Niki Taylor & Husband Expecting Their First Child Together

Supermodel Niki Taylor and her NASCAR husband Burney Lamar are expecting their first child together.

“Burney and I are very excited with this stage of our lives,” said Niki, who is due in March. “We’re thrilled.”

Niki, 33, and Burney were married in December 2006.

Niki, who most recently hosted the Bravo series Make Me a Supermodel, is already mom to 13-year-old twin boys Jake and Hunter.

Below is a pic of Niki with Jake and Hunter when the boys were 12.

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  1. Phyllis Taylor says

    I beg to differ with all of you who had a negative attitude about Jake and Hunter they are great kids and as i recall i dont believe that hair makes a person. And Nikki is not alot older than her husband, and as i recall age is only a number. So until you have the facts you need to refrain from rude remarks. And I know all of this because I am a family member.

  2. catsue says

    #9- You are stupid. What do my looks (I look alot like that model Stephanie Seymour by the way- same height, same weight also) have to do with boys who look like slobs. Yes- hair that is a bit longer is in for older boys now, but NOT this straight hair on Niki’s kids, or Celine Dion’s son who has long hair like Brooke Shields did in the 1980s.

  3. catsue says

    #31- I noticed that MANY people in England have rotten teeth. This was made fun of in the Austin Powers movie. They have some of the world’s worst food- I know that because I travel there. Even at American chain restaurants in London (like McDonalds and Kentucky Fried Chicken), the food is HORRENDOUS!
    USA kicks England’s sad butt.

    I am begging Celine Dion to cut her SON’s hair- PLEASE before I vomit

  4. Josie says

    #41 The food tastes better in Europe. I was there last summer and was amazed at how fresh and tasty the fruits and vegetables and the bread and ice cream and cheese and seafood was!! It was all good!! They don’t sell as much Frankenfood (GMOs) in Europe like they do in North America.

  5. Jackie says

    If everyone in the world had the good food that America has, you’d be obese too. Soooo…don’t be jealous, come over and have some McDonald’s. 🙂

  6. Jade (uk) says

    well oriana i am very sorry but i was not on babyrazzi a year ago to talk about America’s fat problem and no one will ever be too late for that topic because the USA will always have a big problem!

  7. jess says

    Reports of scandalous incidents rumble on regularly… helping to cement Britain’s reputation as the largest exporter of inebriated hooligans in Europe.

  8. jess says

    Nobody wants British tourists in their bars or restaurants anymore. If you do a search on-line for “Some Britons Too Unruly for Resorts in Europe” you will get several hits about what happened.

  9. Aimee says

    Her twin daughters are very cute! They are so grown up now. Hope these girls will be as beautiful as their mother!

    Oh wait, those are boys????

  10. Renee says

    Wow, there sure are a lot of comments over hair. Long, short. I bet she doesn’t care what we think about her kids. I know I don’t care what people think about my sons long hair. I more care about his grades, his sports, his manners, how he treat people. Oh well thats just me.

  11. Kelli says

    Sorry but I hate long hair on males. Always have, always will.

    Nikki’s boys will be very very handsome when they grow up. They have good genes, both mom and dad are gorgeous.

  12. oriana says

    As far as the obesity problem in America, I mentioned that over a year ago so you are on the late show with that one!

  13. oriana says

    Don’t know why my comment is awaiting moderation for!

    Jade, I only used Tony Blair as an example, I could have used some members of the Royal family also. I have heard many commentators on TV talking about the bad dental hygiene problem in England so sorry if I touched a nerve!

  14. Jade uk says

    oriana- one person that you know has bad teeth and you think the uk has a problem with bad teeth?
    should we take a look at the USA’s obesity problem?

  15. Niloofar says

    WOW….I did’nt believe yet that the boy in the green t.shirt is a boy!!!!!!!!!!and I think that the twins don’t look like eachother!!!!!!!!!!! any way I LOVE this family.

  16. Niloofar says

    WOW…I did’nt believe yet that the boy in the green t.shirt
    is a boy!!!!!!!and I think that the boys don’t look like
    eachother!!!!!!!!!any way I LOVE this family.

  17. Jackie says

    Oh bloody hell lad! I need a fag so I can shag on the boulevard. Would you like a spot of bloody tea? We are so much superior to you- yeah right….who won that war again in 1776? Oh yeah, us measly Americans. Mrs. Anstruther Jones- join your other three women and be a nanny somewhere or maybe a dog trainer.

  18. oriana says

    Forget about the long hair in England, what about the dental hygiene problem over there? What is up with that? Look at Tony Blair’s teeth (whom I adore) but what is up with the bad teeth situation, is it just neglect or do they don’t care?

  19. samsmom says

    Mrs Anstruther-Jones, if it is true that affluent English men or boys wear their hair long, then why do none of the men or boys from the Royal Family wear their hair long?

    Also, you are misinformed, most Americans do not view “Macdonals” as fine dining. We do not consider McDonald’s fine dining either. If you were as well traveled as you would have us to believe, you would know that.

  20. catsue says

    #17: It is not the 1700s in America anymore when men wore wigs like George Washington, etc.
    Boys with long hair look terrible- especially when it looks filthy and unbrushed like Kate Hudson’s son or when the boy looks like a girl like Celine Dion’s son. USA kicks England’s butt! You would be speaking German if it weren’t for the Americans saving your butts in WWII.

