Prince Bernhard & Princess Annette Christen Their Son


(In the above pic Queen Beatrix is pictured with her granddaughters, Princess Catherine and Princess Alexia)


(In the above pic Prince Bernhard and Princess Annette are pictured with their children)


(In the above pic Princess Maxima and her youngest daughter Princess Ariane are pictured)

Prince Bernhard van Vollenhoven and his wife Princess Annette christened their seven-month-old son Benjamin over the weekend. Among the guests were Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands, who is Prince Bernhard’s aunt, and his sister-in-law Princess Maxima.

Maxima’s daughters – Catherine, 4, 3-year-old Alexia and Ariane, 1 – had a chance at the ceremony to get reacqainted with their cousins, the three young children of Beatrix’s third son, Prince Constantijn and his wife Laurentien.

Also joining the gathering at the former royal residence of Het Loo was Prince Bernhard’s older brother Prince Maurits and his family. The siblings – whose mum is Queen Beatrix’s Canada-born younger sister Princess Margriet- were also reunited with their youngest brother Prince Floris.

Eleventh in line to the Dutch throne and a self-employed entrepreneur, Prince Bernhard – who is also dad to Isabella, 6, and 4-year-old Samuel – lives with his young family in Amsterdam.

Wow…that is way too many royals to keep track of!



  1. cheetah says

    As a Dutch citizen I’m am slightly offended in how many errors there are in the above article.

    The little princess her name is Catharina-Amalia-Beatrix-Carmen-Victoria. Calling name: Amalia. She is second in line to be the queen of the Netherlands and 806st in the British line.

    How on earth could Maxima be Bernard’s sister in law, if her mother in law is Bernard’s aunt!?

    The hospital rooms where Princess Margriet was born were temporally declared to Dutch grounds. Otherwise to the Canadian Law she would be Canadian. So Technically she was born in the Netherlands. To Show her gratitude Juliana gave Ottawa ten thousands of tulips every year until she died.

  2. Caroli says

    maxima is the wife of prince bernhard’s cousin willem alexander, not his sister in law….

  3. Josie says

    You can tell by the way these people are dressed that they have both money and style. Sometimes people have lots of money but no style like Britney Spears. And sometimes people have no money but lots of style like myself. LOL

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