Expectant (With Twins!) Jenna Jameson Posts Pic Of Herself On Her MySpace Page

(In the above pic Jenna is pictured at 12 weeks pregnant and (inset) as her fans know her best)

Expectant former porn star Jenna Jameson, 34, has posted the first picture of her baby bump on the web.

Jenna, who is expecting twins with boyfriend Tito Ortiz early next year, added the photo to her MySpace page. 

She posted six pictures of her belly, ranging from six to 12 weeks pregnant.

However, Jenna is keeping some details to herself, including the sex of the babies.

…Jenna also had this funny (and bizarre) picture posted on her MySpace page. I couldn’t resist!



  1. aliciasweets85 says

    Career in P0rnographic movies= wh0re
    Career in playboy magazines= tr amp

    feel bad for their kids at having to see their mama in that light. boy babies and girl babies alike…

    boys may (i.e. MIGHT) grow up to objectify women
    girls may (i.e. MIGHT) grow up to think being a slu t is acceptable.

  2. Lauren says

    We personally don’t know Jenna so we shouldn’t judge her. I’m sure she’ll love and take care of her babies like any other mother. Her porn past shouldn’t matter.

  3. eliana says

    i am sure she will be a wonderful mother! everyone has a past.

    “He who has no sin cast the first stone.”

  4. oriana says

    She chose her path and she will face the consequences from it. Let her be and wish her and her family well. I certainly do. She looks good with some weight on her and I am hoping and trusting she will be a good mother, and who is to say she won’t be.

  5. SbK says

    I also agree with #7. But I would not say that I am ignorant or hateful, I just feel that people who choose to have sex all day with hundreds of random men and be filmed for the whole world to see are just a bit odd. To me, having sex should be with someone that you care about, and it should be a personal thing between two people. What will those poor kids think if they see their mum taking it from all sides in a porno film. How much will they get teased when they’re older. To me, having sex for money is disgusting. THAT IS MY OPINION, I wouldn’t want my daughter to see me having sex with her father, let alone a random stranger.

  6. N says

    Also….#6 she WAS a porno queen. The WAS indicates past tense. She has gone on with her life….whats holding you back?….. Oh…..just like Billy said…. This is my opinion. I have a RIGHT to give it.

  7. N says

    Most of you sound ignorant and hateful…. Sorry. THAT IS MY OPINION …. Billy just like LIZA gave hers. Deal with it.

  8. Billy says

    It is not “hatred” and “self-righteousness” it is called having an opinion. Heck, I believe that a person is allowed to do whatever they want with their lives, but on the reverse end of that, people are allowed to mock, laugh at, be grossed out at, and be disgusted at that said life and actions. If she wanted to f&ck 1,000 or more men, more power to her, but don’t get all “let us not judge her” on me about it then! She is a wh*re, always will be a wh*re, was free to be a wh*re and probably does not mind being calling what she knows she is. That being said, they better inject that baby with massive doses of antibiotics after going down that birthing canal! *shudders*

  9. Scarlett says

    #4 If you don’t like the remarks get the heck out of here…Hello dope..She is a ho…Porno queen.. Maybe she is role model for you..LOL

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