  21. catsue says

    Niki’s sister Krissy did NOT die of Asthma when she was 17. Krissy died from a heart problem called RVD. Niki eloped with her first husband when she was 18 when she only knew the guy 3 months. She had her twins when she was 19 and they divorced a few months later. Niki does have a nice smile. She said in Instyle Weddings that she basically proposed to Burney after 2 dates. I’m glad she’s happy and is able to get pregnant again after that car accident the severely damaged her liver.

  22. carleigh says

    oh and on topic, yes Niki is a very pretty woman and I’m sure her next baby will be just as beautiful as her twin sons. Her sister died as a teenager and I believe she died of arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia, her name was Krissy.

  23. carleigh says

    You think you have a right to snub or judge someone because of the country that they live in??? What is so wrong with America? Wait, please do not answer that, I needn’t hear your druthering on and on.

    You want to sit on your throne and snub your nose down on America and claim to be of “affluence” or whatnot, well you my friend are NO means, any better or worse than anyone else in this world.

    Obviously, your family must not have had the means to provide you with a quality education, because your rambling drivel contains obvious spelling errors. You need to get over yourself and get a dictionary and a clue!

  24. Mrs Anstruther-Jones says

    For the love of god women get a grip! I know a lot of you are ‘Americans’ and therefore culturally and historically ignorant but having a boy or mans haor in a short style in a very modern concept. Throughtout history long hair on males has been the more accepted style and even today it ios only a few western countries where it is considered the ‘norm’ for a male to have shorter hair.

    Regardless of that fact, why in gods name do you numskull ignoramouses thing every child should be a carbon copy of what your view of how a boy should look! Jeez, you are so narrow minded it is terrifying. Do all your girls have little pigtails and plaits?

    Thank heavens for the mothers who care not one iota about ‘convention’ and let their child be free to grow there hair as they wish.

    For your information I come from a highly affluent part of England where boys with longer hair are always from the higher class background with parents who are educated, intelliengent and well travelled (and that means they have a passport and have travelled out of their own country to far off lands not just 2 states away!)

    Ah well, I guess we in Great Britain can harldy expect intelligent comment from people of a nation who consider Macdonals the epitome of good dining…

  25. oriana says

    Is that her husband in the picture with her? She looks a lot older than him to me if it is, but she is gorgeous.

  26. Jackie says

    I totally agree with Catsue. It’s one thing to have long hair on boys, it’s another thing to not have it groomed. Leave Catsue alone-last time I checked we were to be commenting on the baby’s on here and that’s what she’s doing.

  27. hannahmumma says

    Her boys are cute!! one favours the father in looks while the other looks like both parents! her sister was also an up and coming model and died very young due to asthma…..her name was chrissy taylor!

  28. mommy-of-two-girls says

    she is very pretty. i think her boys are cute, but i too don’t like long hair on boys and i also don’t like short hair on girls. just my preference.

  29. sara says

    She had her boys very young…now she’ll get a chance to have one at a more mature age….(Nicole Kidman??) I’m sure the differences in parenting style will be “different”….didn’t her sister die???

  30. samsmom says

    I hope she has a girl this time! I would love to see a mini-Niki. I am just glad that she seems to have gotten her life back on track after a rough go of it over the past several years. I actually went to elementary school with Niki down in Florida. We did not know each other, we were in different first grade classes, but I do remember her. Now we both live in the Tennessee. Small world.

  31. meg says

    Catsue: You are just sick and tired of celebrities children’s hair?? Wow… You must lead quite a pathetic life to care about children’s hair that much. I’d like to see a photo of whĂ t you look like- or maybe I don’t…

  32. meg says

    Catsue: You are just sick and tired of celebrities children’s hair?? Wow… You are must lead quite a pathetic life to care about children’s hair that much. I’d like to see a photo of whĂ t you look like- or maybe I don’t…

  33. pixiedust says

    Listen to you all! Just get over it already! Long hair on boys is very in at the moment, I think it was been for a while.
    I have a son and if he wants to grow his hair long when hes older then thats fine by me.

    And you catsue are a nasty piece of work, you probably want this sort of reaction though because you are a sad attention seeking individual.

  34. catsue says

    I am SICK AND TIRED of stupid celebrity moms who don’t cut their son’s hair. Cindy Crawford has NEVER cut her son Presley’s hair and it looks disgusting. The ugliest 2 boys are Kate Hudson’s son and Celine Dion’s FREAK son. Niki’s son’s had short hair in InStyle Magazine AFTER this photo was taken and they looked great. At least Katie Holmes FINALLY cut Suri’s bangs! Niki’s sons will be 14 in December.

  35. colle says

    Why do people always say how beautiful a celebrities kids are, when most are just average looking. I thought the “boy” in the green shirt was a girl when I saw the photo. Niki is pretty but hair longer than at the top of a shoulder on a boy just looks weird.

  36. Scarlett says

    I am sorry is she sure she doesn’t have twin girls? Oh my god get a hair cut. I don’t understand how mothers who have boys that look female keep hair like that..

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