Elizabeth Hurley & Son On The Cover Of HELLO! Magazine


Elizabeth Hurley, 43, opens up in the latest issue of HELLO! magazine about her special bond with the country, her plans to become a working farmer and how she and husband Arun would love a baby of their own together. Elizabeth and son Damian, 6, were photographed for the cover.

“I love being Mrs Nayar,” she shares, in the intimate interview, which is accompanied by stunning photographs of Elizabeth modeling her new line of clothing in Rajasthan. “Our lives are astonishingly chaotic but I live in the hope of things calming down.”



  1. Zbella says

    She wants to become a working farmer? LOL!

    And I take issue with the phrase “a baby of their own”, when they could say “a baby together”. How does that make her son feel?

  2. Josie says

    This photo is beautiful. But it is also Photoshopped. It is so obvious! Liz Hurley does not look that young in other photos I’ve seen of her. I’m so glad she moved on from Hugh Grant. He is such a wimpy man. Couldn’t even commit to a relationship with any woman. But then again neither could this child’s father. Sad!

  3. Londoner says

    I cant stand this woman shes so fake and OTT.
    I dont have boys but two girls- but is it just me who finds it kind of sickening when little boys tell their mums what to wear esp. scanty dresses. I wouldnt even listen to my hubby if he told me to wear an evening dress- its such a turn off.

  4. Honey says

    I feel bad for the kids whose moms insist on flaunting their chests (or other body parts) for all the world (including their child’s friends) to see. I could be wrong, but I would have found it SO uncomfortable to pose with my mother dressed this way. Perhaps because she never did??

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