Angelina.

He tells Oprah that he wanted to portray Angelina as a “femme fatale.” He goes on to say she is “very sweet.”

Brad and Oprah bonded this past week at Chicago’s Grant Park after Barack Obama was elected president.

“I would have invited you out with me to the rally last night,” Oprah says. “But I was down with the people, and I didn’t think you would want to be.”

Replies Brad, “I took the tram, shoulder to shoulder.”

The way Pax rebels against time-outs made me laugh!



  1. Leah says

    He seems like a wonderful partner and father and person in general, and the kids just sound like a scream! It’s hilarious the way Pax rebelled against the time-out chair, and so sweet and funny that Shiloh will only answer to John or Peter. It reminds me of my own daughter (who coincidentally is a spitting image of Shiloh) Clementine, who is three, and, until a few months ago, made us call her Benjamin Bunny from Peter Rabbit. Our son Sacha, who is now seven, did the same when he was young, only he made us call him Dar Fader (as in Darth Vader), from Star Wars. He had never seen Star Wars in his life, so where he picked it up from I will never know.
    Anyway, the Jolie-Pitts seem a very loving and easy-going family.

  2. Nicki says

    Hi oriana! How have you been? Hope its not too cold up your way. Been beautiful here, flip flops yesterday, heavy socks and shoes and winter jackets today,LOL. Crazy weather.

  3. Nicki says

    Deeds-Who is upset? Not me. I can’t wait for the actual interview. He hardly ever does tv interviews like this. I am looking forward to it.

  4. MommaE says

    It’s hard to say what was said or not said during the interview since it was not aired yet. I have read and seen many interviews where they speak of the kids and the sweet and funny things that they are into-the interview in W (which is the newest one-with the great photos by Brad) Angelina goes on about the funny things that the kids do much like Brad (apparently does) on Oprah! I really like this family-I feel like they are pretty down to earth and they sound like a regular family-minus the fame, fortune etc…LOL! I’m not sure exactly why people on this site feel the need to pick them apart and say some awful things about them! Jealousy is a pretty awful trait and it sounds there is a bit too much of that on this site!

  5. oriana says

    Why are all my comments either being “awaiting moderation” or not even being allowed to be shown?

  6. Nicki says

    Who is upset? Not me. I can’t wait for the actual interview. He hardly ever does tv interviews like this. I am looking forward to it.

    Maybe you are thinking of the December issue of Hapers Bazaar? I thought it was a beautiful pic of her. Similar to her Vanity Fair July 08 cover shot, but I like the Harpers Bazaar one better. I think it is a beautiful shot of her. Or maybe it was another magazine you are talking about. She is on so many.

  7. Deeds says

    I NEVER said what Brad did or didn’t want. I stated that I have never seen her as a femme fatale. Why did that make you so upset? I don’t remember what magazine it was, Jolie was recently on the cover. Now that pic portrayed her as being alluring and seductive. It didn’t even look like her. I was surprised AJ let the pic go to print. Even though Brad wants everyone to see her as sweet. I shouldn’t believe in everything I read especially if it’s in quotes. I guess I need not believe that Brad thinks his kids are the “funniest people”

  8. Nicki says

    Brad NEVER said he wanted to portray her as a femme fatale………..He said she is always portrayed as that in her photoshoots. He wanted to show her as she is…sweet.

    femme fatale…………..
    is an alluring and seductive woman whose charms ensnare her lovers in bonds of irresistible desire, often leading …………..

    Which is exactly what the people who hate her think of her as. Which is the exact opposite of what Brad knows her to be.
    The write up was wrong in the rag mag, but that is par for the course,as usual for them. I look forward to seeing the actual interview and hearing his own words. Much better than what rag mags cut and paste for thier own spin.
    Can’t wait for the real interview….on 11/18 (my anniversary,,,Yeahaw!!)

  9. Deeds says

    femme fatale, AJ can be alot of things but I have never seen that in her. A person can be very sweet without being that. Whos leg is he trying to pull, AJ’s?

  10. Nicki says

    I should have known the source was US rag mag.

    He said she is always portrayed as the femme fatale in her photoshoots. He wanted to show her sweet side.
    Also they didn’t bond at Grant Park, they never bumped into each other there.
    I can’t wait to see this interview. I hope Oprah didn’t ignore Cate B. like she did Eric Bana when she interviewed Brad for Troy.

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