An Expectant Trista Sutter & Family At SeaWorld

An expectant Trista Sutter, husband Ryan and 18-month-old son Max were snapped at SeaWorld Orlando and Discovery Cove on Halloween.

Trista and Ryan seem much more excited about the birds than little Max! 😉

Photo courtesy of SeaWorld


  1. dj says

    Come on people. don’t you animate when you have a little one – they are just having a good time and she is sharing the excitment of the bird with her son. I am sure we all have moments where we have a goofy look on our face. I would rather see that than a stick in the mud. I like to see how they are doing.

  2. LILYBELLE says

    LOVE THEM! People stop hating, they’re a cute family!! how can you hate a family with a son as gorgeous and darling as little Max? Seriously…….

  3. ice says

    Did she call the paps herself? She should really try to wrap her brain around the fact that her 15mins ended 5 years ago

  4. phnxgirl says

    Oh my gosh, Jackie stole the words right out of my mouth. I was thinking the same thing, Trista with that stupid smile on her face.

  5. jane says

    Sorry but I think that Trista is a HUGE fake!

    She is always looking for publicity.

    Why does the media even waste their time on her?

    She is NOT a celebrity!

  6. ftygygyuyu says

    hehe those birds are soooo cutee! I also have 4 birds and my heart melts whenever I see a bird 🙂

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