Sarah Jessica Parker & Family Cast Their Vote


Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Broderick and son James Wilke were snapped out casting their vote at a West Village voting precinct.

It is nice to see the whole family voting together! I am excited to go out this evening with the whole family to vote. We decided to wait until this evening so that we could all go. (Though we could have gone before school, I’m hoping it will be a little less busy and hectic this evening. Our 8-year-old son is very excited, even though he can’t vote. I have been surprised by his interest and awareness!

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  1. Zbella says

    It’s ill egal to wear political apparel, buttons, stickers, etc. here in CO w/in 100 feet of a polling place. Must have different rules in NYC. But at least the picked the right candidate 🙂 That’s B a rack O b a m a, by the way.

  2. accalia says

    Some of you people are so disgusting to say such horrible things about children. How would you feel is someone called your child freakish? Grow up idiots!

  3. Mary says

    The child never looks groomed! He is always making the same face too. Ive never seen the whole fam together. cool.

  4. Jayne says

    It must have been windy at that polling place—that child’s hair is one Election Day mess!!!!

  5. canuck says

    Don’t you recognize the image on his button?? WOW. I’m Canadian, and I know who they’re voting for. Get with it.

  6. Eli says


    On this historic election day, casting your vote is more inportant than making sure your child is perfectly groomed.

    As for the other 364 days of the year, I can’t think of any reason!

  7. Scarlett says

    What is with these celebrity moms that don’t care how there children look…Hello get the kid a haircut.


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