An Expectant Jennifer Garner Picking Up Violet From School


An expectant Jennifer Garner was snapped picking up a cheerful Violet from school today.

Splash News Online


  1. Zbella says

    Yeah, the kid is 2. I always carried my 2 year olds. They know when you are about to have a baby and need more love and attention than ever. It’s normal.

  2. Kay says

    I agree with Colle….enough already! We have already seen a gazillion photos of Violet getting picked up from school. Quit stalking the poor child you idiot paps!

  3. laila says

    Violet is a big girl and I’m sure she is getting heavy… she could very well walk and her mom could hold her hand.
    Maybe I’m getting this feeling because Jennifers expression looks like it’s an effort to carry her at this point.
    Violet is a cutie and seems like a reall normal kid to me.

  4. Londoner says

    Isnt she 4. Im expecting my third baby and refuse to carry my four year old in case of injuring myself or the baby. My daughter is heavy though.

  5. Cindy says

    Yes, the school shots are getting a little tiresome…however this is one happy, well adjusted little girl! She’s adorable!

  6. colle says

    How many times do we have to see Violet going to or coming home from school? NOTHING NEW OR EXCITING HERE.

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