Carnie Wilson & Husband Expecting Their Second Child


Carnie Wilson and her musician husband, Rob Bonfiglio, are pregnant with their second child.  

“My due date is June,” Carnie, 40, proudly told OK! magazine. “We’re thrilled.” Carnie reveals how she’ll stick to her diet and exercise routine while pregnant. (Carnie lost nearly 50 pounds this year!)

OK: How did you find out you were expecting?

Carnie: I was making dinner, and I took a home-pregnancy test. There was a second line, and I jumped and said, “Oh, my god, I’m pregnant!” Lola [my 3-year-old daughter] and I started screaming and jumping for joy. She was so excited!

OK: How did you tell your husband?

Carnie: I couldn’t get a hold of Rob because he was playing a jazz gig. I taped the pregnancy test to the front door and drew a picture of little stick figures of Daddy, Mommy, Lola and then a little tiny one. I jumped out of bed at midnight and went into the kitchen and I see him holding the stick. He took me in his arms and goes, “Here we go again, honey.” He was happy.

OK: What are your hopes for the pregnancy?

Carnie: I can’t stop thinking about twins! My sister had twins; my grandmother was a twin and my grandmother’s aunt had twins. I had my first ultrasound and we only saw one sac, but it’s not confirmed that it’s not two because one could be hiding in back of the other…. We’ll see!

OK: How will your condition affect your workouts?

Carnie: I’m still doing my inner-core strength training. I’m going to increase my walking — instead of three days a week, I’m going to go for five.

OK: Did you expect to get pregnant so quickly after losing the weight?

Carnie: I did, actually. We had sex before, during and after ovulation. I was really keeping track of it, and it worked. Also, my body is so healthy now. I think we might have conceived to “She’s Leaving Home” by The Beatles!You’ve said you’re hoping for a boy.

OK: Any idea on names yet?

Carnie: We saw our first ultrasound yesterday. Lola pointed to the screen and was laughing, “That’s my brother Jake!” She wants to name the baby Jake, but Rob said no. In an Italian family, it’s traditional for the son to be named after the father, at least the first-born male. 

OK: What does motherhood mean to you?

Carnie: The most joy you ever can feel is the love for your child. Children teach you so much. Motherhood is challenging, but it’s so fun.

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  1. Nanette Riley says

    I saw her on TMZ last week. They featured a segment mentioning Diamond Dallas Page and his yoga program. The segment was on singer Carnie Wilson and it was noted that Wilson lost a lot of weight through his yoga program called the YRG Workout. Go Girl!

  2. samsmom says

    Yes, #5, I think it is weird too. And a bit gross. I would not want to be a dinner guest that night!

  3. Nanny says

    I am happy for Carnie & her family. Another blessing to add to her family. Only question is why does she have to reveal sooooo much information???? All about when they had sex, what music they conceived to, PLEASE – Way too much information. Have a bit of dignity and respect for your own privacy and don’t indulge these facts to the media. Children are conceived many different ways, it doesn’t need to be thrown into peoples faces like this. Good luck anyway with the baby, hope she is happy with whatever baby she is carrying (twins, girl, boy????)!!!!!! Who cares, as long as the baby/s is healthy.

  4. Could it be says

    Ummm…. does anybody else think it is weird that she took a pregnancy test “while making dinner.” That’s weird!

  5. Bethany says

    I forgot about the “mounting her husband” interview. Gross! I’m sure she’ll be pregnant with twins, just like all the other people who conceived via fertility clinics, then she’ll lie and say she didn’t go the fertility route, etc etc. Old news.

  6. Yeah, Right says

    What gets me about this woman is she is such a media whore. How about getting through the first trimester before announcing it to the world.

    What happened to her plans to “mount her husband in October”? I guess she couldn’t wait.

    And finally, can’t she be happy that she has ONE baby. No, she has to have twins. Give me a break, Carnie! Get over yourself!!!!


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