Ben Affleck & An Expectant Jennifer Garner Drop Off Violet At Nursery School


Ben Affleck and an expectant Jennifer Garner were snapped dropping off Violet at nursery school in Santa Monica, CA this morning.

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  1. Anne says

    Violet is an absolute darling and beautiful with such wonderful caring parents who don’t spend a fortune on her clothes. She is a normal child living a reasonably normal life. Jennifer and Ben are such a wonderful couple and hope they stay that way.

  2. Anne says

    That is the price one pays when they become either a movie or tv star whatever and it is the children that the photographers chase after. The children are the innocents but that is Hollywood-love it or lose it.

  3. Fennie says

    She´s always being carried around because of the paps…
    Just like Suri and the others… I wouldn´t let my kid run around too…

  4. xxooxxooxxoo says

    I have 6 kids and all of them were trained before the age of 3. If she’s not potty trained already and with another one on the way, they’re looking at age 4 because there’s no way in hell they’ll be focused on training her after the baby arrives. I made sure all of my kids were were trained before they went to nursery school; I didn’t want teachers changing my kid’s diapers.

  5. Zbella says

    Violet is 2, I believe?.. Anyway, not unusual for a young 3 year old (girl or boy) to still be training. Not everyone is textbook. What a boring world that would be. And I agree, her daddy looks hot!

  6. freya says

    No, it really isn’t that unusual. My daughter turned 3 at the end of May, and we tried for almost a year prior to that to potty train her, but she finally did all on her own about the first week of May and has been wearing underwear ever since. Kids are doing it at their own pace nowadays. My daughter has a little friend who will be 3 in December and she isn’t any where near being potty trained, despite her parent’s coaxing and staying on track, and then she has another friend who was 3 in June who was trained at 18 months.

  7. sophia says

    lol…i can see what you mean #19…i looked at the 2nd photo…but i dont think it’s a onesie…i believe its a pull up.

  8. xxooxxooxxoo says

    3 years old and not potty trained yet? That’s very unusual for little girls; they usually train fast.

  9. ELIE TAYLOR says

    If you look at the second photo it is a onesie undershirt..
    it goes all the way up.. Violet loves the cameras.. she smiles and waves just like Suri..Especially when she
    is with either parent…

  10. Ellen says

    #17—Violet is not wearing a onsie. It’s a cardigan, stretch pants and a shirt/dress.

    I would be carrying my daughters too if I knew there would be paparazzi every.single.DAY! Maybe Violet doesn’t like the cameras like little miss Cruise. She is a child, child often like to be held when nervous! Get over it.

  11. Niloofar says

    #5-COLLE, I agree with you, but how about suri????

    #7-BLSSD,I’d like tooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    #10-BETHANEY.well, paparazzi’s works are just this, and you can’t find anything ecxept such these news on these sites!!!!

  12. sophia says

    Seriously, how many photos of this child being dropped off/picked up from nursery school do we really need to see??? But Violet does look adorable here…I like the braided pigtails on her and the little cardigan is precious…

  13. Collette uk says

    But my 2yr got 10mth to be dry she at nursery year younger over here 4+5yr when go school my 2 are 3+4 when they go coz when they was born

  14. Collette uk says

    Kids are diffrent my 2yr was 2 10wk ago +showing no signs been ready 4 training my 1st daughter was at 19mth she 6 now

  15. JustME says

    Seriously!!! Is she still not potty trained. She is a few months older then my daughter and my daughter has been fulling potty trained for almost a year! Get to it Jen and Ben!! She is smart enough to know it’s TIME!!!

  16. blair says

    This is getting old. Do we have to see Violet go to school everyday? It’s not interesting anymore.

  17. Bethany says

    What a newsworthy event….Violet being dropped off at school again…..just like millions of other American children………Wow!

  18. anonymous says

    I think the Webmistress does it on purpose, constantly posting pictures of Violet at nursery school and Suri on the street, just to piss us off.

  19. colle says

    HERE WE GO AGAIN!!! I would rather see nothing new on this website than ANYMORE pictures of this family. It is THE SAME TYPE OF PHOTO OVER AND OVER AGAIN & BORING!!!

  20. Kay says

    I agree with above comments, stop stalking the little girl. We’ve seen about enough photos of her going to and from school!

  21. Kelli says

    Please, GOD, leave her alone!! Why are paps outside this girl’s school every single day? It’s ridiculous. Yes, she’s adorable but she has a right to some privacy.

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