An Expectant Naomi Watts & Family In Manhattan


An expectant Naomi Watts, Liev Schreiber and their adorable son Alexander “Sasha” were snapped out and about in Manhattan.

Splash News Online


  1. 2teens says

    Poor thing looks like she’s carrying a watermelon. Lucky for her she doesn’t have fat-face, log-legs or cankles like some smaller women get when they are carrying a big baby.

  2. nixen says

    That could be anything in those cups. And btw, newest studies have shown that coffee in moderation esp. in the second or third trimester isn’t as bad as once thought.

  3. catsue says

    I thought you were NOT supposed to drink coffee when you are prengnat? That’s what my doctor told me. Caffeniated or not- it’s not healthy.

  4. Collette uk says

    Num 4 oh yes she does she has got quite bump there def girlie i think il b shock if baby under 8ib 2 x

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