Katie & Suri In Central Park

Katie and Suri (debuting a new shorter hair style) were snapped at New York City’s Central Park on Thursday afternoon. Katie and Suri first went to the playground, and then headed to a field where they chased after each other, and then finally went to a party where they enjoyed some singing and dancing.

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  1. oriana says

    At first I thought it was Scientology beliefs about wearing dresses all the time but then I realized Tom’s other daughter wears pants and jackets. I think when it is cold or even chilly, most mothers would insist their child wear some covering, whether it be a sweater or jacket, whether the child wanted to or not, I would be concerned about catching a cold and getting sick.

  2. oriana says

    anon, if you think this is the first time I have read bad comments about me then you certainly haven’t been on here very long at all or you would know better.

  3. anon 2 says

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  4. anon 2 says

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  5. IrishNDN says

    Please! Someone get this poor child a COAT!!
    What is her mother thinking??!!
    I will give her credit for finally cutting the child’s bangs.

  6. oriana says

    I swear I would have to laugh if someone ran up and snatched that cupcake out of her hand! Can you imagine the fit she would throw and Katie trying to pacify her! She would probably beat Katie and her bodyguards up!

  7. Renee says

    No lack of drama on this site. By the time I get to the bottom of reading the blogs, I forget what the picture was.

  8. RachieUK says

    #49 – seriously, why do the people on this website take comments so aggressively? there was absolutely no need to be rude, and obviously, you don’t need to ask my opinion to write in spanish. i was merely commenting that it was strange to write on the comment section of a blog where people discuss their opinions to write in a language that not many understand! i was NOT saying that it is wrong, just odd.

  9. oriana says

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  10. anon 2 says

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  11. Grandma of Four says


    I am a grandma of four below age 7… and I am offended by your reference of sitting on the porch with grandpa…doing what?…oh yes, knitting in a rocking chair!

    Are you kidding me? LOTS of grandparents are up by 4:30AM getting ready for WORK! Just like me! At 65, STILL teaching school! Running errends! Keeping the house in order! Helping out my own kids with their kids! Keeping “grandpa” situated! No small task there after 41 years of marriage! Doing what I can for my own parents! AND, I can STILL pick up my VERY active 2 year old grandson to calm him down and remind him of rules when out in public! As amazing as that sounds!

    Sweetie, get a life and stop being so critical! Folks have a right to their opinion without being subjected to critical remarks by others!

    Personally, I think Katie and Tom need to get some little kid clothes on Suri so she can run, jump, climb, skip…whatever!

    Have a good day! 🙂

  12. oriana says

    #46, why be so rude and disrespectful to Ann? I don’t understand it. She didn’t say anything so bad or negative. She has a right to her opinion just like you do yours.

    I think maybe you need to relax, go out on the porch and have some tea, or some wine, and it sounds like you know all about sniffing and I don’t mean tobacco! Stop being so mean spirited when it doesn’t call for it!

  13. anon 2 says

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  14. says

    Hola Mayra! Que bueno que todavia leas mi blog! Si, claro…estoy ocupada, y voy a estar mas ocupada cuando lleguen mis hijos adoptivos el mes que viene. Si en verdad me dijiste que mis hijos van a relacionarse muy bien a causa de sus edades correspondientes. Kaydence va aprendiendo hablar algunas palabras, la favorita mia siendo “Mommy!”
    Perdon se me olvido…tienes hijos?
    Gracias por tu saludo! Abrazos a ti y a tu familia!

  15. oriana says

    It is time for Katie to be a mother and not a buddy. Suri has gotten her way ever since she was born and will continue too unless she type of role modeling, supervision and parenting skills come into play. I don’t know if Katie doesn’t have any backbone about her because she may piss Tom off or if she is just a weak willed person. Suri has probably never heard the word “NO” in her life.

    I would like to see some pictures of Tom’s nieces and nephews, I haven’t so far.

  16. Christine says

    The concern of Suri not being dressed warm enough for the cold weather seems to always be brought up so I thought I’d throw something out there. If you check one the latest vid on 17online of Katie and Suri out in Central Park at one point you will see Katie attempting to put a sweater on Suri at the park but Suri resists and ultimately wins. I believe it’s Suri that refuses to wear anything but a dress. And not that Katie won’t put a coat on her.

  17. RachieUK says

    oh thanks for letting me know lol! ive spent all this watching america’s next top model wondering what bangs are…strange word to use, we call it a fringe! but then i guess thats weird too…

  18. anon 2 says

    No matter what they do for their families,everyone seem to despised them.Just plain haters.Poor you all who like to hate them,you must be jealous,selfish,or better yet just plain bastardly hateful but do not want to admit it.

  19. anon says

    No she does’nt look Japanese at all,you moron.Have you seen blue eyed Japanese before?If ever she looks like that,because,that’s the way their face features are.If you have seen the rest of Tom’s nieces and knephews,they all look like Suri.
    One more thing why do even bother commenting if all you do is criticized someone’s parenting.Why can’t you just let them be,she’s happy girl,healthy,and has everything.
    Last but not least,maybe she is more disciplined child than one of your children.She may gets what she wants but there is limit,like Katie said.Any of you in other hand who negatively criticized Katie may have a child that curses,and say I hate you mom.then turn out soon,a dope pedler,robber,next a killer.Leave them alone if you can’t stand them.You are just wasting your time.

