Brad Paisley Informed By Son of Baby Joy

Kimberly Williams-Paisley, who recently announced that she was expecting her second child, had a very cute way to share the news with her husband, Brad Paisley. She had their 1 ½- year-old son Huck do it.

Brad told the national radio show, GAC Nights: Live From Nashville, that he learned the happy news when his son arrived for his usual morning routine – reading a book with Dad.

“My son wakes me up every day now and he brings a book and gets in bed,” Brad explained. But Huck arrived without a book one recent morning.

“He came around and [Kimberly] said, ‘Here, give this to Daddy.’ And I saw him walk up with a pregnancy test and hand it to me,” Brad said.

Though Brad was thrilled about the news he admitted to joking around with Huck. “He was just all happy. And I said, ‘No, you don’t get it … This isn’t going to be fun for us for the next nine months. We’re in for it.'”

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