Katie & Suri Take A Rainy Walk To The GAP


Katie and Suri were snapped taking a rainy walk to the GAP near Union Square in New York City. Suri’s dress is absolutely adorable and she is doing such a good job of holding her umbrella!

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Suri in the goody-goody fashion… when she’s more grown up, she’ll hate dresses. Hopefully she’ll be told the truth about her parentage and turn tomboy. She’ll grow to hate skirts/dresses if she’s bundled in them ALL THE TIME..

  2. Anne says

    Was it necessary to spend a fortune on dressing Suri in so many outfits? A waste of money as she will never grow out of them other than a few that were too large to begin with.
    Katie should take a lesson from Jennifer Garner in how she dresses Violet and not as a miniature model.

  3. Nicki says

    Wow, finally long sleeves and tights. Good start Katie, now put a jacket on your lil girl.
    I love her umbrella, she looks very cute wakling with it.

  4. Grandma of Four says

    Katie in jeans, long sleeved shirt, jacket, sensible shoes laced right up all set for the RAIN!

    Suri in dress (sleeves finally), tights (ok, that is alright), and mary-jane style shoes-not exactly RAIN attire!

    Bodyguard in jeans, jacket, appropriate shoes for the RAIN!

    WHAT is wrong with this picture!? Does this child even own a little pair of jeans, a long sleeved shirt, and jacket not to mention some tennies???

    I just do not get it! Katie seems to dress more of less appropriately for the weather! Suri is TWO! Is there any perspective here? I just do not get it!

  5. jar says

    i think she will grow up a spoiled brat and pain in the neck…..she don’t look like other celebrity kids that always look normal all the time…she’s adorable bcoz of her designer clothes…….

  6. jar says

    suri looks like an old maid….i don’t like katie the way she dressed up suri eventhough she had that designer clothes…overdressed…no dress code all the time….

  7. BJ says

    That haircut is just so unattractive on Suri. It just seems to accentuate how pudgy her face is.

  8. Bethany says

    love love love the first picture! Her outfit is really cute. It looks like she’s concentrating hard on holding that umbrella!

  9. laila says

    I love that Suri is a girly girl and loves dresses but agree if mom is wearing a coat and scarf why is this child never wearing a coat?

  10. uoykcilill says

    Katie’s in a coat and scarf and Suri once again has no coat on in November. Not sure I like the dutch boy haircut either.

  11. Scarlett says

    HELLO KATIE…Get a clue on how to dress a child in the rain. Have you hear of pants? Just because she is a little girl it doesn’t mean she wears DRESSES EVERYWHERE.. My god this women is just retarded…

  12. Ashley says

    Suri is sooo cute
    she looks exactly like my god daughter
    who is one year older
    i love the one picture where she has a funny like grossed out face on kinda like and elvis lip.
    she is sooo adorable

  13. maggie says

    FINALLY!!! Suri is dressed appropriate, she´s walking and not hidding from the paps, she looks so cute, but now I think she needs a jacket or sweater

  14. hannahmumma says

    there you go……..every one should be happy she’s dressed appropriate for the weather!! my daughter has the frog version of the same umbrella

  15. Ruby Jackson says

    That poor child. It’s going to be hard for her to be anything other than either extremely damaged or a total brat. She’s adorable, but I think she’s got a tough life for a kid, and she’s going to have a real warped sense of the world around her.

  16. DOBE says

    Hahaha… I love how the 2 guys behind them in the first pic are both staring at Katie’s @ss!!!!

  17. sadie says

    Yeah, bareness battle is won! I’d love to see Suri smile though. She is such a wee lamb with her brolly!

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