David Grohl & Wife Expecting Their Second Child

Foo Fighters singer Dave Grohl, 39, and his wife Jordyn, 32, are expecting a second child, his rep has confirmed.

Dave and Jordyn, who welcomed daughter Violet Maye in April 2006, have spoken about how much parenthood has changed them.

“We don’t talk about how much we drank last night [anymore],” Dave told People magazine last year. “[Now] it’s how much sleep we got, how much sleep the baby got, diaper rash, formula. We used to go on the road for three months at a time. It’s a struggle for me to leave for even 12 days. I realized the life I always imagined beginning once the band ended has to begin now.”

Dave, formerly the drummer of the band Nirvana, also talked about sharing his taste for music with his children.

“Violet loves the Amy Winehouse record,” he told People magazine. “It’s all about the ‘Rehab’ song. If she hears ‘Try to make me go to rehab,’ Violet will go, ‘No no no.’ I know, it’s a little weird, but it’s really cute!”

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