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Model Rachel Hunter has revealed her hopes of having a baby with her ice hockey player fiancé Jarret Stoll, who is 13 years her junior. Rachel, 39, who was previously married to Rod Stewart, 63, is planning a wedding with Jarret. She said, “We are planning a small, intimate family wedding late 2009.”

Rachel continued, “I do love being a mother and I know that Jarret would be an incredible dad. We’re both looking forward to when that time comes but we will be waiting until after the wedding.”
Rachel and Jarret live together in Hermosa Beach, CA with Rachel’s children with Rod, Renee, 16, and Liam, 14. Jarret, 26, says he has embraced life with Rachel’s family, saying, “When I met Rachel that first time, the thing that most impressed me was her relationship with her kids. I could tell that Rachel was a good person, a great mum and gorgeous. Seeing how great they are together makes you want to be a part of that.”

As for the age difference between the couple, Rachel insists that it doesn’t bother them. She told Hello! magazine, “The age gap obviously isn’t an issue for us because we wouldn’t be getting married if it was a problem. Of course you talk about it but it was a very easy conversation.”

Their engagement came almost ten years after Rachel split from Rod, who is now married to Penny Lancaster. Rachel added, “I have never changed my mind about the importance of marriage. When Jarret asked me, I didn’t have a doubt in my mind.”

Best Wishes!

Below Rachel was snapped with her children in Bondi Beach last year:


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  1. freya says

    I don’t think she looks any older than him, and he’s handsome. They make a beautiful couple. I love Rod Stewart as well, but obviously there weren’t meant to be. Rod’s children with Rachel look nothing like him!

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