Britney With Sean Preston & Jayden James At The Pumpkin Patch

Britney was snapped enjoying a trip to Mr. Bones Pumpkin Patch in Hollywood with Sean Preston and Jayden James.

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  1. says

    oriana i think your getting confused with katie holmes.katie holmes is the queen of the world


  2. oriana says

    Well Tia, they do hound her like dogs and I can’t stand them for it. I was remembering when she took her clothes off, stripped down to her pink underwear in front of them, but she was off her rocker then too. I have to say she is nothing like Pam Anderson or skanky Paris Hilton. She does look much better and I applaud her and her father for helping achieve that.

    Going to our local Pumpkin Patch tomorrow!

  3. Tia :) says

    Oriana darling, the only reason we see so much of her is because the media wont leave the poor girl alone. I honestly dont think she wants all the attention. After seeing video’s of her sitting on the ground, crying, telling the paps to leave her alone..i have a new respect for her. Poor Britney. At least she looks well and happy in these pictures! good for her!

  4. accalia says

    I dont think her kids are that cute, but every child is beautiful. They are just not on the top of my list.

  5. Zbella says

    #3 Could be because 1) he is younger and 2) she didn’t really bond with him, but she did bond with Sean before her breakdown.

  6. oriana says

    I am sick of her, I wish her well but she isn’t Queen of the World, she is a pop celeb and that is it, she has been given way to much attention and it is ridiculous!

  7. 2teens says

    She looks really normal now. She seems at peace, which is a good thing because I thought she was heading down Amy Winehouse’s path.
    The boys are Q-T.

  8. Niloofar says

    I became reallyyyyyyyyyyyyy HAPPY when I saw this photo
    or any other photos that BRITNEY was smiling.I LOVE HER
    alot :))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  9. pixiedust says

    Sean is 3, Jayden is 2

    time to be thinking about ditching the dummy (paci, binkie) Britney, lets see that little guys smile!

  10. littlemisscaliope says

    It’s great to see Britney smiling and looking like her old self again. Her boys must be happy to have their Mommy back.

  11. Eli says

    I was very worried about Britney this time last year. Thank God an intervention took place. Britney seems more peaceful and centered. Her boys are so handsome!

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