Katie Takes Suri Out For Pizza


Just after 5 p.m. on Tuesday Katie took Suri for a walk up and down the block outside their East Village apartment.

A witness told OK! magazine that Katie whispered sweetly to Suri,2, asking her, “do you want to get some pizza?”

“Suri was leading Katie and being very playful, going back and forth, pulling her mommy’s hand,” the eyewitness told OK! magazine. “Suri was in a very happy mood. She even laughed and smiled at the paparazzi.”

As a car followed close behind, mom and daughter ambled up 4th avenue to Pizza Place Pie in the Union Square area, where Katie ordered Suri a slice of tomato mozzerella, holding her on her lap while Suri ate, bouncing happily up and down on Katie’s legs.

Then it was off to the theater! Katie and Suri dashed home with just enough time for Katie to make it to her show.

An eyewitness told OK! magazine, “They had been inside the entire day and this was their first day out. It was a very cute mother-daughter dinner date.” 

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  1. Shadow Girl says

    Dress you child! You want them to get sick? You’ll be regretting it if you didn’t get the little maggot vaccinated for the flu! KH, get a brain transplant so you could be somewhat smarter! May I suggest my DOG!

  2. jar says

    katie is not that popular if she don’t marry tom…i think she’s overprotected to her not so beautiful daugther…they are look alike…square face…..

  3. jar says

    tired of seeing her with that stupid blanket….i wonder why she had that olweiz…i don’t think ders mosquitoes or insects there….haha….

  4. jar says

    i hope suri don’t have that blanket when she get in school hehe….she’s not normal huh….why she had that always…let her walk….

  5. jar says

    with the same shoes and blanket???i don’t see her wearing a pair of pants tired of seeing her in dress….hey katie suri is old enough to have blanket…

  6. b says

    Now now, give Katie a break, she is responding to the chill in the air by toting a second blanket!
    Hard to believe she isn’t tired of the blanket nonsense by now & doesn’t put her foot down with that over indulged child.

  7. husker says

    I’m so sick of this family. Suri is so spoiled. I’m sure the reason she never has a coat on is because she doesn’t want to wear one. What Suri wants…..Suri gets.

  8. no name says

    Sick and tired of seeing this child, she is just a toddler, born into celebrity life give her a break away from the paps

  9. Niloofar says


  10. Star says

    Katie’s in a turtle neck and jacket.
    Bodyguards are layered with cold Fall night attire.
    Poor Suri doesn’t have tights, or socks, leggings, etc.
    She must be freezing.

  11. Candy says

    Finally…long sleeves…
    well first step :long sleeves
    Second: coat or a jacket…..
    Katie is making a progress guys

  12. Susie says

    Why is this kid always wearing pretty dresses and skirts? does she ever just wear jeans like regular kids?

  13. Fennie says

    WOW!!! Long sleeves!!!
    Katie, step 2 : how to cover your kid´s legs
    and finally step 3 : how to use a coat .
    maybe by december she´ll be even using gloves !!!!

  14. Ugggghhhh says

    Again… this chid has no coat or jacket. It was warmer than usual yesterday, but it’ll be winter soon. Winter’s coming soon, Katie! Dress your child properly!

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