Matt Damon & Family At LAX

Matt Damon, 38, and wife Luciana were snapped heading to their flight at LAX with Isabella and new addition Gia, 2-months-old. They showed what a normal family they are as they went through the screening process, which Isabella, 2, didn’t seem to like and started crying. Matt was on hand however, and comforted her, as Luciana had little Gia strapped to her and under a sheet.

Matt Damon recently shared that his children – though privileged – will learn about those less fortunate.

“It’s a hard thing to explain to a kid,” Matt said at a San Francisco fund raiser for the OneXOne children’s charity on Thursday. “And it is also unbelievable the way other kids are forced to live.”

Matt, who’s known for his charity work, said his daughters may accompany him on some of his overseas missions.

“The way you have to parent them is to show them the world. Explaining the world can only go so far,” he said. “You can read about devastation every morning – it’s on the front page of the newspaper – but when you actually go there and see it, you realize this isn’t something you can turn the page on.”

Damon also shared that he loves being the sole male in a household of four females! (Matt and Luciana have two daughters and Luciana has a 10-year-old daughter, Alexia, from a previous relationship)

“It’s great,” Damon said about being outnumbered at home. “It is really great.”

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  1. Nas B.K says

    a pretty wife 🙂 where is Gia!!!!!!!!! and the sock of Gia was to came out!!!!!!! where was Matt,How can luciana have Gia&Isabella with a doll

  2. Jane says

    They’re a beautiful family. Matt has said many times (and Minnie’s sister has agreed publicly) that Minnie knew about the break-up before the Oprah show. It’s just a false rumor that won’t go away.

  3. breeZe says

    I have seen Luciana in real life, she isnt that pretty, I was just upset for Minnie DRiver for he publically humiliated her. I have nothing against Luciana. I just dont approve of Matt Damon.

  4. says

    Breeze Well isn’t it great that most people are not so shallow that they cannot love others for who they are and not what they look like? Besides this is a very nice looking woman.

  5. evelyn says

    what are you talking about i was just looking at Matt’s wife thinking wow what a beautiful woman she is so natural she is beautiful and their family’s beautiful what a hater

  6. Zbella says

    Such a great family. He is so lucky to have a beautiful and normal wife and beautiful healthy daughters.

  7. ELIE TAYLOR says

    LUCIANNA’S FACE?? They have been married since 2005
    Lucianna is a nice looking woman.. Matt and Minnie have
    moved on so there is no need to say that..

    Isebella seems to calm down when Lucianna was carrying her and talking to her.. Thank you Baby Razzi.. for the photos of Matt and his family.. first time in a long time.

  8. breeZe says

    I cant believe this guy dumped Minnie Driver, Live on Oprah for what, this unattractive woman,, ppft i knocked on wood when i saw Luciana’s face.

  9. Niloofar says

    MICHAEL BALLACK(THE FOOTBALL PLAYER OF GERMANY)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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