Gwen Stefani Takes Zuma To The Library!

Gwen and 2-month-old son Zuma were snapped at the Beverly Hills library on Wednesday. Zuma is adorable!

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  1. Niloofar says

    #28 HI LOLA… how do you do??????I’m really good & ayida
    is good too. how are your pationts????.are you living in New york right now???

  2. carleigh says

    Beautiful baby, beautiful parents and older brother, as well. Hate, hate, hate the name…poor kid, he could do worse in life though.

  3. RachieUK says

    Awww! i love gwen & think the baby is well cute, but i just think that zuma is a bit of a ridiculous name…i mean when he’s older, its gonna be hard to explain away that one! i get that celebs wanna be original but sometimes they can go a lil bit too far!

  4. laila says

    He looks a lot like Kingston at that age. She’s such a cool mom. Library is excellent. I use mine all the time. You can even rent toys rather than go out and buy them.

  5. oriana says

    I don’t understand why the expression “pimps out kids for charity” even fits. First of all, if you are selling pictures of your children and donating the money to charity, isn’t that a worthy cause, a good deed to help needy people? It would be different if they were selling the pictures to pocket the money themselves, especially when all the celebs have millons and wouldn’t need the money. JLo seems very greedy to me.

    If a simple picture could help improve the quality of someone’s life, what is the problem? Why not help in any way possible? It isn’t hurting the babies any.

  6. Kay says

    You’re right, I haven’t been to the library in 15 or so years!
    They are a great place to take your children (story-time, etc.)
    The only beef I have with libraries is that it takes forever to wait for a book. I would rather just go buy it.
    About the comment about Angelina pimping out her kids,
    I disagree, she is allowing her children to be photographed for charity. Charity is a good thing. Kudos to her.

  7. Joanne says

    Kay–What’s wrong with libraries? They are much more than places to just get a book, in case you haven’t been to one lately. I think it’s great that Gwen takes her kids to the library. What a rockin’ mom!

  8. Arianna's Mummy says

    What about Nicole Ritchie? Jessica Alba? Suri Cruise? That woman from the Bachalor who thinks she is important? Gwen with Kingston? Just to think of the ones off the top of my head? They all sold pictures? But of course Brad and Angie are held to a different standard then all others.

  9. anonymous says

    gwen sold pictures and pimped out kingston to OK magazine when he was born. nobody seems to be saying anything about that. guess its much easier to take nasty digs at other celebrity moms even though gwen did the exact same thing. how interesting.

  10. Foxy says

    Hes a cutie, i wouldve thought he was around 4months+ but then i think hes very alert and holding his head very well which make him look older.
    gwen looks like a completely normal new mum its lovely to see!!

  11. theresa says

    i can never remember if this is a girl or boy – stlll think zuma is not a great name. but her choice and at least it’s not totally stupid. hey, better than apple, in my opinion.

  12. accalia says

    He’s cute. Looks like his mom. I think Kingston was much cuter when he was a baby though. GS looks really nice and down to earth in these photos. I love Zuma’s cheeks!

  13. JAN says

    He is super cute. Any one noticed that apart from Brangelina no one else pimps their kids to highest biddes even for charity. Figures. Brangelina, children are not props for your PR.

  14. Niloofar says

    Ohhhhhhh…he is really ADORABLE…but every body is’nt
    he alittle fat for a 2 month old boy.I thought that he is at least
    5 month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. says

    wow she looks like a real person in this photo, not all glamoured up. just a TOTAL mom which is the BEST thing in this world! I love the fact that she’s at the library!

  16. colle says

    It’s never to early to get into books. Suri should be at the library looking at books instead of parading outside in summer dresses everyday.

  17. Neda says

    Aw! i love the picture of just Zuma! His hair is sticking up and I swear he looks just like one of those Kewpie dolls! Too cute! 🙂

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