  20. b says

    Oriana, you crack me up – “she is very cute but I really hope she doesn’t have his snout when she gets older”
    Exactly what I thought too, hope she doesn’t get that Roman hook…oh well, parents are rich, they can spring for the n o se j o b I guess.
    Now, where did Katie take her for the hair cut, to Tragicuts? Her tousled longer locks looked much better, just needed the bangs trimmed & feathered to make them fall nicely, not like they are now.
    Maybe Suri doesn’t want to wear pants, tights, jackets etc but who’s the parent here?? If that’s why she’s always wearing dresses and bare legs, her parents at least should show some common sense! When I was a toddler I hid from my mom and didn’t want to let her put my undies on. She let me have my way only long enough to take a very cute photo of me squatting & hiding under a table & pouting. Then it was on with the underwear & there’s an end of it!

  21. pibi says

    The older she gets the more she does look like Tom . I like her new haircut! LOVE YOU SURI !!!!!!!!!!!!11

  22. mayra sanchez says

    hola kimora,por lo que veo estas muy ocupada,te lo dije la relacionentre los chiquillos,se daria muy cercana,por sus edades correspondientes.
    es lindo que la chiquilla,este comenzando con sus primeras palabras es el sonido mas hermoso que ser humano pueda escuchar.

    cuidate mucho,que los ninos disfruten el dia de brujas que ya se avecina

    un abrazo muy fuerte para todos

  23. 2teens says

    It really is strange how she is never dressed appropriately for the weather. That was ok a couple of weeks ago, but now it’s cold enough to just be bizarre.

  24. oriana says

    Suri looks like Prince Valiant with her haircut. She is looking more like Tom all the time to me, she is very cute but I really hope she doesn’t have his snout when she gets older.

  25. uoykcilill says

    What a pathetic haircut. And it’s the same old boring picture – Suri in a dress, dress shoes, blanket and no coat in NY – where it was 50 degrees yesterday.

  26. Riley says

    I think the haircut is cute, but will look even better when the bangs grow just a little bit longer, to the eyebrows probably. And i agree…she needs a pair of tights and at leeeast a sweater if not a jacket.

  27. littlemisscaliope says

    Suri’s hair is darling…Katie’s looks cute, too. Maybe Suri doesn’t like to wear coats but there’s a point where you need to step up and be the parent. Either they’re raising a spoiled brat or they think pictures of Suri in a coat won’t be as cute. At the very least, get her some tights and a sweater!!!

  28. SarahE says

    I have to jump in on this, too…my very first impression was that Suri had no jacket on! You can see in the top pic that her nose and cheeks are red. She is cold!! How can you dress yourself in a sweater and wool coat and put a short sleeve dress and bare legs on your kid?!! So annoying…

  29. TD says

    I’ve been quiet for a very long time about these two…but you know, I have to agree finally with so many posters about this poor little girl. Where is her jacket?? Where is some decent socks, shoes, long sleeves and pants for her bare arms and legs??? Katie is completely bundled up and they throw a blanket around their child??? Huh??? Just amazes me as my kids are going to school with jackets and mittens and if it’s chilly here in MI, it definitely is in NY! My daughter wears jumpers to school but it’s gotten cold enough, we’ve added warm knit tights..why doesn’t Katie do this for her own daughter? I just don’t get it and I guess that’s when you say that common sense apparently isn’t that common…I do like seeing this family but it’s just sad, sad, sad. I’m on the fence about her haircut…it seems a little harsh.

  30. jess says

    You can bet that Katie spent mucho dinero on Suri’s haircut. It’s so cute. Personally, I really like it!!!

  31. Anne says

    Why does Katie constantly carry Suri more times than naught? I have a hard enough time carrying my 1 year old granddaughter. I Like Katie and Suri better with longer hair.

  32. RachieUK says

    haha you could cut that girl’s fringe with a ruler! she’s cute though, it seems like she’s grown up really fast…

  33. Renee says

    At least her bottom is warm all wrapped in the blanket. Her legs look like they have those blue vein marks on them, you know like when you are cold. We probably won’t see her for a while now, because she is going to have to stay home and get better from the cold she is going to get from freezing.

  34. PennyLane says

    If that girl is still wearing a dress and sandals in December…somebody should prolly call social services.
    She is too cute however!

  35. ALICE says

    they make fun of us italian moms coz we dress our children more than it need sometimes…but…Suri must be freezing!| It’s almost november! But at least she can see…

  36. Grandma of Four says

    Progress! The haircut is really cute! Shows off Suri’s little face!

    NOW…If that little girl could just get some pants, a sweater, a jacket if need be, some socks and tennies so she could be warm not to mention be able to play and climb and run and jump like the other little kids, she would be all set!

    I just do not get it!

  37. Momof4 says

    I was thinking the same thing! Katie is all bundled up and Suri has bare arms and legs!! I’m in NJ and it’s COLD!

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