Great Links!

Billy Bob Thornton and family at the pumpkin patch.

Heidi Klum and Leni at the florist.

Victoria Beckham is a soccer mom.

Michelle Williams and Matilda Rose head to the doctor’s office.

Tom, Katie, Suri and a monkey!

Tragic story of how a mother killed her newborn with a kiss.

Video of Britney’s workout regime!


  1. Analise says

    Little Mira’s story is terrible and infuriating. Nothing is worse than losing your child except knowing there are doctors who are partially responsible. I wish I had sued the doctor in my case. He should not be allowed to practice.

    Regarding the other links, Victoria Beckham looks great dressed normally. What a nice change.

    The Cruise cult family looks as boring as ever.

    And poster #1, I’m a sanitizer Mom, too. My house, my car, the baby bag. Anyplace I can stash them, I do. 🙂

  2. J says

    My friends son caught a cold sore in his eye from her after birth, he has to wear glasses now 6 years later as a result but he was pretty sick.

    So sad this poor Mom

  3. JenniferHas1son says

    I just read the story about the mother with her newborn , that is just so sad! I cant imagine what i would of done if something like that happened to my son , But all these germs that are around , I guess that why I have every sanitizer thing in my bag for my son so he doesnt catch anything or I’m just a lil crazy I dont know Im probably not the only mother who carries sanitizers around…

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