Baby Brother For Suri?


Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes have made it no secret that they want more children, and no one is rooting for a new Cruise baby more than Tom’s ex-wife Nicole Kidman!

In the December issue of Glamour, Nicole explained that Connor, her teenage son with Tom, is still hoping for a brother. “[He] would like one of us to have a boy,” she confessed. “He wants that boy. Katie?”

Sounds like a challenge! Since Nicole married Keith Urban she and Tom have become increasingly civil, almost friendly, especially when it comes to their adopted children, Bella and Connor.

The two couples exchange Christmas gifts, and Katie personally selected $2,000 worth of baby goodies from Neiman Marcus in Beverly Hills to send to Nicole shortly before the July 7th  birth of Sunday Rose, her daughter with Keith. And Bella and Connor flew to Nashville to meet their new half sister just days later.

“At 41, Nicole knows she’s not likely to have another baby,” a friend of the actress told OK! magazine. “It’s obviously up to the much younger Katie to give Connor that baby brother.”

Tom and Katie are more than ready to welcome a new child into their lives.

“Katie and Tom very much want another baby,” a friend of the couple told OK! magazine. “There may be no better time than now for Katie to get pregnant again and absolutely nothing would make Tom happier.”



  1. cherissetillman says

    They should have more babies they make beauitful kids. Katie is a natural beauty that passed on to Suri and Tom is handsome and has a intensity to him.

  2. bambamswife says

    Is that your answer for everything_ that someone has to get a life when they can’t stomach someone. We have a right to like whatever celebrity we like. I have a wonderful life thank you very much. I just started looking at the babies here, and then started seeing all these comments. Couldn’t believe them.
    My life_ I am a grandmother of two beautiful girls. I was an RN and was in charge of Inensive care. I can no longer work because I have lupus. I have a wonderful husband and we just started an online gift shop set-up to reach the people in our area ergo_ we are Shop Around the corner. After I pay bills, I have to make some silk floral arrangements and gift baskets for Christmas.

  3. bambamswife says

    That is just too weird that you people say to get a life. How does that make any sense in a normal world. I have a life thank you very much and a wonderful one at that. Is that your answer to everything_ that someone has to get a life because they like someone and not another celebrity. You seem like you are children.

  4. b says

    Oh yes…Tom and Katie are very busy with their careers…he’s trying to salvage his so called career and she’s busy pretending she has one. She’s only got a modest amount of talent and he is a movie star, not an actor. Get the difference? Robert DeNiro – actor, Johnny Depp – actor, John Malkovich – actor, Al Pacino – actor, Paul Newman – actor, Leo di Caprio – actor, Daniel Day Lewis – actor….Tom Cruise – (o v er ra ted) movie ‘star’.

  5. RachieUK says

    Is it me or are they always dressing that child in the same pair of shoes? surely if theyre that rich, they can afford the occasional change…

  6. Scarlett says

    Time will tell if any other children are concieved. I very much doubt it since that little girl is not even Tom Cruise’s baby. It is Katie Holmes ex boyfriend. Everyone know’s Tom can have kids. This is a cover up…

  7. accalia says

    On celebrity baby blog, they never say “adopted” or “biological” kids, its always just kids. You should try that sometimes webmistress.

  8. ELIE TAYLOR says

    Katie already said that she does not want another baby
    right now she is way to busy with her career.. And that
    as if they spend any time with Tom’s adopted children
    especially now that they are teenagers…Tom doesn’t have
    the time to parent another child right now either he has
    his movie to promote and other projects in the works just
    like Katie..

  9. Niloofar says

    CRIUSE FAMILY RAZZI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  10. anonymous says

    another story about suri cruise. when will this obsession end. pictures and stories, pictures and stories. she is so overexposed.

  11. Star says

    I doubt they will for a while. Katie is much too engrossed in herself and Suri and another baby would just interrupt that!

  12. selma says

    Bambamswife, you need held, you are obsessed with the jolie pitt. why don’t you tell to your perfect parents to put some warm clothes on that poor little girl, instead of boring us with your hatred and your ignorance?!!!

  13. Ninatina says

    Another baby? Another expensive asseccory for them to flash the public? Please, NO!

    BTW: The blanket-thing is so stupid – such a big girl!

  14. bambamswife says

    I really hope they would have another child. I still like Tom Cruise and his family is beautiful. Suri is gorgeous. We all have our quirks. Look how weird jolie is. Can’t stand Pitt and jolie. Can’t they have their family in a normal way and give each child time to adapt. I wonder if she still has a female lover. Yuk, enough about crud. Let’s talk about something nice.
    Suri is so beautiful, and always dressed so beautifully. They really don’t keep her dressed warmly enough though. I would love to see another beautiful child from such a good looking couple.

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