Jemaine Clement & Wife Welcome Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis


Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement and his new wife are celebrating the birth of their first child together.

Jemaine’s wife, Miranda Manasiadis, gave birth to their son, Sophocles Iraia Manasiadis Clement, in New York last month.

Sophocles was named after one of Miranda’s Greek grandfathers.

Iraia is understood to be the name of one of Jemaine’s grandparents.

Sophocles has been described as magnificently cute, with his father’s lips.

Wow, that’s quite a name!




  1. x.SamanthaHessx. says

    Ermmmmmm… Jemaine is gonna have a babahh with me one dayy. So help me Jessusss.. I love him! XDn I wll be Mrs.Cement one day! … … .. promise.

  2. nixen says

    Well said Josie. “Sounds like something you can catch” is way more offending than any nursery rhyme could ever be.

  3. Josie says

    SbK – You just did. What do you think your comment above implies!! Is that not making fun of someones name? If you think that Sophocles et al. sounds like something you can catch, then I suppose you feel the same way about other ethnic names too like an African or an Asian name.

  4. SbK says

    What a strange name. It sounds like something you can catch. and nice one Josie for admitting to teasing other children at school.

  5. Josie says

    All kinds of names get teased Mary. They don’t necessarily have to be different sounding. No offense if Mary is your real name but even the name Mary can become a target in the school yard. For example: Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? Or how about Jack and Jill went up the hill. I always used nursery rhymes to tease kids in the school yard when I was a child. With Sophocles though, I can’t seem to come up with any nick names or nursery rhymes to poke fun with. Can you?

  6. Josie says

    I love love love Jemaine and the Flight of the Conchords!! I really hope they come out with another season of FOTCs!
    The infants name may not be a typical anglo saxon waspy name and I think that is GREAT!! The name Sophocles has its roots in an ancient civilization that paved the way for Democracy, higher education, learning, knowledge and wisdom. In fact Sophocles means wisdom in ancient Greek. “Iraia” is also a really unique! I like both names!

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